G-Swirl Vibrator Review from Good Vibrations

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Good Vibrations G-Swirl I, like most women out there, am a huge fan of g-spot stimulation. For me, I can get a little tricky sometimes when it comes to sex because I just don’t enjoy vaginal stimulation very much. It is virtually impossible to bring me to orgasm in the very vanilla, but also sometimes very romantic missionary position; I’m generally not a fan and never have been. Clitoral stimulation is a must if you plan on spending any time inside of me if you’re not going to throw my legs over your shoulders and stimulate the g-spot.

Any woman who has ever felt the downright amazing, eyes rolling into the back of your head sensation of when you have something pressing up against your g-spot knows that all of those studies conducted by so-called researchers who claim the g-spot doesn’t exist know that they are wildly mistaken. And if you’re a woman who has ever agreed with any of those studies that often receive a great deal of attention by the media and people from both sides of the g-spot aisle, may I introduce you to the G-Swirl Vibe?

The G-Swirl Vibe is a silicone vibrator made specifically for stimulating your g-spot. It is made by Fun Factory, a widely-respected sex toy manufacturer whose toys are always made in great taste with the highest quality standards in mind. The G-Swirl was designed specifically by the staff at Good Vibrations, where it is sold exclusively and who have also been kind enough to give me the opportunity to try it out.

Before even taking the G-Swirl out of its box I was amazed with it. It arrived in a plain, discreet brown box, but when I opened that, the vibe is presented in a box much different than most come in. The G-Swirl box is extremely fun and informative! The front is made of see-through plastic where you get a good look at the vibe waiting inside, the Good Vibrations logo is present in the top right corner and the bottom informs you that the G-Swirl is certified silicone, made for g-spot and P-Spot stimulation, has strong vibrations and is anal safe and water resistant.

G-Swirl packaging

The back of the box opens like a book. It is held closed by a magnet and as soon as you open it, there is information about the silicone material and what you should know about the G-Swirl.

G-Swirl packaging

Also included with the G-Swirl are two AA batteries needed and a small packet of Good Vibrations lube, which I think is amazing and more sex toys should come with. It’s very considerate to the consumer and means less trips to the store.

Good Vibrations G-Swirl

Like I already briefly mentioned, the G-Swirl Vibe is made of certified silicone, which is extremely body-safe, non-porous, durable and long-lasting. It is also incredibly soft and smooth and doesn’t have so much drag that it becomes grabby or uncomfortable while thrusting. It has a swirled texture to it that only enhances your experience with this vibrator, but it isn’t so textured that it’s uncomfortable or too prominent for those who don’t enjoy textured toys.

Right above the plastic base where the battery compartment and turn dial control is located, is a ribbed section that extends the width of the vibe and because this vibe is flexible enough to thrust upward but still hard enough to provide a good amount of pressure, if you have it bent upward just right, you can position the ribbed base to rub up against your clitoris. This base also makes it completely safe for anal use and for stimulating a man’s prostate. This vibe sure is versatile!

Good Vibrations Good Lubrications

The lube that comes with the G-Swirl is very handy and works extremely well with this vibe. It is a water-based lube (remember, silicone-based lubricant does not play nice with silicone toys and you shouldn’t use them unless you don’t like your silicone toy) that is much more watery than other water-based lubes I have. While applying it to the vibe, it ran right down the toy and all over the place which wasn’t so great and it had a very subtle scent that I wasn’t fond of, but that really had no bearing over how well it worked because I did enjoy how it quickly slicked up the vibe and made inserting that much easier and using the vibe itself for clitoral stimulation also felt a lot better with a good amount of lube.

The dial control at the base of the vibrator is very uniquely designed and easy to use. It has an ergonomic shape to it that fits in your hand perfectly while in use. By turning the dial in any direction it will begin with a very subtle vibration and the vibration will become stronger as you continue to turn the dial. Unlike any other vibe I’ve used, the dial does not stop when you hit the most intense vibration, instead it turns off and then begins again at its weakest vibration. However, this function may pose a problem for anyone out there who keeps turning the dial expecting the vibration to continue getting more intense to only have it shut off at the worst time. The turn dial also has a raised plastic pattern on it that is common among Fun Factory toys and gives the whole vibe a more fun and exciting look to it.

The only thing I do not like about the G-Swirl is its battery compartment. I had no idea how to get it open to insert the batteries until reading the user manual and even after I did, I gave it to my partner to open to see if he could make sense of it because I could not. Luckily, he was able to get it open but it took me quite a while to figure out how to do it on my own, because even after seeing how it was done, it’s hard to get open.

I loved every single sensation that this vibrator delivered. It inserts very easily, it has a very noticeable and just drastic enough curve to it, unlike some other vibrators made specifically for g-spotting I’ve used that didn’t curve enough to be much use to me, and the noticeable texture compliments the feel of the vibe without being too distracting. The G-Swirl is sure to hold a place of honor in anyone’s toy box.

Good Vibrations

I received the G-Swirl Vibrator for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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  1. Looks like a very fun toy, and of course I love that its a bright ‘get in your face’ blue. Really neat looking, and I want it.. Very nice review my dear!

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