TAGÜR: A Shoe with Unlimited Possibilities

It’s no secret that I love shoes; very few women get away without having that special love affair with shoes. I have easily filled a good portion of my closet with sneakers, heels, flats, clogs, and the list goes on, but when I saw TAGÜR Footwear, I saw something that was completely unique; something that wasn’t already present in my ever-expanding shoe collection. I saw a line of sneakers that really puts the customer in control, by giving people the ability to design their own shoes so they are guaranteed to not just love their shoes, but know that they created the fashion they are wearing on their feet.

Tagur blank TAGÜR’s story is a story that can be appreciated by all of us. How many of us have shoes that are the same style, but in different colors and you bought them months or years apart from each other? A great deal of footwear is essentially copies of shoes that you’ve seen before, all over the place. TAGÜR wanted to bring the concept of footwear backs to artistic expression, which is what we all look for in any fashion we wear–we want to express ourselves and who we are by our fashion choices. And so they began writing on their shoes, again, like so many of us had done when we were younger, or not so younger for some of us, and they created a high quality, comfortable and versatile sneaker that lets you take the reigns of designer.

The TAGÜR AKA Blank shoe is perfect for artists, tattoo artists, people who dabble with airbrushing, or really any type of artwork. They also make a great gift for teens because they can have fun decorating their shoes and then, of course, they have a quality sneaker that reflects their personal taste.

But for those of you who, like myself, have absolutely no artistic talents whatsoever, TAGÜR’s got your covered! They also have shoes that are already decorated–and they have some really awesome and vibrant designs! I had the awesome opportunity to receive a pair of TAGÜR shoes in pink camo and they are so cool!

Tagur pink camo

TAGÜR’s shoes are incredibly comfortable and I especially love their pink camo shoes because they are girly, but they also possess a certain amount of quirkiness, which pretty much sums my personality up in one word. They are fun, vibrant and will most definitely look great with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. They do take a little while to break in, as do all shoes. The first time I put them on they were a little tight, but within a few days of wearing them and walking around in them, they loosened right up and are as comfortable as my favorite sneakers that I’ve had for probably over five years now.

So if you’re looking for fun and bold colors, or want to put the vibrant and exciting colors and designs on yourself, check out TAGÜR.

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