Take Charge of Your Plumbing: Simple Tips to Keep the Water Flowing

Leaking water from any plumbing fixture in your home is cause for concern. Every home should have plumbing pipes that maintain a closed system for the running water. To keep up with your plumbing’s maintenance, try these simple tips between professional appointments. Your pipes will work during any season without ruptures or flooding that can damage your property.

Drain the Water Heater

Several times a year, add a garden hose to your water heater. Turn off the tank, and allow the hose to drain the water out to the gutter. Although this tip seems to waste water, you need to evaluate the tank’s interior. By using a flashlight, peer into the tank and look for rust. Take note of any damage to the tank. There may not be a leak right now, but any signs of rust will eventually spread to the rest of the interior. Fill the tank back up if it has a clean, bill of health. The tank will last longer as a result of this maintenance tip.

Use Your Senses

Your plumbing stretches into almost every room in the house. Use your senses as you turn on the faucets throughout the day. Listen for any unusual sounds, look for leaks and feel the water under the spigots. If anything seems out of place, investigate the situation even further. Plumbing problems normally start as small defects. Repairing the defects will only preserve the home from any major disasters. A small leak under a kitchen sink, for instance, will quickly rot wood cabinets until replacement is necessary.

Try Boiling Water

Clogs are a fact of life for plumbing pipes. Hair, food particles and grease will all collect inside drains. To keep the pipes clear, pour boiling water down the drains once a month. The hot water typically loosens the debris stuck in the drain while the water’s force moves it down the pipes. This boiling-water trick works well for every drain, including the shower and bathroom sinks.

Update Older Hardware

Take a look at your fixtures, such as the kitchen and bathroom faucets. Older hardware has a tendency to break from mineral deposits building up in the area. Ideally, replace the hardware when cleaning the minerals doesn’t do the job. During the replacement process, you’ll be able to access the faucet’s internal parts and clean them out if necessary. Hire a professional if you aren’t comfortable with the replacement process.

Install Drain Strainers

Protect your plumbing with a simple tool: the drain strainer. This basic mesh fitted within a metal ring can simply hang in your drain’s opening. Pull the strainer when it’s full of debris and throw it out. You’ll catch a lot of items that shouldn’t go down the drain. As a result, the drain remains clean almost year-round. Strainers are best installed in the kitchen where food and grease can quickly escape down the regular drain.

Ideally, hire a plumber Dallas TX at least twice a year. These professionals visit your home, and they perform an overall evaluation. Fix those minor issues that will eventually turn into problems. You’ll save a lot of money over the years as a result. The home will inevitably have a strong value that only follows it to a potential sale in the future.

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