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Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Textured K-Balls I don’t have a sex toy review for you today; instead I have a review of a vaginal health aid. I am all about vaginal health, so who knows, this could be just as fun as a sex toy review.

Most women know of the advantages of kegel exercises–stories, jokes, and tips about them have appeared in numerous ladies’ television shows and movies–but up until recently, I had been doing them the old-fashioned way; without the help of kegel exerciser balls. I have been terribly curious about kegel balls for a little while now, but also a bit perplexed with them, as in I didn’t know if they would do much for me. I’m a young woman (early 20’s) and have never had a child. I have, however, had a lot of sex and I own a lot of sex toys, a few of them that grace the wish lists of size queens everywhere. Did I have something to be gravely concerned about? Of course not, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t interested in the powers of kegel balls and if they would have any magical effect on me. MyPleasure recently sent me Textured K-Balls to review and I was oh so super excited to try them out.

These Textured K-Balls are made by Ophoria, of 100% pure Japanese platinum silicone. They are 4 inches by 1 1/2 inches at their widest point, the silicone string attached to them is 3 1/2 inches in length, and they are gorgeous; even the pink and white cardboard box they come packaged in is gorgeous. Each of the kegel balls contain weighted shakers inside of them. Here’s how the scenario plays out: You insert the Textured K-Balls (if necessary, you use some great water-based lube for ease of entry) and use your internal muscles to squeeze down onto the balls. If you’re standing, the weights inside the kegel balls will make you need to squeeze your muscles tighter around the balls to keep them inside of you. There are four textured rings around the K-Balls which provide some added stimulation internally and the shaker weights, when moving, provide even more stimulation.

Here’s how my scenario with the Textured K-Balls played out: A tiny dollop of water-based lube was almost necessary for insertion. I could have inserted them without it, but the lube made insertion a whole lot easier. That should have been the very indicator that I wouldn’t have too much trouble keeping the kegel balls in. These kegel balls were a bit too big to work correctly for me; I didn’t have to use my internal muscles almost at all to keep them in, but there is something about these balls that really did work for me. As I mentioned, the shakers provide a good amount of internal stimulation when you’re moving, making me want to move all the time. Seriously, I would have competed in a triathlon to continue the stimulation the shakers provided, granted I had the physical endurance to do so.

It is incredibly awesome that the string attached to the balls is made of silicone. That way, it doesn’t get dirty over time and then make you feel pretty gross if you go to use a toy that has an attached fabric string and it looks not-so-pristine. Silicone also makes the string very easy to grab onto and retrieve the kegel balls after use.

Kegel exercises and the use of kegel balls are meant to locate your PC muscles and make performing kegel exercises easier and more effective, they strengthen your vaginal muscles for more intense orgasms and giving a lover a sense of tightness. They are also ideal for women who have given birth and for bringing incontinence under control. Kegel balls have an incredible effect on your vaginal health and I think I’ll put my Textured K-Balls away for just a little while longer until they can prove themselves to be more effective.


Thanks to MyPleasure for the opportunity to review Textured K-Balls. Check them out to see all the other vaginal health products and kegel exercisers they stock!

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