Thank a Veteran in Your Life with a Great Clips Haircut

Thank a Veteran with Great Clips
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  1. Michelle F. says:

    What a great way to give back to veterans. I will definitely look into this to get a card to give.

  2. Michele says:

    I need a haircut–now I just have to find out if there is a Great Cuts near me–I hope so. I absolutely LOVE that they are doing this.

  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    I love that they gave been continuously doing this for veterans and for those still actively serving the army. it’s a nice and sweet gesture.

  4. My son and husband need a haircut anyway so I think I’ll take them on Veteran’s Day to get a haircut!

  5. Adriana says:

    We owe so much to our veterans, respect and support. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. dana vento says:

    This is such a great way to give back to the Veterans. Love this simple notion

  7. Wow! What a wonderful gift to give those who have served! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lexie Lane says:

    This is such a great way to give back to the veterans, by this you can show your love to them.

  9. What a great initiative! Thanks so much for the heads up on this one!

  10. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This is an awesome cause and we all should thank our veterans for their past along with present service. I love that they are giving the vets a free haircut and letting the vets give a free haircuts to other vets. Awesome way to pay it forward and thank them for their service.

  11. What a wonderful way to show support for veterans! My husband needs a cut; we’ll be stopping by.

  12. mya.k says:

    It is so good to give to our veterans, because they did so
    much for us and helping us so much so it is just fair to
    give back to them with that.

  13. Erinn S says:

    I h e seen this and it is so great. We have streets full of homeless veterans that could highly benefit and deserve this

  14. Rosey says:

    That’s an easy way to take part. Everyone needs haircuts. 🙂

  15. We owe so much to our veterans, respect and praise! Thanks for sharing it!

  16. Nicole Escat says:

    I respect and salute all veterans, for those who are have a veteran in their lives, you’re so blessed.

  17. This is an awesome campaign. I hope the veterans take advantage of this opportunity. I know a few restaurants also serve free entrees for Veterans too.

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