The Age of Adaline

‘The Age of Adaline’ Has Us Contemplating How Tragic Immortality Could Be #Adaline #IC #ad

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The Age of Adaline

We all want to live longer. It is the most universal goal of the human condition — to achieve and maintain good health, to keep our bodies and minds well, and to live as long as we can. But what if we somehow got exactly what we think we want; what is the aging process spontaneously stopped and we could live forever? What kind of reality would that open up for us, and is it an existence we would want to live?

These are the questions the trailer for “The Age of Adaline” have us contemplating.

The new movie from Lionsgate stars Michiel Huisman and Blake Lively as Adaline Bowman, a woman born at the turn of the 20th century who, after a car accident with magical ramifications, will never age another day. To keep her ageless existence a secret, Adaline lives a solitary life on the run, forced to watch as everyone she has ever loved grows old, while she stays exactly the same at 29 years old for nearly eight decades.

In the trailer, Harrison Ford’s character says something that really resonated with me — “All these years, you’ve lived but you’ve never had a life.” It is one perfect line that encompasses everything that life really is, for all of us. Our lives aren’t just measured in our accomplishments, but in the people with whom we are privileged to share our lives with — those we have touched, befriended, inspired, and most importantly, the people we have fiercely loved who have loved us right back.

The Age of Adaline
Diyah Pera

I first saw the trailer for “The Age of Adaline” a couple of weeks ago with my fiance while catching up on some of our favorite shows. We usually talk through commercials or fast-forward through them completely, but we were both instantly captivated by the whimsical themes of the trailer and watched it in its entirety without making a sound. Once it ended, we immediately agreed that while we most often wait for movies we want to see to become available in Redbox or on Netflix, this was one we needed to see in theaters. It looks that good, and it seems to have everything that makes it suitable for all audiences. It has a unique take on the subject of time and how we view the passing of time, which I knew my fiance would be all about, and it is also a uniquely hopeful romantic story that has me contemplating how truly tragic it would be to live forever.

The Age of Adaline
Diyah Pera

“The Age of Adaline” releases in theaters nationwide on April 23 at 7:00pm. You can see more about the movie and the incredible fashion through the ages at and

What do you think of “The Age of Adaline” trailer, and will you be seeing it in theaters?

14 thoughts on “‘The Age of Adaline’ Has Us Contemplating How Tragic Immortality Could Be #Adaline #IC #ad”

  1. This is going to be an amazing movie indeed. I really am so excited to see this one because movies like this one make you ask the question what if . Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that your fiance was captivated too. Usually the guys blow these kinds of things off. A sure sign it’s going to be good, right? 🙂

  3. I’d be curious to find out how the movies unfolds as Adaline makes her way though different periods… Definitely an interesting subject to consider

  4. I do want to see this movie even though I think it will make me cry and I don’t like to pay to cry!! There is something about the trailer that really drew me in!

  5. I can’t remember which movie I was seeing but I saw this trailer play before it in the theater. I looked at my boyfriend and said, “that’s a yes” after I saw the preview!

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