Adult Film Review: “Fallen”, or, the Fallen Angel that Falls a Bit Short of Brad Armstrong’s Abilities

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

The ability to create adult films that are not only targeted towards women and couples, but are also widely accepted with open arms is quite an accomplishment in the adult film industry. Adult films typically cater to the stereotypical male persona due to society’s fondness of scrutinizing and shaming women who like to watch pornography. Given this fact, when I find an adult film that you can tell was truly made with women’s interests in mind, it immediately has a very special place in my collection!

Fallen Fallen is a decent, woman and couple-targeted adult film that will excite, intrigue, and pull its audience in for a classic tale of a fallen angel. The angel, played by AVN winner for Best Actress, Jessica Drake, was once a guardian angel for humanity, although after one fate-writing momentary lapse, she tries to avoid an eternity of punishment and works to earn the forgiveness of those she has harmed. The angel careens through a series of obstacles, triumphs, and a smorgasbord of unforgettable sex.

Fallen delivers in every which way possible, from caring and compassionate love-making between two people in the midst of falling for each other, to public sex, girl-on-girl, an orgy, anal, and double penetration. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Fallen has a scene that will excite and tantalize you. However, Fallen is not merely an adult film chock-full of meaningless, stereotypical, and oftentimes confusing sexual encounters; it dares to tell a story with a genuine plot and almost-believable characters.

More than anything, Fallen shows the unmistakable potential of director Brad Armstrong, who should be spending more time focusing on indie dramas or something with not a little, but a lot more meat to it–no pun intended. The direction of this film is at times beautiful, dramatic, and even poetic; the fact that he is working within the adult film industry speaks volumes of the fact that either there is a lofty paycheck to be achieved at the end of the tunnel or he just truly has no idea what kind of potential he is in possession of.

The film is shot beautifully and progresses well, given the variety of scenes incorporated and would be a film that I would watch again and again, if only the main character was played by someone with a bit more substance. Fallen is a film that attempts to defy the film/adult film borders, at least most of the way in, but Jessica Drake is in dire need of freshening up on sexy monosyllabic words to utter during her scenes. In each of the sex scenes in this film she reaches for the exact same word usage that we have already heard from her in the scene before. To say the least, this redundancy can very well start to annoy you, if you’re paying attention to the dialogue, that is.

But as beautiful as the film is shot and shown to us throughout the beginning and middle of this film, the ending falls flat on its face, grasps for air, and dies before us. The ending scenes are perhaps the worst buildup I have ever seen in any movie, including B horror flicks, and leaves you staring at your television after the film has ended, wondering what just happened. Luckily, two of the sex scenes in this film are just that good to save the fact that they stopped trying and after reaching 177 minutes, had to end the story any way they could.

Fallen DVD What is definitely worth mentioning about Fallen is the fact that it is epically packaged. Upon first opening the package in which it arrived in, I was wondering why a DVD had to be packaged in a box that is much larger than your standard DVD size. Fallen is presented in a tri-fold, soft cardboard package that is completely covered with scenes from the movie, as well as Jessica Drake, front and center. To say the least, the packaging is beautiful and very impressive!


I received a copy of “Fallen” for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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