The Parker Ingenuity Collection is Revolutionizing the Way You Think About Pens

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It takes a unique vision and innovation for a company to start with an every day item most of us probably have dozens of lying around our house already and turn it into an exciting, new, must-have product. But that is precisely what Parker is all about–creating fine writing instruments that not only perform their basic function of putting pen to paper, but also make a sleek fashion statement all on their own.

The recently released Parker Ingenuity collection is said to be the first breakthrough in pen technology in many years. With this collection, Parker has set to revolutionize what a pen should feel and look like with the development of “5th Technology.” Where your standard pen is created with the attributes of one of the four current writing modes–either as a fountain pen, rollerball, ball point, or porous-point–5th Technology is the combination of all of these attributes. This means that each one-of-a-kind pen in the collection possesses the beauty of a fountain pen, the smooth writing experience of a rollerball, the longevity and ease of a ball point, and the smudge-free, fluid experience of a porous point pen. In other words, it’s just about as beautiful, comfortable, and perfect as a pen is going to get. Ever.

I have always been extremely particular about the pens I will use. When I was in school, at the beginning of every year I would buy a wide variety of all of the new pens that came out, because new pens always come out in time for back to school season, and I would test them all looking for the one that felt the most comfortable in my very thin fingers while producing a flawless, clot- and smudge-free pen stroke. Comfort and writing style are important when you know you’re going to be using that pen for hours at a time every weekday, whether you’re in school or you work in an office setting, and a pen that is also fashionable is, of course, an awesome perk.

The pens within the Parker Ingenuity Collection are modern, attention-grabbing, and come in six different beautiful finishes, so you are bound to find one that compliments your own style. Not to mention, with Christmas just a little over a week away, Parker Pens would make an excellent gift for anyone you know who loves making a fashion statement with every accessory and would get a lot of use out of a quality, comfortable pen.

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