Been Thinking About Trying Conscious Box? Now is Your Chance — Just Pay Shipping

Conscious Box

I have heard quite a bit about Conscious Box, the monthly subscription service dedicated to introducing subscribers to greener, more sustainable, better for you, and better for the earth products, throughout the past several months. I have seen numerous reviews posted on blogs I read regularly, giveaways, and some really valuable promotions. While I haven’t tried Conscious Box for myself (yet!), I think they just gave me a reason to quit thinking about it and finally give them a chance already.

Conscious Box wants more people to discover the most ethical and sustainable products on the market through their monthly subscription service. To get you started, they have a promotion going on where you can get your first Conscious Box free — you are just asked to pay shipping.

To receive a box full of unique pure and natural products, from organic food to vegan beauty products, as well as daily living tips, exciting monthly themes, and creative tips on how to use your monthly box, visit the Conscious Box website and use the coupon code SECRETCODE during checkout on any monthly subscription.

After trying out your Conscious Box goodies, you can also write reviews of products on the Conscious Box website to earn points that you can use towards future purchases. How great is that?

Have you tried Conscious Box yet? If so, what do you think of it?

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7 thoughts on “Been Thinking About Trying Conscious Box? Now is Your Chance — Just Pay Shipping”

  1. So I am a subscription box junkie. Mostly beauty boxes but I also love Loot Crate (it’s very geeky) and blumm which is baby products geared to whatever age and gender you tell them. My fave beauty one is for ipsy. I think this Conscious Box sounds great though. Oh no my husband will be unhappy if I subscribe to one more! Or will he? 🙂

    1. I have heard of Loot Crate! As a gamer and lover of geek culture, that is another monthly subscription service that I need in my life. I have also heard a lot about ipsy and will be signing up with them soon because I have been a Julep subscriber for about a year now, which is for nail polish (and they are slowly rolling out more beauty products) and am kind of done with all the nail polish, at least for now. ipsy is also half the price of Julep, so why not, right?

      1. You would love Loot Crate then. Last month we received a C3PO bobble head among the Loot. And I really like what comes with ipsy. I think both are a great price and are always so much fun when they arrive.

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