Time for a Bathroom Update? The Moen Boardwalk Spot Resist Faucet Saves Cleaning Sanity #ad

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When we moved into our home last year, a huge selling point for us was that most of the house had been recently remodeled and updated. The master bedroom had been given a lovely walk-in closet that I quickly claimed as mine even before our move-in date and the upstairs bathroom had been expanded and is so big that the first time my grandmother saw it, she exclaimed that we could have a party in it. Every room, with the exception of the living room (which I plan on updating at some point, finances permitting) and one of the spare bedrooms (that we put a new hardwood floor down in shortly after moving in), had new ceilings, new hardwood floors, paint, carpet throughout the upstairs hallway and bedrooms, and best of all, brand new fixtures and appliances.

The transition from our previous, not ideal at all apartment living to actual house living was what I can only accurately describe as an experience in gratitude. Even today, I look around at my surroundings and am so thankful for what I have. I don't think that feeling will ever go away; at least I hope it doesn't.

But even if you have everything you have wanted in life and are thankful for what you have each and every day, there are some tasks related to keeping up a house that can easily drive you bonkers–tasks like cleaning the bathrooms, and more specifically, keeping water spots and fingerprints off of knobs and faucets. What a maddening chore!

Sure, you could walk around your house a few times a day and spritz down the knobs and faucets and give them a quick wipe down, but in our fast-paced world with so much to get done for work, family, and the rest of the house chores that keep piling up, who has the time for that? Even if you clean your bathroom everyday just to stay on top of everything, it still won't be as clean as you want it all the time. It's pretty much impossible. Factor in more than one bathroom and you're really setting yourself up for defeat.

Thankfully, there are fixtures being made now that directly combat the pesky little messes around our sinks. No, they don't clean themselves, as awesome as that would be; instead, they are being made to eliminate the problem all together.

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Moen's Boardwalk Spot Resist bath faucet is a stylish faucet that can seamlessly integrate into most any home decor style. Why do you need this faucet? Well, with a brushed nickel finish, it actually resists fingerprints and water spots. These small messes that can completely transform your perfectly clean faucet and make it look like a raging mess you haven't cleaned in weeks, even though you just wiped it down this morning, are gone. Even the messiest and tiniest of fingerprints that come from the pint-sized members of the family won't mark up this faucet.

Removing the often frustrating hassle of having to wipe down fixtures several times a day to keep them clean is an awesome feat for Moen. As if that weren't enough, the Boardwalk Spot Resist faucet also meets WaterSense criteria, using up to 32% less water without sacrificing performance. One faucet that will eliminate the tiny messes around the sink and it's better for the environment? I think it's time for a faucet upgrade.


The Moen Boardwalk can be purchased at Lowe's, making it even easier to update your faucet the next time you're looking to make cleaner, greener choices for your home.

For even more about Moen and how they are changing the way we view the fixtures in our home, visit the Moen Facebook page and follow @moen on Twitter.

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