7 Tips to Make Your Body Summer Ready

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Shorts and swimsuit time is just around the corner; are you ready? If you aren’t, then you are probably thinking of ways to tone your body so you can look and feel better in your clothes. Whether you are looking to lose just 10 pounds, 50 pounds, or more, a big difference can be made in just a few weeks by taking steps to tone your body. This can give you more self-confidence and help your clothes fit you better.

Here are 7 ways for you to make toning your body easier and keep you motivated to stay on track:

  1. Make it a Joint Activity

    While everyone likes to be alone at times, when you are trying to lose weight or get healthier, it can be advantageous to get friends and family on the plan with you. Having that additional motivation and encouragement can help you make it through those days when it just doesn’t seem worth it. You and the people who are working on their health and fitness beside you will see tremendous benefits from working out as a team.

  2. Make it Fun

    Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. As long as you are moving, you are increasing your fitness level and toning your body. Find activities that you enjoy, whether it is playing tennis, rock climbing, walking, or going to the gym. Whether you like to be outside or inside, you can find ways to exercise that will fit your likes and interests; this is the key for me to ensure that I stay on track.

  3. Make a Plan

    Nothing throws off a program more than not having a plan. If you want to see results, then you have to have a plan to reach your goals. Set a time that you will exercise each day and make a sort of food plan for yourself. While you may have to make changes along the way, having this basic plan is a great way to ensure that you will at least start.

  4. Make it Part of Your Lifestyle

    This should not be a short-term plan. Getting healthier should be something that you concentrate on throughout your entire life. No matter what your age, you want to include healthy eating and regular activity into your day. Habit is a big part of healthy living and you want to be sure that you make it a habit to be healthier, for not just you, but for your entire family. By having exercise equipment at home, like the best elliptical trainer, you will be able to exercise no matter what time of the day it is or what the weather is like outside. You can check out Precor elliptical reviews to find the right one for you.

  5. Set Small, Obtainable Goals

    You may have a lot of weight to lose, and it may be somewhat overwhelming. By making smaller and easier-to-achieve goals, you will meet these goals faster and it will keep you motivated to keep going and lead to you meeting your larger goals. You can even reward yourself for each goal with special treats, such as a new pair of shorts, a massage, or even a pedicure that you can show off in your summer sandals.

  6. Make Sure Mess-Ups Don’t Derail You

    Everyone messes up and goes off plan; the key to making it a lifestyle change is getting back up after those times and continuing on your plan. Don’t be so hard on yourself and just give up. Stay on track and continue to reach your goals.

  7. Make Food Changes

    While getting enough activity is very important, what’s just as important is eating the right foods. If you don’t change the way you eat, you may not get the results you are looking for, or if may take much longer to achieve them. Increase your water intake and add more fruits and vegetables to give you body what it needs to work.

By following the above tips, summertime will not cause you worry, because you will be out enjoying the sun and having a blast.

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  1. You gave a lot of great ideas! Lord knows I gotta get this body summer (and winter) ready 😉 I like working out with my sister since it makes me more accountable.

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