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Tips for Finding a Drug Rehab Facility

When someone dealing with addiction asks for help, it is usually a good sign. Addiction is a brutal cycle, and many people don’t feel strong enough to ask for assistance. If you are feeling trapped by the chains of addiction, reaching out for help is an important step toward recovery.

Once you ask for assistance, you’ll need to determine the kind of treatment and care that is going to be best for you in the short and long term. Therefore, before you dive into the first rehab facility you find, consider a variety of things to determine if it is the right fit for you.

Get Assessed

The first thing you should do is find a physician or substance abuse professional to perform an assessment. You need to figure out how severe your addiction is before you decide on inpatient or outpatient treatment. Some people will do better with an intensive outpatient program as opposed to residential treatment. A doctor or therapist experienced in treating addiction should be able to offer greater insight into beneficial treatment options.

Know What You Need

While there is a variety of centers for drug rehab in Costa Mesa, not all of them will have what you need. For example, not all centers are set up to handle dual-diagnoses, meaning that a facility can treat the addiction, but they may not be equipped to address the anxiety and depression that can go along with such a condition.

Understand if Medication is a Part of Treatment

For some opioid addictions, facilities may suggest or recommend the use of methadone or naltrexone to help you through withdrawals. However, other centers do not utilize these treatments and chose a more abstinent model. The option that is best for you depends on your specific situation.

Look for Experience

Next, when looking for a facility, try to find a center that has been in operation for some time with a proven track record. While some new facilities are quite capable, it is hard to determine their effectiveness without that history.

Don’t Get Bogged Down By Price

Many addicts may avoid seeking treatment because of the apparent cost of drug rehab Costa Mesa. However, know that price does not determine the quality of care. Some luxury treatment centers cost tens of thousands but are inundated with problems, while other centers that cost only a few thousand provide optimal care and service.

Don’t Fall for Guarantees

No one can guarantee your recovery. Rehab centers are there to provide you with the necessary tools to get clean and sober, but they cannot force you to use them. Your success is ultimately up to you, and any center guaranteeing sobriety is more interested in your business than your recovery.

Recovery is possible, and asking for help can be a significant first step. Now, commit to treatment at the center of your choosing.

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