Trojan Vibrations Pulse Intimate Massager Review

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Trojan Vibrations Pulse When I first saw the Pulse Intimate Massager, I thought it was pretty much going to be the boring younger sibling of the Tri-Phoria Intimate Massager. Turns out I was completely right.

The Pulse is a basic and straightforward clitoral and external stimulator with no additional attachments, unlike the Tri-Phoria, and fewer settings. It is made of the same light purple hard plastic with a dark purple silicone tip. The tip of the Pulse is very much like that of the Tri-Phoria, in the respect that it also has a series of shallow rings around the very top that are meant to provide the added sensation of texture. That is, if you are a particularly sensitive person and can feel the very subtle texture. I cannot, so these rings added nothing to my personal experience.

Included with the Pulse is one AA battery that is inserted by twisting the plastic portion of the massager, which works as the battery cap, counterclockwise. The battery cap will dislodge and you can place the battery + side first into the massager. To reattach, line up the line on the battery cap with the thick line on the end of the massager, and turn clockwise until you feel it twist into place. Within the battery cap is a waterproof seal, so it is important to always keep it securely tightened so no water can seep in and end up ruining your toy.

On the very bottom of the massager’s plastic handle is a single power button. This serves as the only way to control the settings, of which there are 6 total–3 speeds of normal vibration and 3 pulse patterns. This worked fine for me considering it was at its highest speed of vibration nearly the entire time I used it, but I can imagine it becoming a nuisance for someone who wants to switch back and forth between two settings only to have to cycle through them all every single time.

I know that the Pulse Intimate Massager only takes one AA battery, which should have told me right off the bat that the intensity of the vibrations were not going to be stellar, but I was still really disappointed. I think I was especially frustrated with it because the Tri-Phoria also takes one AA battery, and I swear the vibrations were more intense than what could be felt with the Pulse. My best guess is that the intensity of vibrations all depends on the tip they are being transmitted to.

Overall, the Pulse was an unfortunate letdown. The weak vibrations and overall plainness of its sensations bored me in seemingly no time at all, leaving me frustrated and wondering what I should do next. The only way I can imagine someone being thrilled with this product is if it were that person’s very first vibrator, which could very well be the mindset of Trojan Vibrations when it comes to this product. It is, after all, the least expensive and simplest toy in their product line.

As with any other sex toy, thoroughly clean the Pulse Intimate Massager after every single use by running it under warm water and using all-natural soap or toy cleaner. Clean the silicone tip, being sure to get into all of the textured rings that are at the top of the massager, as well as the hard plastic handle, and dry completely before placing it into the discreet black satin pouch that is included.

The Pulse Intimate Massager is $29.99 and you can purchase it on the Trojan Vibrations website.

Trojan Vibrations

I received the Trojan Vibrations Pulse Intimate Massager for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

32 thoughts on “Trojan Vibrations Pulse Intimate Massager Review”

  1. You had us at ‘basic and straightforward clitoral and external stimulator ‘. This toy really sounds fun to play with!! 🙂

  2. Kind of sad to see it was a let down. Wonder if battery toys will ever have the power of plug ins…

  3. I’ve got to say I’m disappointed as well.. I was hoping the most basic toy would pack a bigger punch – I guess I was wrong, thanks for the review!

  4. It was nice to read a real review of the product. I’ve never used one, but i imagine the hard plastic wouldnt be the most pleasurable feeling. I have a feeling this is good for a ‘starter’ toy.

  5. I like that it is made with silicone, some of the plastics that are used for sex toys is very toxic.

  6. Thanks for your review of this item. I was interested in trying this one, but I believe that it would be a waist of my money knowing that it is probably not for me.

  7. Thank you for the review! Dsnt sound like its worth wasting money on! I will save my money for something better 🙂

  8. Like the other girl said, at least it’s colorful; it doesn’t look very awesome to me. ;[ Not something I’ll be purchasing.

  9. hmmm… sounds like this one is not the faorite but like the others said it is pretty

  10. It seems like a great product, even though you were dissapointed, I’d still like to buy it.

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