Trojan Vibrations Twister Intimate Massager Review

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Trojan Vibrations Twister Upon first removing the Twister Intimate Massager from its cardboard packaging and plastic form, I was surprised by the size of this toy. I had not seen the image of it being held in someone’s hand (which is an extremely accurate representation of its size) prior to seeing it in-person, and I think I was initially expecting it to be smaller because of the size of both the Pulse and Tri-Phoria massagers, which I have also reviewed. Granted, those products are strictly clitoral and external stimulators, sized to easily fit into one’s hand and maneuver effortlessly around the areas of the body you are stimulating. Honestly, I think that because I was most looking forward to the Twister, out of all of the Trojan Vibrations intimate massagers, that I was just waiting for it to not be what I expected in the worst possible way. I was waiting for it to let me down, starting with its size. However, I am happy to be able to say that the Twister measures from the tips of my fingers to the end of my wrist in length, with the girth of about my three middle fingers, making it large enough in length and girth to actually be very pleasurable when inserted. This was such an immediate and welcomed change of pace from the other products in the Trojan Vibrations line of intimate massagers.

Keeping in line with the Trojan Vibrations color scheme, the Twister is light purple hard plastic with a dark purple silicone insertable shaft. Aptly named, what sets the Twister apart from other, standard vibrators, is the fact that the silicone shaft can be twisted into four different positions. When it first starts out, it is angled at an upward curve, perfect for intense, delightful g-spot stimulation. By facing the toy towards you, just as you would when using it, and turning the shaft of the massager counterclockwise, you can move the curve to face left, downward, and right, each position giving you a very different internal sensation while still maintaining a feeling of fullness. As you twist the tip of the vibrator into a new position, you will hear a click that lets you know that a new position has been reached; twist the tip in the opposite direction to return to the previous positions.

The ability to twist the shaft into multiple positions is an awesome idea, but if you are the type of person who likes to mix up the sensations you’re feeling mid-play, the Twister can get tedious and your hands, body, and surrounding areas could get a little messy. When you use an insertable vibrator, naturally it is going to become wet and/or sticky, this is especially true if you use a lubricant (water-based only when you’re using a toy made of silicone!) The shaft of the Twister is not designed to rotate while being used internally, so if you are using it in the upward curve for g-spot stimulation and want to switch its position, you will have to remove the vibrator, grasp the shaft, and twist it into the desired position. Afterwards, everything that was on the shaft of the vibrator is now on your hand. If you have the desire to change its position multiple times, your hands are bound to get very slippery and sticky, and so will everything you touch.

The Twister Intimate Massager has 8 settings–5 speeds of vibration and 3 pulse patterns. It takes two AA batteries, which are included, and can be inserted by removing the battery cap from the bottom of the hard plastic handle of the massager. Insert the batteries and replace the battery cap by lining up the line on the cap with the thick line on the case; turn clockwise until the cap is firmly in place, and you’re done. At the bottom of the battery cap are two dark purple silicone buttons, one with a – sign and another with a + sign. Press the + button to turn the vibrator on and it will begin vibrating at its lowest speed. By continuing to press this button, the vibrator will cycle through its settings and you can use the – button to return to the previous setting, cycle down through them, and ultimately turn it off.

The intensity of the Twister’s vibrations aren’t amazing, nor are they as intense when felt against my vulva and clitoris as some other vibrators I have had that also take two AA batteries. However, when the Twister is inserted, the intensity of the settings feel more powerful; the sensation of the silicone shaft itself and the vibrations and pulsations work together to elicit a pretty great result, making the Twister one of relatively few vibrators in my collection that I will use regularly.

The silicone shaft of the Twister attracts virtually all of the lint and hair (animal and human alike) that happens to be anywhere in the vicinity of where you have the nerve to set it down without first putting it into the black satin pouch that is also included for safekeeping. Because of the amount of residue the silicone grabs a hold of, be sure to thoroughly wash the Twister with warm water and all-natural soap or toy cleaner after every use; dry it completely and immediately put it into the black satin pouch until the next time you use it.

One (tiny) thing that makes zero sense to me is the fact that included with both the Pulse and Tri-Phoria products was a single Trojan Her Pleasure condom. The included literature and instructions for each of these products included step-by-step directions and diagrams of how to properly use the condom, not with the toy, but with a male. However, there was no condom included with the Twister. This baffled me because the Twister is the only product in the Trojan Vibrations line of intimate massagers that you can actually use a condom with to keep the silicone shaft protected. This was also a little disheartening to me because my partner and I tried out the Trojan Her Pleasure condom when I found it in the package of the first product I opened, and we love them so much that I had actually opened all of the intimate massagers solely for the condoms, but that’s a topic for a whole other review.

The Twister Intimate Massager is $59.99 and you can purchase it on the Trojan Vibrations website.

Trojan Vibrations

I received the Trojan Vibrations Twister Intimate Massager for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks for your informative review! This one seems to be the overall winner of the three items. It is great that there are so many variations and choices with this one.

  2. I would really like to try this one.. I’ve never really owned a dildo-type vibrator, and this one looks like a good place start. Thanks for the review!

  3. This review seems like you enjoyed it the most. This toy seems alot more ‘fun’ if you get what I mean. It doesnt seem as uncomfortable as the other two toys. I like the shape of the toy, as it looks like it would reach places other toys cant

  4. This is the toy I really want to try. Changing the angle would definitely add a new “twist” to things. They do make special silicone cleaners for toy that will help keep them in tip top shape.

  5. If it’s your first toy then it’s probably a good starter. If it’s not, I wouldn’t recommend it. I’ll stick with my Wild G Spot Rabbit.

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