Tuesday Giveaway Linkup

Woman Tribune Tuesday Giveaway Linkup For the past few months, specifically since this past holiday season and onward, giveaways have been much more frequent here on Woman Tribune. During our first two years of operation, giveaways did come up here and there, but the volume did not even come close to comparing to the amount of giveaways we have been given the opportunity to host throughout the past few months.

I really love hosting giveaways. It means getting products and services into the hands of people who are eager to see what they are all about, no strings attached. Who doesn’t love getting something special, that they actually want, just from leaving a simple comment or following someone on Twitter or performing a basic task to enter a giveaway on someone’s blog? It’s a pretty sweet deal.

So, because Woman Tribune has seen a significant increase in giveaways, I have been spending a great amount of time spreading the word about these giveaways. I always make it a point to do a daily run through the numerous blogs out there who host weekly or monthly giveaway linkups, not just to promote giveaways that are going on here at Woman Tribune, but to also enter awesome giveaways going on around the blogosphere; and I have even won some, including a Nook e-reader! Amazing, I know.

I thought that in addition to hosting some really great giveaways here, which we will definitely continue to do, it was about time to make Woman Tribune one of those stops around the blogosphere where other hardworking, kick ass bloggers can spread the word about the giveaways they are hosting on their own spaces. I know I have utilized these giveaway linkups quite a bit, and they have helped tremendously! I hope that Woman Tribune, in its own small way, can help some other bloggers and their spaces as much as some others out there have helped this space.

And with that, welcome to the first annual weekly Tuesday Giveaway Linkup at Woman Tribune. Link up giveaways happening on your blogs and don’t forget to stop by other blogs and enter to win some cool stuff!

As for rules, I have never been too keen on them. So let’s keep these pretty simple and short: add the direct link to your giveaway below; do not link your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or any other social network or affiliate links. This linky is open to giveaway promotion only.

Our Current Giveaways

Tango Dancer Vibrator
open to US
ends March 28th

Add Your Giveaways

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