Twilight “Breaking Dawn” Celebration Package Giveaway at Fangs for the Fantasy

Twilight Breaking Dawn Celebration Package My good friend Renee co-runs a pretty awesome urban fantasy blog that anyone who loves the genre has no reason not to check out. Fangs for the Fantasy explores urban fantasy books, movies, television shows, and news and critiques them from a social justice perspective. Because of the strong social justice background of both of the writers of this blog, Renee who is well-known for her blog Womanist Musings and Sparky of Spark in Darkness, this site makes for a really great and well-rounded read, rather than just one review after another boasting a glowing recommendation without the usual refusal to confess the problematic elements of it that we’ve all seen in most other reviews out there.

If you happen to be a Twilight fan, Fangs for the Fantasy has a great giveaway going on where you can enter to win a Twilight Breaking Dawn Celebration Package. Included in the package (pictured above) is a Robert Pattinson watch, Breaking Dawn 2012 calendar, and tote bag.

The giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the U.S. and ends November 30, 2011.

Because this giveaway is not happening here I have disabled comments on this post. Head over to Fangs for the Fantasy to enter to win the Twilight Breaking Dawn Celebration Package.