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Understanding the Wide World of Health Care Careers

As health care evolves in modern society, the roles of health care professionals also are changing. New and revamped degree programs are developing to meet the culture’s needs. A career in health care today is not just about being a doctor, a nurse, or an office manager. It can also encompass working with advanced technologies to provide better patient care or filling new niches in the area of public health. Today, multiple levels of degrees in public health and health care informatics can be earned completely online. This means that you have more degree and career options than ever before.

Why Invest in an Online Degree?

Today’s online degrees are just as respected as those earned from traditional universities, and there are many reasons why an online degree might be right for you, including:

  • No commuting costs
  • Fewer expenses for study materials
  • Flexible schedules
  • Better time management between learning, family, and work

If you live in a rural or remote area, distance learning can make it possible for you to further your education as easily as someone living in a large city. Some online classes are even free and are designed to help you finish basic required courses at no cost. Distance learning opens up a myriad of opportunities for a large number of potential students, no matter where they live.

Online Degrees in the Medical Field

Technology plays a large role in the curricula of today’s degree programs, as well as in the means by which students earn degrees at all levels. As population demographics change, students taking fresh online courses can be prepared to meet the needs of today’s society. From undergraduate programs, to completing a doctor of nursing practice program online, online degrees can cater to students of all levels and ages, and at every stage of their career. Two other fast-growing fields that offer many career options are public health and health care informatics.

Master in Public Health

The field of public health is the science and art of forging healthy communities through research, education, and promotion of healthy lifestyles. Public health focuses on preventative health rather than illness treatment. This field has grown a great deal, perhaps in part due to the large role that public health professionals play in emergency preparedness and response.

A master’s degree in public health is a multi-disciplinary professional degree, and in the United States, anyone with an accredited undergraduate degree may pursue it. Areas of focus include culture, communications, public health biology, and informatics. This degree is available online, and you can also learn more about the online MPH degree from USC.

Health Care Informatics

The field of health informatics is a developing specialization that blends technology, communications, and health care to improve the safety and quality of patient care by creating better communication between patients’ various caregivers. Informatics also plays a key role in health care reform. This field has seen remarkable growth in large part due to the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs). You can earn this degree online as well as use the Internet to learn more about a career in health care informatics.

The medical field is changing, and so are the careers and specializations within health care. Two modern expanding work options are in public health and health care informatics. Both fields are growing, and subspecialties within them allow for interesting careers that accommodate many interests. The Internet has a plethora of information on both, and degrees in both areas are also available online. This makes it easier for you to decide your best personal path.

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