Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale–ONLY ONLINE!

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale Victoria’s Secret has recently started their semi-annual sale, which always bring a big smile to my face! The sale kicks off in store locations on June 19th and until then, you can enjoy several amazing clearance items shopping online!

The sales are fabulous, with bras being as much as 50% off and panties being as much as 60% off! I have found several items that are a great deal cheaper than they would have normally been and had to scoop them up. I got these ultra cute Angels by Victoria’s Secret ruffle-trim bloomers on sale for ($7.99, regularly $12) and because the “We also suggest…” feature is my downfall, I also had to get the sleep cami (2 for $30, on sale!)

This sale is amazing, so check it out!

2 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale–ONLY ONLINE!”

  1. I received and email about this on Friday and have since spent nearly $200 on bras, undies, cute dresses and tops from VS! I love their sales 🙂

  2. I love victoria’s secret I only wish they would get bigger sizes most of the women today are larger . The other thing is there are a few of us who finally find something that fits and we love and you change it. We all like some change but please leave a choice of the old stuff to in bras and panties.


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