Sarah Palin Doesn’t Seem Too Happy About Julianne Moore Playing Her in “Game Change” Movie

Sarah Palin, Julianne Moore Last week, HBO Films announced that actress Julianne Moore will be playing Sarah Palin in the film adaptation of Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s 2008 presidential election tell-all book, Game Change, in which Palin was John McCain’s Republican vice-presidential running mate. Also known as the moment in which the world, besides Alaska, was made aware of Sarah Palin’s existence.

Thursday night, Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity, who asked Palin how she felt about Julianne Moore portraying her in Game Change, in which she replied:

“Well, I am all about job creation, and I guess I could provide some of these gals who pretend like they’re me some job security. I would ask, though, that–if they’re of the mind of spreading the wealth around–that perhaps they want to spring for one of my kid’s braces or something as they capitalize on pretending to be me.”

Wow, bitter much? It seems that Sarah Palin believing that there are people who would like to be her is the only way she could get through this particular question of Hannity’s without throwing a temper tantrum of epic proportions.

I think Julianne Moore is just fine with portraying Palin in this movie, though. She is an outspoken liberal who supported Barack Obama in the 2008 election. Game Change, the book, paints Palin in a very bad light and spilled some damaging secrets and quotes from the campaign trail. In one story, it is said that McCain adviser Steve Schmidt was quoted telling Palin’s foreign policy advisers “You guys have a lot of work to do. She doesn’t know anything;” and that was after testing the candidate before the 2008 vice-presidential debate.

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