Eggo Your Way Recipe Contest

Waffelize Your Week with Eggo: Enter the #EggoYourWay Recipe Contest

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Eggo Your Way Recipe Contest

I love waffles. I love them so much that I buy them in huge 60-count boxes that I know will only last a few weeks in this house.

Eggo knows that there are many ways to enjoy their waffles, and they want to see how you waffelize your week. Do you stick to the classic butter and syrup, pour on the jam, turn them into sweet treats with chocolate chips and whipped cream?

Create your perfect waffle, snap a picture, and enter your creation into the annual Eggo Your Way recipe contest! You could win $10,000 or a year’s supply of Eggo products. Even if you’re not a grand prize winner, who wouldn’t love a year’s supply of waffles? Even second place wins huge!

The contest is going on now until May 26. What is your favorite way to enjoy an Eggo?

15 thoughts on “Waffelize Your Week with Eggo: Enter the #EggoYourWay Recipe Contest”

  1. One of my kiddos loves to have two waffles with some whipped cream in the middle. A sandwich if you will I guess. The rest just like them with syrup! With four kids who eat them, they don’t last long!

  2. Looks very Delicious! Waffles? That is one of my favorite snack, can be dessert too,lol I love waffles with fluffy and creamy taste dough. In the picture though it was different from what i am expecting because in our place, waffles has hotdogs inside it. lol Please correct me if the picture was not a waffle. 😛

  3. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the word “waffelize” and I like it! My kids enjoy Eggo waffles, especially the blueberry kind.

  4. I love that their getting more creative with recipes that can be used with their product. I’m not a fan of waffles in general, but the picture looks delicious.

  5. My whole family love eggo waffle, we put chocolate syrup on it or maple syrup. This is a good opportunity to be creative on making recipes.

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