Waffelize Your Week with Eggo: Enter the #EggoYourWay Recipe Contest

Eggo Your Way Recipe Contest
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  1. Mistee Dawn says:

    I love my Eggo Waffles topped with fruit. Sometimes I use syrup, but I definitely love the fruit, more.

  2. Hezzi-D says:

    I like mmy waffles with strawberries and whipped cream!

  3. Kisa Johnson says:

    One of my kiddos loves to have two waffles with some whipped cream in the middle. A sandwich if you will I guess. The rest just like them with syrup! With four kids who eat them, they don’t last long!

  4. Waffles are yummy. Most of the time we just eat them with butter or syrup.

  5. Mom Blog says:

    I love waffles too! My kids love them, especially when I make them in the large waffle iron. Thanks for the post!

  6. Looks very Delicious! Waffles? That is one of my favorite snack, can be dessert too,lol I love waffles with fluffy and creamy taste dough. In the picture though it was different from what i am expecting because in our place, waffles has hotdogs inside it. lol Please correct me if the picture was not a waffle. 😛

  7. Jenna Em says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen the word “waffelize” and I like it! My kids enjoy Eggo waffles, especially the blueberry kind.

  8. Rosey says:

    Sounds fun! Thanks for sharing. We love Eggos here. 🙂

  9. Oh, I miss Eggos! I wonder if they make gluten-free ones? I used to put peanut butter on them. OH MY GOODNESS it was good.

  10. Amber NElson says:

    I love Eggos. I had no idea that they made gluten-free ones.

  11. cindy b says:

    I love eggos and this like such a fabulous contest!

  12. Chasity Boatman says:

    I love that their getting more creative with recipes that can be used with their product. I’m not a fan of waffles in general, but the picture looks delicious.

  13. I just ate and this is already making me crave waffles!

  14. Lisa Jones says:

    I Love Theirs Products Thank You For The Giveaway

  15. Jhady says:

    My whole family love eggo waffle, we put chocolate syrup on it or maple syrup. This is a good opportunity to be creative on making recipes.

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