Wahl Review

Disclaimer: This is a review of a sex toy. It is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

When someone dives head first into the vast, wonderful world of adult toys, it doesn’t take long until they find themselves with a wish list of all the toys they absolutely, positively need to add to their collection. When I saw so many people raving about the Wahl, it quickly rose to the top of my wish list. Then, like the Santa Clause of sex toys, the awesome folks over at MyPleasure offered me the chance to review it.


After just one use, my immediate conclusion was that all of my Wahl wishes were not made in vain.

The Wahl is technically an all-body massager, but in very much the same way that the Hitachi is technically a body massager; in both cases, it may work very well in relieving your minor aches and pains, but it’s much more fun and rewarding when used as a clitoral stimulator. When I first received the Wahl and read over the box, which states that if used correctly, the massager will relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation, I had some fun with the obvious innuendo on Twitter, because really, how could you not?

So let’s get down to the specifics of the Wahl with the assumption that you’re going to use it as a sex toy.

The Wahl is made of hard plastic and plugs into an outlet via the 9-foot chord. Nine feet of chord is definitely more than enough leeway for me and should work in most all scenarios you find yourself wanting to use the Wahl in. It has seven different attachments, all meant to be used to target a specific part of the body for the most thorough massage; subsequently, they each provide their own unique sensations. When you receive the Wahl, the general body attachment is already on it, used for all-over soothing; this is the attachment I used with the Wahl for the first few times and it worked phenomenally, but as I experimented with more of the attachments I started liking the general body attachment less and less. In my opinion, the spot application attachment for pin-point massage and the deep muscle attachment work the best; using either of them, I go from very mild arousal to amazing orgasm in no more than five minutes. That is wildly impressive. Due to there being seven different attachments, I have no doubts of anyone and everyone being able to pick up the Wahl and find an attachment they immediately fall in love with.

There are two vibration modes on the Wahl, low and high. I was completely satisfied by the intensity of vibration, and to give you a point of reference, I’m someone who consistently uses the Hitachi on high. I happen to enjoy very intense vibrations as well as a good amount of pressure, both completely attainable with the Wahl. This massager has quite the motor inside of it; because of this, the Wahl is on the heavier side, but not so much as to be unwieldy. You can either hold the massager by the handle, or there are ergonomic ridges at either side of the head that will fit your thumb and fingers comfortably. When you hold it by the head, however, do not be surprised if your hand goes numb after a few minutes, especially if you’re using the high vibration setting.

While I used to immediately reach for the Hitachi whenever I wanted a quickie orgasm I didn’t have to work too hard at, I now immediately reach for the Wahl. I like how it better pinpoints an area and it is just a phenomenal massager; the best I’ve had the pleasure of using thus far, in fact. With a $29.95 price tag, there is absolutely no reason why you should not own a Wahl.


Thanks to MyPleasure for the opportunity to review the Wahl. Check them out to see all the other massagers and wand vibrators they stock!

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