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Walmart’s Christmas Dinner for 8 and New Year’s Eve Dinner for 10 on the Cheap–Giveaway! (Closed)

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  1. Mami2jcn says:

    Holiday money-saving tips: look for clearance items and shop at Walmart.

  2. Mami2jcn says:

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  3. Mami2jcn says:

    My favorite holiday memory is getting married at Christmas time, 11 years ago.

  4. Hope L says:

    We try to use a lot of coupons, especially during the holiday season. Also check store flyers for deals and specials!

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  8. My favorite tip is to plan ahead. Use coupons and make sure to budget your spending. Even make homemade items!! They seem to mean more to people and it is normally cheaper:) Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks!!

  9. My favorite memory was having a quiet get-together one year. We didn’t have anyone else over and it was so nice. Not that we don’t like friends but it was really nice:)

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  12. Lori L says:

    I would say schedule and organize. Plan meals ahead, and use things you have on hand. When I go shopping without planning I have a tendency to buy more than I need and to spend more on items I don’t really need.

  13. Birdie S. says:

    I save $$$ by using the comics to wrap holiday packages ….no two packages R ever the same & I have 52 stacks by the time Christmas comes around each year..

  14. Birdie S. says:

    Fav memory of the holidays is getting engaged on Christmas eve……37 years later Im still married !!!!

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  17. Chantelle says:

    definitely matching coupons with sales and clearance items! thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! chantellesabino(at)live(dot)com

  18. Jeanine says:

    One of my money saving tips is to clip coupons out of the Sunday paper and go online for coupons when grocery shopping.

  19. Kathy K says:

    My money saving tip is to buy your needed items ahead of time, when they are on sale.

  20. Kathy K says:

    My favorite holiday memory is from my childhood. Every year my favorite uncle and aunt came for the whole day and didn’t leave until we kids had gone to bed. They’ve now passed and I miss them.

  21. Kathy K says:

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  22. asithi says:

    Always the dinner at my parents’ house and board games afterwards.

  23. Trisha says:

    My favorite money saver for the holiday is making homemade gifts they can be really personal too!

  24. Trisha says:

    My favorite christmas was 4 years ago on my daughters first christmas! I never realized how amazing being able to see your child on christmas morning and how special of a feeling that is!!

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  28. sherry says:

    I stockpile baking supplies for months before the holidays so baking homemade goodies to share won’t break my budget.

  29. Jennifer T. says:

    My mom and I make a menu and compare pantry and fridge ingredients to reduce buying duplicate items needed for holiday dinners.


  30. Jennifer T. says:

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  31. Jennifer T. says:

    My favorite holiday memory was when I was in my early teens and my mom let me make gingersnap cookies all on my own. I forgot to add sugar and my parents were so nice. They didn’t complain and just suggested we frost them, heavily.


  32. Jamie says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was riding in a local Christmas parade two years ago with my dad, my family, and Santa and Mrs. Claus!

  33. Jacquleyn says:

    I try to have all my shopping done by December. If you get toys on clearance in the summer they are a fractions of the great deals you can find now. Also no crowds. For food I use a lot of coupons and sales. We go to different grocery stores and get the sale of the week stuff at each one.

  34. Shawna OBrien says:

    My favorite holiday money-saving tips: Plan ahead, shop early, buy on sale and match with coupons.

  35. Shawna OBrien says:

    My Favorite Holiday Memory is the 1st Christmas that my husband and I spent together with his family and I was expecting my first child as it was a very special and memorable time.

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  41. Sharon Rooney says:

    To save money during the holidays I always watch the sale papers to find the best price on the items I am looking to buy. I also always use coupons.


  42. Sharon Rooney says:

    My favorite holiday memory is my daughters first Christmas. I will never forget the way she looked when she saw the tree and all the presents.


  43. beverly says:

    i like to use online coupon codes from it saves me alot of money on shipping discounts and free gifts with purchase. thank you happy holidays

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  47. Rachel says:

    Favorite holiday memory is decorating the tree as a family

  48. Abby says:

    Favorite holiday money saving tip is to definitely shop black friday! Great deals!

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  50. Abby says:

    Right now, my favorite memory is a current one. This is my son’s second christmas and his first real interaction with a Christmas tree. He keeps on taking ornaments off and then putting them back on the tree. After he puts them back on the tree, he claps for himself. It’s cute.

  51. Abby says:
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  52. You have to shop the ads. If there is something you want, chances are it is on sale somewhere. Start early so you have the best chance of finding it.

  53. On Christmas morning in 2006, I was at the beach for Christmas. my husband and I enjoyed an early morning beach walk together and it was wonderful.

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  57. Wehaf says:

    Stock up on holiday essentials and gifts just after Christmas, when everything is on sale. Put them away for 11 months, and then bring out your 75% off bargains!

  58. sarah mines says:

    We cook a huge turkey and then use the leftovers in salads and soups for months to come. I just freeze it.

  59. sarah mines says:

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  60. Emily says:

    I always check the sales and make a lot of homemade gifts.

  61. Terry Dickinson says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is from 18 years ago. It was the first Christmas in our home and was going to be my parents and husband because he had to work. At the last minute my brothers with their families showed up along with my sister and her boyfriend, my husbands grandfather and another couple. We had a hodge podge of dishes as the snow piled up. The power went out and we ate by candlelight made snowmen and had a huge snowball fight. It was amazing. It didn’t matter that it was not a fancy meal or perfect table setting.

  62. Each person in the family brings one item it’s wonderful we get a little bit of grandma’s potatoes and Aunt Judy’s mac-n-cheese. Furthermore none of us have to go out and spend loads of money!!

  63. Three Holiday seasons ago we got to go to Toy R Us and fill up a UHAUL with all kinds of toys for children in need. It was the best moment ever to just imagine some child having their first Christmas. Really made you remember the real meaning. Still makes me cry! I love the Holidays!!

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  66. Courteney Handel says:

    To save money during the holidays (and anytime), I use Ebates!

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    My favorite holiday memory is baking cookies with my mom and leaving them out for Santa!

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  73. Nancy says:

    My holiday money saving tips: shop both before and after the holidays to buy holiday-related foods that will keep for awhile until the next holiday (like Valentine’s Day or Easter). I’ve gotten brand-name cranberry sauce during the summer for 33 cents a can!

  74. Nancy says:

    A holiday memory: Growing up I remember many members of our family crowded in my grandmother’s small house, celebrating holiday meals together. I remember the “kid’s table” and the “grown up” table and my grandmother’s wonderful cornbread dressing!

  75. Nancy says:

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  76. Marie R says:

    I plan what I’m going to make ahead of time and buy the items that I need when it goes on sale and I use coupons.

  77. Tabathia B says:

    My fav holiday memory is from about 12 years ago was my grandma’s last christmas before she passed away from cancer and everyone came to her house and it was beautiful. We ate, laughed, cried and we were happy.

  78. Kerrie G says:

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  81. Sarah says:

    To save for Christmas I start looking at the clearance isle at my local Walmart right after Christmas and we do this all year long looking for gifts.

  82. Sarah says:

    My favorite Holiday memory is the year I gave up my Christmas as a teen to give to another teen that had nothing.

  83. Ashley S says:

    To save money, I clip coupons and look for great deals to match them up with! And I shop on Black Friday to get great prices (Walmart at 5am baby!)

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    Fav. Holiday memory – My dad had us for christmas for only one year when we were kids (parents divorced) and he went all out with decorating the tree…I just remember the BIG red bows he put all over it and how much he tried to make it a great holiday for us.

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