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A Simple Way to Cut Down on Prescription Costs

Whether you have a chronic condition, a family, or even pets, we can all agree that the cost of healthcare is a big concern. Sure, you can do your best to practice prevention, but unfortunately, there will come a time when a medical issue comes up that is beyond your control. Even if you’ve been blessed with good genes and a super-charged immune system, it’s inevitable that you will need lab tests, a surgery, or prescription medication at some point. While most of us don’t have the skill or equipment to diagnose and treat ourselves or our kids, we do have the power to cut the cost of our prescriptions.

My Family Found a Solution

We recently read an article about a woman who had been priced out of the prescription market by soaring costs. She needed several medications for a heart condition and a son who had diabetes. After doing some investigating online, she found a Canadian pharmacy that not only had her family’s medication at a lower cost, but they were also able to send an invoice so that she could file an insurance claim.

We started checking into this ourselves when our daughter developed severe asthma. The cost of inhalers and other medications she needed were out of our price range, but we were able to find the same exact brands online at a very low price and have them delivered to our home within days. They were even able to contact her pediatrician for us and send reminders to my smartphone before it was time for a refill.

How Does it Work?

Most of the Canadian pharmacies we checked out before deciding on one worked pretty much the same as any online shop. Start by typing your medication into the search bar. When the page comes up, select the dosage and amount written on your prescription, then add to cart and either pay or select more medications. We found one that worked more like an aggregate website that’s connected with different pharmacies. That way, if one didn’t have our medication another would. Once you’re done shopping, you simply check out like you would when ordering books or movies.

Are These Pharmacies Safe and Legit?

While there are always scams online, there are several ways to tell if you’re working with a legitimate, licensed pharmacy. First of all, they won’t sell anything without a verifiable prescription from a licensed doctor. Many won’t sell opioids, anabolic steroids, or other controlled substances. They should also have a license number displayed somewhere on their website. You can also just check them out online or with the BBB to see if they’ve had any complaints against them.

When it comes to your health, you can never be too careful. Before purchasing anything online, choose a reputable company that operates with transparency.

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