Wedding Invitations Don’t Have to Be a Nightmare — Personalize Your Own at Hello!Lucky

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Hello!Lucky wedding invitation Every time I think of the stress that accompanies finding the perfect wedding invitations and making sure they show up on time and without error, I think of an episode of Gilmore Girls. Granted, I can very well compare most of life’s events to an episode of Gilmore Girls because I am one of those obnoxious fan types, but bear with me here. In this particular episode, Sookie’s wedding invitations arrive at the inn she works at with Lorelai. When Lorelai brings them into the kitchen, Sookie immediately begins to rip open the box, eager to see them while excitedly telling Lorelai how they are pearly white with a beautiful lavender stripe and how she is going to love them. When she sees them, however, her name is misspelled, so it reads that “Susie St. James” is getting married. Sookie’s immediate reaction is to declare “I’m gonna choke somebody by the neck until brains ooze out of their ears.” When she calls the company’s customer service line, she goes completely ballistic, saying “How dare you do this to me! You’re ruining my wedding! It’s the most important day of my life! It’s my life, it’s not Susie St. James, are you listening to me?”

Yeah, that is a whole lot of stress and something no one wants to have to go through, especially when there is practically no time in between the time your wedding invitations arrive and when they need to be sent out to guests.

Avoiding a spelling error is just one of the benefits I see in personalizing your own wedding stationery online. Another great benefit of the right online retailer is the variety. Not everyone is looking for the standard, conventional wedding invitation that can be seen featured by traditional wedding supply retailers, so the fact that online retailers have a mix of classy and contemporary, out-of-the-box styles is only a good thing. Of course, finding the right online retailer can be a challenge.

Hello!Lucky wedding stationary Hello!Lucky has an awesome selection of unique and memorable cards and stationary for all occasions, especially for weddings, and include save-the-date cards and invitations to your big day. They also carry RSVP cards, place cards for your tables, menu cards, and more.

What I was really happy to see on their website is that Hello!Lucky offers 3 free samples of their invitations. Buying anything online also comes with a certain bargain, one that no bride-to-be is willing to make when it comes to the specifics of her wedding day. You want to know exactly what you are getting, and the fact that you can receive 3 separate samples of stationary to ensure the quality meets your standards is really great.

All of Hello!Lucky’s cards and invitations are customizable, but it’s often difficult to know how to start. For this reason, Hello!Lucky also has a wide range of wedding invitation wording examples regardless of how formal or informal your event is. You can use these examples on your invitations or simply use them as a jumping off point and inspiration for your own words.

If you’re looking for wedding stationary or even greeting cards, birth announcements, birthday cards, thank you cards, or more, check out Hello!Lucky and don’t forget to come back here and tell us what your favorite designs are!

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Invitations Don’t Have to Be a Nightmare — Personalize Your Own at Hello!Lucky”

  1. As much as I’m a fan of the DIY approach, there’s something to be said for paying to avoid a much larger investment of time and stress.

    This sort of personalisation looks like an interesting compromised. I’ll definitely be looking into this further.

  2. Oh, this is a cool suggestion…i wish I had find an year ago when I went through the invitation process myself 🙂
    You say it’s a nightmare…I say even worse! 😀

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