Wish Wand Massager Review and Giveaway from Blush Novelties [Closed]

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  1. Pandwhora says:

    I love how travel friendly this would be. I love wand massagers, I’d love to add this one to the collection, it’s pretty!

    1. Trish Hope says:

      I love the variety of settings

  2. amanda whitley says:

    i like how it has 7 different settings.

  3. Beth C says:

    i like how small it is travel friendly

  4. Samantha D says:

    Cheap-o answer, but it’s pretty awesome that it comes with extra batteries!

  5. JR says:

    If it keeps you on the edge – that is a VERY awesome feature! 😛

  6. lisa says:

    I like that it has 7 different settings.

  7. Pattyp says:

    I have never tried it so I don’t know how it feels

  8. InsatiablyTaken says:

    I am loving the mini size on the wand.

  9. travelnurse says:

    I love that it is so small!

  10. john says:

    I like the size

  11. Rose says:

    Ooh that looks awesome! *wants*

  12. Michelle jadaa says:

    7 different levels and functions in a discreet package.Great for travel 🙂

  13. amber carroll says:

    love the color and the many different settings

  14. john patterson says:

    Its cute

  15. molli vandehey says:

    love the size, fits in a pocket or purse!

  16. Emily C says:

    I LOVE wand vibrators – I know many people love their Hitachis, but I think wand vibes are the way to go.

  17. I love how it comes with extra batteries. great review

    1. Name that is used for the giaveaway entry thing is Crystal btw

  18. Gerard V says:

    My wife will love this one!

  19. Danielle says:

    7 different vibration, pulsation, and escalation functions.

  20. Amy Martin says:

    My favorite part?> It’s blue, and a free giveaway!

  21. diane says:

    has 7 different settings

  22. Chris Kinnk says:

    Oooh that looks cute. Do them litttle batteries last long though?

  23. Beck says:

    I like that it’s petite and has 7 levels of vibrations.

  24. Marlene V. says:

    I like how it’s small in size

  25. Suzanne G says:

    I like how small it is and can just fit into your purse

  26. Tania B says:

    I like the flexible head

  27. Vicki S says:

    like that it comes in blue and has 7 different vibrations!

  28. I love the small size. With kids in the house, the ability to hide our toys is crucial 🙂

  29. Nancy Reid says:

    I like that it has 7 different vibrations and the color is pretty too!

  30. I love the small size. Great for travel or just to hide from wandering eyes 🙂

  31. stephanie says:

    the 7 different vibrations

  32. Lesley F says:

    I like all the settings

  33. AlisonB says:

    I like the variety of colours

  34. Jeni Monroe says:

    I love the compact size

  35. Mer says:

    I like the blue as well! Not that there’s anything wrong with pink, but a change now and then is nice. The multiple settings sounds great as well.

  36. Kathy LeBoeuf says:

    Small and portable.

  37. melissa says:

    i like how its small

  38. Lori B says:

    i like the multiple settings

  39. Dayna Wilson says:

    I like that it comes with extra batteries!

  40. Kassie Jo Lauhoff says:

    All the different settings!! & Thank you so much!! =]

  41. Josie says:

    I like that it’s so small. I travel a lot so that would be super handy

  42. amanda says:

    i like all the settings it has 🙂

  43. betsy cortez says:

    I like that it has seven different settings

  44. latanya says:

    the different settings

  45. Dae says:

    I appreciate that it comes with batteries. I wont have to buy any for a while. Then I love that it comes in my favorite color blue.

  46. Michelle L says:

    I like it’s portable size

  47. Janell says:

    The 7 different vibrations.

  48. Spice says:

    I like that it looks like a microphone. It’s really a sexy vibrator. I’m sad to hear that the power is just not there.

  49. Miranda says:

    I love how cute they are! I’m pretty sure I could leave them out (accidentally) and no one would know!

  50. julie murphy says:

    it has 7 different settings

  51. GeekyNymph says:

    I’m intrigued by how small it is!

  52. Brenda Penton says:

    I like the size. It is just the right size, not too big.

  53. Amber Butler says:

    I am absolutely fascinated by the size and the colors it comes in. I absolutely love color.

  54. Laura says:

    The size and that includes extra batteries.

  55. Lori B. says:

    7 different vibration, pulsation, and escalation functions–sounds great 🙂

  56. antane says:

    I like the design. is it weird to say that I think it is really cute? Also, extra batteries? heck yeah!

  57. Sarah Walker says:

    I love that it has multiple vibration settings.

  58. Helen Stockwell says:

    Love multi-vibrations available

  59. Mark Weflen says:

    the size

  60. Amanda Rauch says:

    I like that it is smaller than the typical wands.

  61. Katie Kelly says:

    I have a wand but I am loving the looks of this one since it is so much smaller!!!

  62. Suzie W says:

    I like that it includes extra batteries! I usually don’t have those little guys laying around so it’s nice to have extras on hand!

  63. tammy s says:

    Love how small and how small the batteries are

  64. scott r says:

    nice travel size

  65. Tanya C says:

    How small it is.

  66. Shane R. says:

    I like that it comes with some many batteries

  67. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I like the size.

  68. Terra Heck says:

    I like that batteries are included, including extra sets. Thanks.

  69. catherine tremblay says:

    the color!!!:D

  70. Erin P says:

    I’m interested in how well it works due to its size. Also extra batteries are awesome!

  71. tamibates says:

    Never tried a wand

  72. Darren Collins says:

    My wife says the size 🙂

  73. Melissa Tippie says:

    I love the size & color. Also, thanks for including the extra batteries.

  74. Kati says:

    Small size and multiple settings.

  75. Cassie says:

    it’s size makes it easily portable.

  76. cindy b says:

    the size! thats awesome!

  77. Diana Stanhope says:

    I like the size and the pretty colors.

  78. amy williams says:

    I like the size of it and that it has 7 different settings

  79. Brandy W. says:

    I think the size is the best aspect!

  80. I like all the different settings and the size.

  81. Melissa says:

    Always looking to try to toys. This looks nice.

  82. Iggy says:

    It’s pretty small. I’m interested in seeing how powerful it truly is.

  83. Carol Denny says:

    I like the size of it.

  84. fire says:

    Like you, I’m not totally excited by all the different vibration patterns, but I kind of like the idea of it not being quite enough. It means my playtime goes on longer (: And, of course, like everyone else, I like how small it is.

  85. Amy Lee says:

    I like the different settings

  86. longlegs88 says:

    I like pink, and any other color toys come in. I just love toys….

  87. liz l says:

    its so small

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