Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation Book Review

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Getting Off A Woman's Guide to Masturbation Masturbation is a healthy part of every person’s life. Even as part of a relationship and while maintaining a healthy sex life, self-love still plays a healthy role in one’s life.

People start exploring their bodies at very young ages; from infant boys who every time you change a diaper, their hands are immediately exploring their penis and young girls who will mindlessly start exploring themselves whenever time permits. This is extremely healthy and positive behavior, but there are a great deal of people and organizations who beg to differ, going as far as to saying that any type of sexuality whatsoever, including masturbation, is unnatural, sinful, and just about anything else they can think of in order to scare people out of doing something that is natural and should be celebrated.

Jamye Waxman has a master’s degree in sex education and has written the book Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation, an entire guide to masturbation just for women–or for men who want to know more about the body of a woman and pleasuring all of those sensual zones a woman has. Getting Off is an asset for every single woman, regardless of their knowledge of sexuality or their bodies. The book goes over several different topics, from the anatomy of an orgasm (the small, indifferent orgasm, the mediocre, satisfying-but-not-by-much orgasm, the can’t-get-enough, pass out afterward orgasm, and everything in between), fantasies, vibrators and other sex toys that can be used to heighten sexual pleasure while masturbating, how masturbation is viewed by mainstream media and the people who use the media as their only ground for knowledge, and so much more.

Getting Off A Woman's Guide to Masturbation inside While reading through the different sections of the book, I was overjoyed to see a lot of the topics brought up that I didn’t expect to be brought up in such a refreshing light, such as the topic of anal sex and stimulation and how a great deal of women enjoy anal stimulation but feel too shy to explore the possibilities it can bring them sexually due to its social stigma as being referred to as strictly an exit. It also highlights a great deal of fun facts, such as the fact that graham crackers and Corn Flakes, food items that people eat to curb hunger, which in fact invented to curb masturbation, and the first vibrators were found in doctors’ offices to help cure women of “hysteria,” or what I deem as merely “sexual frustration” since the hysterical woman stereotype is still alive and going strong.

Getting Off is a resource that you will find yourself flipping through again and again. It is full of extremely positive and helpful information and completely obliterates the falsities that society and mainstream media have put in place for women, especially the “prudish woman” title or the belief that women cannot be sexual and sexually satisfying individuals.


I received a copy of “Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation” for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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    1. I would not go as far as to call you a prude, but I would definitely recommend this book to you and to anyone who is easily taken aback by just language discussing sexuality. This book is not as “hardcore” as it may seem by the name of the book and by the image of the inside of one of the pages, so have no worries. If you do end up checking it out (and I hope you do) I think it would benefit you immensely, especially in terms of opening up your willingness to explore yourself and sexuality.

  1. What a fantastic book title! That alone would inspire me to read it! I’m very open and sexual in my marriage and this was a great review, I’ll definitely check it out!

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