Wordless Wednesday: In My Bag

in my bag
What’s in my bag, taken as part of the #FMSphotoaday challenge

Last month I took on the Photo a Day challenge over at Fat Mum Slim. I’ve done it a couple times before, in both May and June of last year, but had forgotten how much fun it was and it took me almost a year to pick it back up again. So, for the 30 days of June, I took one picture everyday, and again, I had a lot of fun with it; and again, I promptly lost all motivation to continue as soon as July rolled around. Such is life, I suppose.

Anyway, my favorite Photo a Day prompt for June 2013 was “in my bag.” I think you can tell a lot about someone from what they have to have on-hand when leaving the house, so I thought I would share what lives in my bag on a typical day.

At the top of the picture you can kind of see most of my mustard yellow Liz Claiborne handbag, which happens to be my favorite out of the 15 or so that I own. The contents, starting on the left: wallet, assortment of lip balm goodness, Orajel, business card holder filled with business cards, (under the business cards) small pocketbook filled with gift cards I have received so they wouldn’t get lost in my regular wallet, Nook, notebook, regular book — currently Exhibitionism for the Shy by Dr. Carol Queen; review coming soon!

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9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: In My Bag

  1. Thanks for swinging by my blog yesterday! I gave up on a purse awhile back, but since my fiance got me my very first Coach bag I think I should put it to use! I started the FMS photo challenge partway through March and continued until June, but I also stopped – what a funny coincidence. I’m now just doing my own photo challenge of sharing one aspect of my day, without any other prompts.

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