Wordless Wednesday: My Laptop, Disassembled

HP G72

Have you ever wondered what an HP G72 laptop looks like disassembled? Well now you can stop wondering.

Helpful tip: when your laptop starts overheating and shutting itself down every few days for months, propping it up will work to help it cool itself down in the short term, but cutting corners with your gadgets always catches up with you.

I have had this laptop for almost four years and last month, after overheating repeatedly, it wouldn’t boot up. The fan had completely died and needed to be replaced, and the only way to replace it was to completely disassemble the computer. Luckily, my fiance is a computer super genius. While we are comfortable disassembling and reassembling desktop computers, working with the teeny tiny parts of a laptop was new and super intimidating.

In the end, we had replaced the fan and found that, due to it spontaneously overheating, the hard drive was corrupted and couldn’t be repaired, so I ended up losing everything that was on there, because backups? Surely I won’t need to make those! [Insert massive eye roll and forehead smack here.]

It took a little over a week for us to get it repaired and put back together and I was lucky to have a netbook to get what work I could done in that time, but after this whole experience, I won’t be taking my laptop for granted anymore, and I’ll be making backups.

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15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: My Laptop, Disassembled

  1. I would not dream of taking my computer apart–lets just say-KLUTZ and leave it at that. I did learn the hard way about backups–I now backup weekly using Dell backup (off site)-it already saved me once-I should probably backup on a hard drive here as well-I actually bought one 5 or so years ago and have yet to use it-it is still in it’s box——–don’t say it–I know!!!!!

  2. What a pain that is I have experienced that but learnt my lesson I do regular back ups now even though I hate doing it, my cousin is having the same problem with the overheating and shutting down.

    Have a laptoptastic rest of week ;-)

  3. Computers can be a major pain! You may want to spend $20 or $30 to get a laptop hard drive reader to extract your files. It’s quite possible not all is lost. The money is well worth it. And, if that doesn’t pan out and your files are super duper important to you, then go to Best Buy.The local store can check your drive to see if data can be pulled off it, if not, then they can send it away to a Clean Room to get your files off. We had to go through this process a year ago. Consequently, we now do routine backups like clock work. I don’t want to ever be in that situation again.

    BTW, Solid state hard drives are available in Macbook computers, maybe some Windows based computers, too, I just don’t know. The fan never comes on. In fact, I wonder if it has a fan? Surely, it does. Anywho, it’s very super quite and stays cool. We love ours!

    Thanks for hosting the WW party linky!

    Bald River Falls

  4. I’m familiar with this mess!! A few years back we had a heat wave in Portland which fried my husband’s computer! Seriously fried it. And every now and then my husband takes our laptops apart to clean them up. He is silly like that.

  5. Gosh…I had a similar problem where all my data got lost since the hard drive crashed!

    I hope you were saving your data periodically!

    Thanks for linking up and I will go ahead and link mine :) Give and take is good karma :)

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