Wordless Wednesday: Sid and His Ladies

Sid Nancy and Sylvia

A few months ago, my fiance and I brought in two kittens who had been born under our shed this past summer and living in our backyard ever since. When winter started to settle in and temperatures began to be consistently frigid, and their mama cat took off for more than a week, we couldn’t bear to see them outside anymore, so they found a new home here with us. This brings our total number of furry feline family members to a whopping five. Yes, five.

While they didn’t get their own special introductory post like Sylvia did when she joined our family in June, I did mention our new kittens, who I named Sid and Nancy, in our best of 2013 roundup.

Sid started 2014 off with a whole new way of life. Early this month he was neutered, and after a particularly traumatic experience for him (after going to the vet twice for his exam, blood work, and shots he knew what being in the pet carrier meant and threw up and urinated all over himself on the way there) he came home to Nancy and Sylvia wanting to cuddle and comfort him.

The picture above was taken after Sid got home from the vet, the only one awake (doesn’t he look thrilled?) in the middle of a Nancy and Sylvia nap sandwich.

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11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Sid and His Ladies

  1. Very nice to meet three of you five kitties. This is our first time visiting. We are a house of eight kitties. Looks like Sid isn’t happy, but who can blame him after having surgery. Hope you will drop by and meet us sometime. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at http://www.thecatonmyhead.com, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. A house of eight kitties! That is amazing; I am among friends! I have been trying to get a picture of all five of ours together since we became a five-cat household but it just isn’t happening, unfortunately. For as adorable as they all are, they are equally as uncooperative.

      I am so glad you found me. I will most definitely be checking out your blog. Love the name!

    1. Sid and Nancy’s mama had wandered off for over a week when we finally couldn’t bare to see the kittens living in our backyard and cuddling up to fend off the cold on our back porch anymore. Up until then, I had been very adamant about not bringing the kittens in unless we could also give their mother cat a home. I think she wandered off in order to force the kittens to be independent, as cats do, though all they ended up accomplishing was independently breaking our hearts and finding themselves an inside home.

      When their mother did find her way back, my fiance and I talked again about getting her to the vet. She looked to be a much older cat that had obviously been a stray for a while, making it not so safe to have her mingling with the five in the house already; or at the very least, we wanted to do a trap and release to get her spayed if it turned out she wouldn’t adjust to being an indoor cat. We had an experience like that a couple of years ago when a black male cat had started hanging out in our yard and after I went and got attached to him, we brought him in to have him only make it a day inside, getting super worked up and making it very clear he hated it inside and then making a break for it to get back outside. So I waited to see their mother cat again so we could put the first phase of our plan in motion, only she didn’t come back. Maybe she initially wandered back to see if her kittens had made it on their own and when she didn’t find them, she left. I don’t know, but I hope she is okay; It breaks my heart to think otherwise.

    1. I am a big fan of naming cats (and pets in general, but I just happen to only have cats) people names. I have a Devin, Vincent, Sylvia, Sid, and Nancy. With the first three we were going with names that had v’s in them, something we noticed only after naming Vincent and realizing he had a v and so did Devin, so Sylvia had to have a name with a v as well. Sid and Nancy do not have v’s in their names, but were named after Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols and his long-time girlfriend, Nancy Spungen. Sid and Nancy were derelicts in life; aimless wanderers with an unfortunate and sad ending. Sid and Nancy the kittens started off as strays and when we decided on their names, I thought it was appropriate, and maybe a nice way to finally give Sid and Nancy a happy ending in some way.

      This was way too thorough of an explanation of the names of my cats. I’m sorry. Once I get going…

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