Who are the World’s Richest Rock Stars? [infographic]

The music industry is odd, fickle, and confusing, especially when you think about the money some musicians have made compared to others. Sometimes a musician’s income is not all about how many albums they sold, the number of shows they have played, or the size of the arenas they have entertained in.

Have you ever wondered who the wealthiest rock stars are, and how they came to acquire the amount of money they have? Madonna, for instance, is worth $650 million, but not just thanks to her music career. Madonna wrote the fastest-selling children’s picture book ever, has a chain of gyms, Hard Candy Fitness, has interests in Coconut Water, and has also dabbled in fashion footwear, underwear, and accessories.

For a closer look into the financial worth of the 10 wealthiest rock stars, check out the infographic below.

Top 10 richest rock stars 2012
Source: BearShare

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