The Worst Wedding Cake Toppers

Some weddings are casual, some weddings are extravagant. Some weddings have themes, some weddings have…absolutely horrible wedding cake toppers. Have a look at just some of the tackiest and tasteless cake toppers out there.

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island cake topper Even if you’re celebrating your wedding on the beach, on a tropical island or if your wedding happens to be beach or island themed, there is no excuse for a couple to be making out on top of your wedding cake and especially not for $56.95.

stripper cake topper This wedding cake topper screams “Hooray, it’s a wedding! But wait! First, I have to finish my shift at the strip club.” While I think that custom-made cake toppers are an amazing thing that I think more couples will be attracted to, but perhaps reserve the stripper decoration for the bachelor party.

shopping cake topper There’s cute and humorous and then there’s poking fun at the female gender, which I could really do without. All I get from this cake topper is the idea of a bunch of men sitting around a card table complaining about their wives and how they are always shopping–And I could use a little less of that.

tractor cake topper Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find the romanticism in a cake topper where the bride and groom are atop a tractor. The song ‘She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy’ pops into my head and I can’t help but start to giggle. Not only that, but I can also picture cows; lots and lots of cows.

bed cake topper There’s nothing like inviting your wedding guests into your wedding bed. After seeing the cake, your guests are going to be thinking about nothing but honeymoons, wedding lingerie and sex. On second thought, perhaps that isn’t a completely bad thing–Your honeymoon should most definitely be exciting, why not give your guests the same luxury?

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  1. I actually enjoyed this entry and I must agree with you on these toppers, especially the stupid stripper one. I’m a firm believer in NOT marrying a stripper ha ha.

  2. Although we will have a traditional topper on our actual wedding cake, both my fiancee and I have found the ‘making out” topper very cute and funny and at some point in one of our parties it will be featured prominently on the top! I find it more disturbing there are so many who consider it appalling and tasteless, makes me wonder what sort of marriage they have! Well to each their own, I prefer where the passion is evident in every aspect! 😉

  3. The ‘Making out’ topper was an instant hit with me , I wouldnt hesitate to use it on my wedding cake ,but thats me and my outlook , always having a fun side to me , I am quite sure too in this day and age that there wiould be plenty folks agreeing with me , I dont feel my choice is ‘ tacky or tasteless ‘ at all . Its only a small ornament and Im sure only ‘old school mistress types would refrain from having a smile at it .

  4. I agree that some of these wedding cake toppers are a bit too blunt but then again, the final decision lies in the couple who is getting married. The stripper and the making out ones are a bit disturbing though…

  5. I’m getting married in October and am considering that “making out” cake topper. It signifies the fun and the passion in our relationship…and it will most definitely put a smile on my mom’s face (blushing red face, no doubt.)

  6. I’ve seen some pretty funny wedding toppers in my day. I’ve never really liked the cheesy ones. I guess it depends on the ceremony since some are much more classic than others. Great post by the way…I don’t read to much about these back in Minnesota.

  7. As a Wedding photographer I see a lot of these, Even though they aren’t for me I can see some of the couples liking them. Some are very tacky, But each wedding is different (talking about tacky, I had a wedding where when they walked in they played the song “another one bites the dust”). To each their own I guess. They do have some web pages out there where you can find all of these type of toppers (go check them out if you want a good laugh. I keep thinking what’s next.

  8. I’m most definitely using the making out topper for our wedding next year, though the one I found was only $20… /shrug

    It makes me laugh, and we are pretty physical people, so it fits us. I don’t think it’s tacky, but then again I don’t think sex is anything to be ashamed of or hidden either – so to each their own.

  9. Each to their own!
    You would be suprised by the range of cake toppers on the market, bride dragging the groom, Groom standing on the brides dress to stop her getting away etc!
    I make custom sugar cake toppers and have been asked for all sorts of odd things!

    Cake Decorator

  10. haha it’s unique and interesting, not appropriate though. some couple will actually like it, not everybody want a standard wedding day just like other couple.

  11. Why are they the worst cake topper? I think they are the best. yea, it may be little weird. But if the couple love it, that is good enough.

  12. Maybe before you make comments you should ask the person that made the topper why they did it. Maybe the people that ordered the topper sent a sketch and asked the maker to pose them this way. Those that can make them make them and those that can’t make fun of them.

  13. There are so many different things that you can do for a wedding cake. Some people just have different ideas about what they would like. With so many choices of cake toppers and ideas people choose all sorts of things. Its another story if they thought the cake would like nice to others and they didn’t have someone like a wedding planner helping them.

  14. I think it’s rather judgmental of you to assume that your personal tastes determine what is “tacky” and what is not. Sure, some of them are a little more risque than some people like to venture, but it’s not your place to dub them “the worst.” What if they view using a traditional cake topper as being tackily boring? What’s wrong with a couple kissing on top of the cake? Couples kiss. What’s wrong with a tractor? People farm. And really, you only have to take the “shopping” topper as offensive if you want to be an oversensitive feminist. It could just as easily have been picked out by a wife that has a sense of humor. Something you obviously don’t understand.

  15. The shopping one is funny, and the tractor one is cute. Even the making one is cheeky and funny. And most woman wear a garter on their wedding day, so where you make the associating with a stripper, only in your mind I would say. That one is no more offensive than the gone shopping one.

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