Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! “Wubbzy Goes to School” DVD Giveaway [Closed]

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  1. nad says:

    I remember being very nervous about back to school and not being able to sleep the night before!

  2. nad says:

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  3. Cheryl W. says:

    I remember a back to school moment where I took my daughter to school for the first time. I thought she would cry and throw a fit to go home, but she said “Mom, are you ever going to leave?” Sniff, sniff I was unwanted. LOL but I got over it quickly when I went home and had some peace and quiet.

  4. Cheryl W. says:

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  6. Jennifer T says:

    One memory I have of myself going back to school was waiting at the bus stop for 5th grade. I was so nervous I hadn’t eaten dinner the night before or breakfast that morning. My pants fell down as I was stepping onto the bus! I was mortified, what a way to start off at a new school with the “big kids”. My son starts school in September (Kindergarten) and he is all ready to go. He asks every night if his bus is coming in the morning. He has also told me “Mom don’t worry I can do it all by myself”. I am sure he can, but Mommy wants to hold on a little longer. They grow up to fast!
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  7. Holly Miller says:

    I remember the first day of kindergarten i came home from school & told my mom my teacher put me in the corner for growling lol….

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  9. Tess says:

    My worst school memory- i was walking from lunch with no purse and one of my guy friends says- your bra is hanging out of your pant leg, omg how did that happen and then i had no where to hide it- ugh
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  13. Katie says:

    I remember getting off the bus my first day of second grade and giving my mom the finger. Some kids on the bus taught me and I didn’t understand what she was so mad about!

  14. Jacalyn says:

    I remember being so proud of my kids every year during Back-To-School. They help those who are having a hard time and it’s beautiful to see. πŸ™‚

  15. Aleksandra says:

    I remember starting my first day of second grade. I had just moved to the US and didn’t speak english and the teacher was so nice and understanding.

  16. Show Me Mama says:

    Well, mine was a little sad but good at the same time. When I first started school my sisters were with me,but when the school bell rang everyone had to go to their class. I was standing alone in the school yard, because they couldn’t find which class I was registered into. My sisters had to go to class, while they researched where I was supposed to go. I cried so loud that my sisters were really sad that they couldn’t come down and help me, so my older sister came down anyway and stood there with me until they found my classroom . Then a teacher came and said you can stay in my class until we found your room, they never did and I ended up staying in her class. It was sad in a way and yes, I still remember my first day of school. Each year I visit my country, I make sure I visit that teacher. She is now the school principal and still remembers me and because of her I became a Teacher πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for asking that question. It sure brings back some memories πŸ™‚
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  19. pixie13 says:

    One back to school memory I have is the assistant vice princapal stopped me in the halls on the first day of tenth grade & sent me home because I was so sick.

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  22. Jen M says:

    I remember wearing saddle shoes and a plaid skirt to my first day of preschool! I was so excited!!

  23. Janet F says:

    I remember that I loved school and I always looked forward to going back.

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  27. GARIANNE says:

    I took the boy in to meet his pre-school teacher the day before he was actually going to start. He immediately sat down with the children and started watching the movie with them. When I told him it was time to go he said, “o.k. bye mommy I see you later”. He started crying when I told him he had to come with me.No separation anxiety for this kid!

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  29. Candace says:

    I remember crying on my daughter’s first day of kindergarten as I watched her get on the bus with a backpack almost as big as her. πŸ™
    This year is my son’s first year of Jr kindergarten and I’m sure I’ll cry too!

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  32. SGuzman says:

    I’ll never forget my youngest brothers first day of school. He HAD to sit in the front seat with the mirror down to make sure his hair didn’t move. He got out of the car & checked the side mirror & then ran to the bathroom for one last look. He was only 5 & starting kindergarten. He was crying after school because he played with the kids and got sweaty & his hair wasn’t perfect anymore.

  33. Kerrie Mayans says:

    I remember my daughter’s first day of school she was really mad when she got home that first day because they didn’t teach her how to read that day because she thought it would just take one day. πŸ™‚

  34. Sarah L says:

    I remember my first day of school, a huge doberman broke out of its yard, ran to the bustop, knocked me over and stood on my chest, going for my throat. Thank goodness my mom was there. I still am scared of dogs.

  35. Melanie Calcut says:

    I remember always having night mares the night before school. Dreams like missing the buss on the way home or forgetting my lunch. Silly little things that once seemed so important.

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  38. I remember clinging to my mother’s leg and trying to follow her out of the kindergarten classroom.

  39. tina reynolds says:

    My memory is having to transfer in the third grade I was so scared but it turned out ok

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  43. Brooke C says:

    Starting Kindergarden and not wanting my mom to leave. She had to stay all day.

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