Yes, You Can Wear Shapewear in the Summer


Even if you wear shapewear every single day during the fall, winter, and spring, it may seem strange to consider this extra layer during the warmer months. However, because summer clothing tends to be light in both color and fabric, shapewear may be more essential than ever to achieve the optimal look. The key, of course, is finding the best garments for you. Here are some top considerations when choosing your summertime wardrobe boosters.


If you think shapewear has to be thick to be effective, think again! Today’s garments are often made of breathable fabrics that wick moisture and keep you cool. This is the same type of technology that is used in athletic wear. Choose lightweight materials when expanding your summer shapewear selection, and be sure that your garments have silicon seams to keep fabric from rolling up in unsightly ways. Remember, just because the fabric is lighter doesn’t mean it isn’t as strong. You may even be cooler in moisture-wicking garments than you would be without any shapewear at all.


Depending on what you are wearing, the top colors for summertime shapewear are nude and white. If you want to sport a cool pair of white capris to a summer barbecue, you might opt for white shapewear, though nude will also work. Waist shapers are ideal in nude or a color closest to your skin tone. If there is any chance that your blouse may reveal any part of your shapewear when a breeze catches it, the nude color is definitely your best choice. If you’ve got a great tan, you might wear a lot of black, in which case black shapewear can also be an optimal choice for you.

Target Areas

Summertime shapewear is slightly more limited in coverage options, as you might expect. Since warm weather clothing exposes more skin surface area, the designs have to be a little craftier in order to offer support to all the right areas. However, there are still plenty of options. Tummy tapers in both the corset style and briefs with control panel format are available. You can get a body suit that covers the tummy, hips, and thighs all in one piece. Even arm shapers that fit over the shoulders and reach the elbow are perfect for smooth arms underwear that light summer sweater you want to wear to the fireworks display.

Getting out your breezy summer wardrobe doesn’t have to mean putting away your shapewear collection. It’s just a matter of finding the right pieces to flaunt your figure while keeping cool and looking fabulous during the warm months.

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