Are You a Young Person Who Wants to Give Back? Join the Do Something YAC

Do Something YACActivism is, and has always been, tremendously important. It is because of people who truly care about what’s going on in their country, state and local communities that really motivates others to help get something positive done. Do Something is one of the largest organizations in the U.S. that inspires and helps young people to get out, speak their minds, volunteer and act. They are helping to create a culture of volunteerism, on track to activate two million teens in the year 2011 and they are well on their way to that goal by helping teens do simple things that make a big difference.

Do Something is currently accepting applications from teens all over the country who are committed to serving with Do Something on their Youth Advisory Council. Do Something is looking for teens who are committed to helping mobilize their peers and provide valuable insight only teens today can provide. If accepted, that teen will remain on the Do Something Youth Advisory Council for a period of two years. In that time, they will connect with other YAC members in annual in-person meetings and monthly conference calls, as well as email correspondence. Teens will have the opportunity to participate in focus groups and having the power to influence the organization’s direction, keeping Do Something updated with what’s hot and what they feel most passionately about.

Just a few examples of the impact that the Youth Advisory Council has are:

  • Representing the Do Something Advisory Council at meetings, conferences and in the community at large by acting as official youth ambassadors.
  • Helping with the selection of Do Something grant winners by reading applications for grants and flagging their favorites.
  • Assisting in the creation of logos, images and campaign concepts.

Do Something relies heavily on their Youth Advisory Council, utilizing the input of the teens involved and essentially giving youth the opportunity, as well as the platform for participate in changing the world.

Check out Do Something’s Youth Advisory Council if you would like to participate and submit your application to be part of the 2010-2011 class!

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