It’s Your Friends That Count in ‘LEGO Friends: Girlz 4 Life’ — Blu-ray Giveaway #Girlz4Life [Closed]

LEGO Friends: Girlz 4 Life
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  1. Elizabeth O. says:

    I had no idea Lego has something like this for kids. Looks really nice. I bet little girls would enjoy watching this.

  2. Czjai says:

    How cute! My niece will definitely love this!

  3. Lisa Rios says:

    The LEGO Friends – Girlz 4 Life sounds like a wonderful movie with lots of fun & movies that relates to friends & the support they provide you in need is going to be a super hit among kids for sure.

  4. Dana Matthews says:

    We have an ideal situation for teaching this…our girls are only a year and a half apart. In their short little lives they are learning to be sisters and friends. When upsets happen, I encourage them to work through it and show kindness toward each other to do so.

  5. Jessica K. says:

    I teach my daughter to be a good friend by sharing her toys and giving her friends a hug goodbye so they know she cares about them (she’s only 2 years old!).

  6. Samantha s says:

    I teach my daughter to always include everyone

  7. Nancy says:

    We discuss being kind and helpful to our friends.

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