3 Amazing Benefits of Reading to Your Children – No Matter How Old They Are

Many parents are aware that reading to their toddlers and young children is beneficial as it can help them develop their own reading skills. However, once children can read on their own, parents often see no point in reading to them anymore. Unfortunately, this leaves both parents and children missing out on some incredible reading benefits, such as those below.

Bonding Time

The world is always on the move, making it difficult for families to bond. Reading to your children can solve this problem. Whether it’s with your little one on your lap or your teenagers gathered around the fireplace, reading time can turn into a bonding experience.

Introduction to Another World

Reading is a way to escape reality – even if just for a moment – and explore a new world. You can dive into the fanciful forests of The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis or into the tragedies of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket. No matter the literature, exploring a new world is always better with others.

Listening and Communication Skills

When you do dive into that new world together, your children will listen – even if it seems like they’re not. Even babies who are not yet able to speak soak up the words you read to them. This helps them build listening, language, and vocabulary skills.

Children will often ask questions or answer those you might ask, building communication skills. For example, if you read the recently published Daniel Handler’s Poison for Breakfast story, you and your children can discuss theories on how he was poisoned – along with his ideas on how to properly make an egg.

Through literary discussions, you’re not only helping them to build general communication skills. You are also opening a door to improve your communication with one another. It can also provide you with more insight into one another, strengthening your family relationships.

It’s never too late to read to your children. Commit to family reading at least once a week to begin reaping these benefits and more. You can even take turns, letting each child who is capable read a chapter to help build their oral reading skills, too.

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