Changing Table to Drink Cart Baby Furniture Makeover

baby changing table For those of you who have old baby furniture stowed away in storage that you swore you would give away to charity, GoodWill, or to expecting parents but never got around to it, fear no more! There is now a way to not only keep furniture you spent good money on maybe years earlier, but actually reuse it and get a lot of use out of it now.

If you have an old baby changing table, Better Homes and Gardens has a wonderful idea to work it back into your everyday life without even hinting towards what it’s purpose used to be.

drink cart Take your ordinary baby changing table, get a little creative with it and apply your own personal taste. The table’s waist-high and size and shelves makes it the perfect object to make over into a drink cart. The exterior can be polished, painted, and decorated and it’s shelves give perfect space for bottles, glasses, and snacks. Attach some wheels to the bottom and you’re good to go for your next entertaining event or relaxing night at home.

If you’re not the type to have a drinking cart or don’t have a need for one, your changing table can also be remade into a decoration piece or microwave stand for your kitchen. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Have fun!

Photos via Better Homes and Gardens

7 thoughts on “Changing Table to Drink Cart Baby Furniture Makeover”

  1. I just purchased a changing table on clearance ($20). It works well as storage in my bathroom and it matches the cherry wood cabinets. I have baskets with towels, toiletries, candles, and some decorative items displayed on it.

    1. I needed an idea to refurbish the very sentimental but relatively inexpensive changing table we have had for years….I love the idea of using it in my bath for shelving, towels, accessories, etc. using baskets to organize, etc…It matches my cabinets! Tomorrow, I show for cute baskets and bins and I get to do some organizing!! YEAH!!!

  2. I’m so glad to have found a site where ideas are being exchanged for repurposing baby furniture!
    I have an old crib that has been in the fam a long time I’d like to incorporate into our home some way. Any ideas?

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