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Benefits of an LGBTQI Substance Abuse Program

One of the main challenges affecting the LGBTQI community is substance abuse. Fear, discrimination, and lack of resources are some of the factors fueling the high substance abuse rates. It can be daunting for persons in the LGBTQI community to find help. Most shy away from the traditional substance abuse programs.

Are you in the LGBTQI community and suffer from substance abuse? Do you have an LGBTQI relative or friend suffering from addiction? An LGBTQI substance abuse program is the best option you got. Below are reasons to prove why it’s your best option.

An LGBTQI Substance Abuse Program Addresses the Root Cause

To find a permanent solution to a substance abuse problem, one has to identify the root cause. There are many root causes for substance abuse among the LGBTQI community. Examples include discrimination, physical and emotional abuse, and exclusion from social activities. If a family denies their own because of sexual orientation, that can lead to substance abuse.

In an LGBTQI substance abuse program, they’ll find out the root cause and deal with it first. They have specialized personnel who will help identify these root causes. Moreover, they have customized solutions to treat these root problems.


Discretion is something that is of high value in an LGBTQI substance abuse program. The LGBTQI community often faces homophobia and suspicion when they reveal their status. So, most don’t like speaking about their status. In an LGBTQI rehab, you don’t have to worry about your details reaching third parties. They guard the information you give about your sexual orientation.

Higher Chances of Recovery

If you belong to the LGBTQI community, there are higher chances of success in an LGBTQI rehab program. Physicians tailor these programs to meet LGBTQI needs hence the high success rates. Also, therapies incorporate the unique needs of LQBTQI persons.

Moreover, physicians here know how to handle persons in the LGBTQI community. Rehab centers like https://www.myrecoverycorps.com/ record high success rates for LGBTQI addicts. They have an effective LGBTQI substance abuse program.

You will Find Empathy

It’s not easy to find a rehab center that fully understands your plight. In an LGBTQI substance abuse program, you will find peers and experts who understand you. You will find persons who are open to discussing transgender issues without bias.

It’s the best place to pour out your emotions that could be triggering substance abuse. In a nutshell, the environment is not toxic to LGBTQI issues. Moreover, even the amenities cater to LGBTQI needs. The bathroom facilities and the rooming situation is different from other rehab programs. Thus, if you are an LGBTQI, these programs will offer you more comfort.

Zero Room for Heterosexism and Heteronormativity

If you join certain rehabs, you may encounter professionals who still believe in heterosexism. Such professionals believe you have to change your sexual orientation to overcome addiction. Heterosexism ideas instill shame on an LGBTQI drug addict. In LGBTQI substance abuse programs, things are different. They do not promote the ideals of heterosexism and heteronormativity. They recognize that there are transgender persons.

In-Depth LGBTQI Aftercare

The world can be hostile for persons in the LGBTQI community. Persons who have just graduated from their recovery programs may find themselves relapsing. They may become victims of bias, discrimination, and verbal abuse. In-depth aftercare is essential.

An LGBTQI substance abuse program offers aftercare services customized for the LGBTQI person. These include follow-up meetings and therapies.

To reap the above benefits, ensure you choose the best LGBTQI drug treatment center. To do so, ensure you interrogate certain factors. These include the specialization, experience, staffing, reputation, and cost of the LGBTQI drug treatment center you want to choose.

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