Is Bigger Better?

penis size Considering the amount of junk mail that one of my five email addresses receives in just one day, you can easily see the influence mass marketing has over men; and that is just one example. If you also take in the amount of late night infomercials and in the same respect that the media is always targeting women to look better and be skinnier, they are also targeting men to perform better making the generalization that.

Viagra, penis pumps, cock rings, penis weights, homemade penis enlargement devices, medications and so on. These are the options available to men who wish they had a little more in their pants and while some methods may work, you have to ask yourself–Are all of these devices really necessary?

Statistically, most men wish that they were carrying a little more and the only conclusion I can come up with is that the media really has a hold on them to the point where they feel inadequate and if they don’t feel confident in what they’re packing, there’s no way for them to feel fully confident in the bedroom.

There comes a time in every relationship when you have to sit down and have the sex talk–Just be sure that you’re not having it while having sex. For me, I go through a rundown of what I liked, what I wanted, what I didn’t want and etcetera right after I had sex; I figure it’s at a time when obviously both of our minds our on sex and of course as most women know, we get very chatty after an orgasm. One of the topics that may come up, if you have a particularly open and chatty guy, is his size.

You can tell immediately how a particular guy feels about himself just how he words statements pertaining to his package. By using the term average, you can tell that he may not be particularly satisfied with himself. By using the term well endowed, you’re sleeping with an intelligent man who first of all, knows what well endowed means. He may feel great about himself, so if he isn’t living up to your standards, it’s important to keep all talk about his size light and maybe choose to have this conversation over dinner or a nice dessert so he doesn’t get defensive about himself.

But what happens if you’re having the opposite problem? It doesn’t happen too often and funnily enough, not as often as some men would like to think, but occasionally you run into that special guy that just has too much to offer you. If you run into a case when you’re in bed and are suddenly greeted with the Bionic Man, what’s a woman to do?

Scream, run for your life! On a more realistic note, it is definitely something that needs to be talked about, especially since in some cases, a woman can feel intense pain while having sex.

The average woman’s vaginal canal is only 4 to 5 inches in length, maybe 6 inches, so when you’re going through your junk mail and see that advertisements for penis enlargement devices and medications targeted towards men are telling men that they could and should be 8, 9 or even 10 inches long, you know right away that a man that size not only couldn’t work, but if he tried to really go at it, it would be excruciating for the woman to go through.

While some men may feel empowered to be wielding around a penis the size of a sword, us women know that that simply is not what we go after and more importantly, it is important for men to know this because they are still being told that they aren’t big enough by every product and medication out there who are looking to lure men in to buying something from them.

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3 thoughts on “Is Bigger Better?”

  1. This article is first, funny and witty. Second, it’s really nearly dead on the truth. I’m a male and I don’t have any problems sexually. I guess I was taught right early in my endeavors. It was a lady older than me that really taught me whens and wheres of how to pleasure her. So I understood that for each woman it’s possible different.

    But I can see were some guys get pulled in from the penis enlargement marketing. It’s true that some men feel like they have to be extra large to be adequate. When really all they need to know is how to understand the female(s) they are with. Although there are a few that like pain, the majority of women wants sex to be pleasurable. And I’m definitely down with that.

    Where I feel that you are partly off is that men feel like they are inadequate. Speaking from experience and being a male, some guys may want a larger penis because it makes them feel superior next to the woman. Hopefully that makes sense to you. They want to know that they can provide that size if needed. Just like finances. Some men can’t stand that his woman makes more money than he. So you are looking at a insecurity case.

    The guys that have a nice size and are above average, but not bionic man, and knows how to move and pleasure a woman in the right manner, is confident with his package.

    He should not be focused on the physical with a woman. For women it starts with emotions and the mind rather than the end result. I think the ultimate ‘climax’ for a woman is the entire experience.

    The problem has been cultivated for years. Men teaching men how to have sex. I feel that women should be the teacher in showing and expressing (teaching) men ways (because there’s more than one) to pleasure a woman.

    Anyhoo, I’ve spoken enough. Hopefully this can be a revolution. Men starting to understand women. After that, sexual pleasure for women will increase tremendously.

    Good Day

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