Book Giveaway! Win a Copy of Foxy by Pam Grier [Closed]

I recently had the opportunity to review the recently-published memoir, Foxy, by the ever-fabulous Pam Grier. Whether you know her from her roles in Coffy, Foxy Brown, Jackie Brown or Showtime’s The L Word, chances are, you have heard of Pam Grier and you have marveled at her ability to truly become the character she is portraying, either in film, television or even in theater.

Pam Grier didn’t come from a wealthy or already-famous family; she was raised in very modest surroundings in Colorado, her father was serving in the Air Force and she was moving around every two years at a time where segregation was at an all-time high. She had a dream to go to college and while trying to earn a living in California, where she had moved to attend UCLA film school and to become an actress. It is only because of her determination and extremely hard and merciless work that Pam Grier is the recognizable and admired woman she is today.

Now is your chance to get to know the Pam Grier you may have not known before and to get an intimate look inside her childhood, her upbringing and the road she traveled to move up within the entertainment industry. We have 5 copies of Foxy to give away thanks to the Hachette Book Group.

To win a copy of Foxy by Pam Grier, all you have to do is leave a comment telling us what movie or television show you loved seeing Pam Grier in. [REQUIRED]

Since Pam Grier has been appearing in film and television since the early 1970’s, this shouldn’t be too hard of a challenge and if you need some help jogging your memory, check out her entire portfolio on Internet Movie Database.

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15 thoughts on “Book Giveaway! Win a Copy of Foxy by Pam Grier [Closed]”

  1. I always knew who Pam Grier was; knew about the infamous Foxy Brown but had never watched her. The first time I saw Pam in action was as Kit Porter on The L Word. I loved her character’s vulnerabilities since it made it easier to relate to her as a real person. Since then, I’ve seen a little bit of Foxy on YouTube, but mostly I know and love Pam as Kit Porter, everybody’s mother, sister, caretaker, etc. Slammin’ Pam!

  2. I was a huge Pam Grier fan growing up, still am, so narrowing my favorite down to just one is nearly impossible. It’s a toss-up between Friday Foster which also starred Earth Kitt, and the classic Coffy. People are quick to dismiss Pam Grier’s films as exploitive but really they were quite empowering. This was the height of the feminist movement and Grier’s characters, while appreciating the place a man can have in her life, was never weak, dependent or subservient. Coffy had a great theme song too, written by Roy Ayers, “Coffy is the color of her skin…”

  3. I’d love to see Pam Grier in Castle or CSI SVU. I like to read the backstories about military brats and their hopscotch living growing up.

  4. Always been a fan of Pam Grier so it’s difficult to narrow down just one film or TV show, but her scary performance as the murderous angel dusted hooker in “Fort Apache, the Bronx” with Paul Newman is intense, and of course her career reviving “Jackie Brown” is a classic. Didn’t know she had written an autobiography but I’d love to read it.

  5. Pam Grier makes me wish i could have been 17 in the 70s. A favorite movie is hard to pick but i would have to say Coffy.Pam Grier is not only the greatest black woman of all time but the greatest woman period she stands for so much a true inspiration for all types of women.i like the movie Coffy cause in it she fights for her little sister and other kids that got on drugs.Only if they made movies like this today maybe people wouldn’t be numb to such drug abuse and stand up and demand whats really right true justice.

  6. I knew about the Foxy Brown character because I love back exploitation movies but never really pursued her films until I saw Jackie Brown. I’ve since seen her in Coffy, Foxy Brown, and even Scream Blacula Scream. She’s definitely had an interesting career!

  7. I knew about the Foxy Brown character because I love back exploitation movies but never really pursued her films until I saw Jackie Brown. I’ve since seen her in Coffy, Foxy Brown, and even Scream Blacula Scream. She’s definitely had an interesting career!

  8. I remember seeing pam from back in the day. I’ve watched almost all of her movies. Bucktown,coffy, friday foster just to name a few. One classie Lady”

  9. She played in Bones (2001) …. Pearl thanks for the chance, I have sceen her in a lot of stuff

  10. I absolutely love everything Pam has done but my favorites are the super campy women in prison flicks, and Coffy OMG I want this book! thanks for the chance to win it!

  11. While I have heard of Pam Grier before (who hasnt?!), the name didn’t strike until L-Word came along with THE GREAT KIT PORTER! 😀 Pam Grier always played her part so sincerely and honestly, L-Word would not have been the same without her. I also feel that the writers gave Kit the most room to grow as a character, and I absolutely died when Kit opened discussion for a straight woman to fall in love with a transman. As open as that discussion *should* be in the queer world, there is still a fair amount of misunderstanding and misrepresentation. Go Kit!!

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