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Make Every Serving Count with V8

While the financial crisis in the US is causing people to lose or be laid off from their jobs, stay at home more frequently due to gas prices, cut back on splurging and shopping more frugally and also causing people to cut back a bit on the upcoming holiday expenses, some people have been feeling a slight cut back to their financial futures and others have been far less fortunate, slipping into poverty and the already poverty-stricken continuing to be worse off than before. For more than 35 million Americans, the possibility of being without food and not knowing where their next meal is coming from is an unfortunate and constant reality. It is for that reason that V8 has recently partnered with Feeding America to donate over 30 million servings of fresh vegetables to local food banks throughout the country over the next six months.

V8 Make Every Serving Count V8 is committed to making the possibility of a meal a reality to someone in desperate need; just because someone is not able to buy vegetables themselves does not mean that they deserve a well-balanced, nutritious meal any less than someone who can. Growing up, I was told that a full belly stimulates the mind, but many Americans are not fortunate enough to know what a full belly feels like.

You can help V8 with their goal to donate over 30 million servings of fresh vegetables to local food banks throughout the country a few ways. By making V8 a part of your daily routine, you are not only helping yourself get the recommend daily dosage of fruit and vegetables with a variety of V8 juices and soups to choose from, but your purchase goes to help V8 spread the fruit and vegetable love and give to the people who need them most. You can also make a donation, which go directly to go to Feeding America, which is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charity. A donation of just $25 goes to goes to provide 850 servings of vegetables or 98 meals for a family of four or 19 weeks of food per person. You can purchase V8 juices and soups and then donate them and even volunteer at a local food bank.

V8 Feeding America

Help V8 Make Every Serving Count for those who need it most.

Good for Your Vagina, Good for the Environment

Yep, I said it — your vagina! Most women don’t think twice about using store-bought pads and tampons. In most cases, this is what most women were taught to use when they first got their period and so the cycle continues, in a matter of speaking. A lot of women aren’t aware that we do have choices when it comes to what period protection we use.

We all know about pads and tampons, but what a lot of people don’t know about them is that the biggest companies producing these products for women are run by men. It’s true! Men! What do men know about what really goes on in there? Well, apparently not too much since standard pads and tampons contain synthetic fibers and bleach; yes that’s right, bleach. If you look at a container of bleach it will tell you several times throughout the container that you should not drink it and if you do, to contact a poison control center. Bleach is made up of very harsh chemicals that if you drink it, it could very well be fatal, so why are we putting it up inside of ourselves? Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? So dangerous that tampons also have a little warning you never paid much attention to that tells you about Toxic Shock Syndrome, which women under 21 years of age are most prone to getting.

When it comes to pads, we’re talking about the same ingredients here–Synthetic fibers and bleach. While we’re not shoving pads up inside of ourselves, the synthetic fibers and bleach that are in pads are rubbing up against us all day which is not good for our skin, especially considering that the skin ‘down there’ is very sensitive and makes up the beginning of our entire reproductive area. Women think that pads and tampons have been sterilized, when in fact, no feminine hygiene product has ever been sterilized; meaning we’re more than likely putting dirty synthetic fibers and bleach inside of us. So to recap, synthetic fibers and bleach are bad for us!

Moving on to the environment. There are approximately 85 million women in North America who are menstruating. After pads and tampons are used once, they are disposed of and add to environmental pollution.

According to the March-April article in E Magazine, 6.5 billion tampons and 13.5 billion pads and their packaging end up in landfills and even in sewer systems. That is a whole lot of waste that is clogging up the planet that could be avoided.

Avoided? How!?

Lunapads If you are a woman who feels most comfortable using pads, Lunapads are reusable pads. With a life expectancy of 5 years, Lunapads is a pad alternative that is great for the environment. Made with a dual layer of 100% cotton flannel and an additional layer of ultra-thin, breathable nylon. They come in an array of different sizes, sure to fit any woman, if you’re a teen, in your 20s, 30s, or even middle-aged with five children under you belt. Best of all, they work with any type of menstrual flow and they are made of something that will not harm you or your reproductive organs in any way. To make it even better, Lunapads are amazingly cute and come in a myriad of different patterns.

If you are a woman who feels most comfortable using tampons, Lunapads also offers the Diva Cup, made of medical-grade silicone.

Both Lunapads and the Diva Cup are great alternatives to pads and tampons that are good for you to use and great for the environment.

Ditch the Disposables Challenge

Every month or so the Crunchy Domestic Goddess issues a challenge to all of us who want to make a better effort at going green. For the months of September and October, she is asking us all to ditch the disposables.

This challenge focuses on every day items that we use and then mindlessly throw in the garbage. Every week when we take out or garbage, it is picked up by the garbage truck and hauled off to a landfill or whatever method your community uses to get rid of its population’s trash. As we all are aware of, the Earth needs our help as global warming is upon us and our Earth is suffocating, shriveling up and dying at rapid speeds. It will continue to do this is we, the people of this planet, do not make conscious efforts each and every day to reduce the amount of waste we put out there.

Think of the every day items you use that you could easily do away with and start using the reusable alternatives. You could ditch your paper napkins and towels to cloth napkins and towels, tissues to handkerchiefs, disposable water bottles (think of how much bottled water a household or person can go through) for reusable bottles or cups with lids; on that same note, you can reuse the same water bottle, thus eliminating the amount of your waste long-term. You could also ditch your plastic sandwich bags and paper bags for reusable containers and bags. If you’re using disposable diapers you could switch to cloth diapers; a lot of different companies have started making excellent cloth diapers.

Another great reusable alternative women should seek out are reusable menstrual products. I have personally done away with disposable pads and tampons and started using reusable products. The reason for this is because I have had minor kidney infections that have caused frequent urinary tract and yeast infections. All the women out there know that this is not fun! After doing some research on minor things I should be doing to keep my reproductive organs the healthiest they can be I found some very troubling information about disposable menstrual products. Standard pads and tampons (made by men, I should point out) contain synthetic fibers and bleach, both of which can cause infections. I then did some research on reusable alternatives and found quite a few great alternatives. For women who use pads, I could not recommend Lunapads enough. I have been using their pads for about a year now and couldn’t be happier. They are made with fleece and cotton, they use cute fabrics so even while you have your period you can feel cute and match your outfit with your pad and they are oh so comfortable. Just a simple machine wash (or hand wash, I hand wash mine and have found it to be a great way to bond with my body during my menstrual cycle and further understand the functions of my body) and an air dry and they’re ready to go again! Lunapads also makes the Diva Cup, a reusable tampon alternative. Other pad and tampon alternatives you could check out are The Keeper and The Moon Cup, Glad Rags, Pretty Pads and New Moon Pads.

So what disposables do you think you could live without for the next two months? Have you already eliminated disposables from your household? Tell us about them!

Babeland Knows Women


When you think of sex toy shops, most often you’re probably thinking of shady-looking shops that cling to the shadows of highways. These shops are also the ones that have those creepy private booths in the back that most definitely cannot be entered without full hazmat gear.

The success of these types of shops is rooted in the same reason why everyone living outside of a significant city immediately think of sleazy shops instead of decorated storefronts. Their success can only be measured by the competition around them.

I live near a large city, but it is nowhere near what one would call bustling, or even moderately significant. There are three sex toy shops within 50 miles around me in any direction. Two are your standard, cliche shops directed predominantly at men, complete with jizz rooms in the back and a smarmy, unkempt man at the register. One tries desperately to appeal to women by making their main focus lingerie. Their store is filled with teddies, nightgowns, and negligees with a marked off back room for adults only. I scoped out their stock once, and it was simply an array of penis novelty items for bachelorette parties, jelly dildos, and egg vibrators. It made me sad.

Coming from this kind of background in sex toy shops, I was more than ready to discover Babeland when I did.

Founded by women for women, Babeland, and their “sex toys for a passionate world,” are dedicated to creating fun, friendly spaces that aren’t intimidating and, more importantly, aren’t filled with the semen of the guy who just held the door open for you on your way in. They actively celebrate the libido and treat sex as something to enjoy and have fun with, instead of feeling ashamed of it.

Babeland is celebrating the launch of its fifth store nationwide, located in Brooklyn, New York. The store is positioned in between a maternity store called Bump and an organic restaurant that sells an herbal infusion to boost libido, really speaking volumes of how approachable, unassuming, and safe their stores are to visit and shop. Store locations also have regular events scheduled for seminars on sexuality, workshops, and even parties.

Check out for a great selection of sex toys, educational books, erotica, DVDs, and more. You can also expect product reviews in the future of some of the products and accessories on sale at Babeland, so look out for that!

Is Bigger Better?

penis size Considering the amount of junk mail that one of my five email addresses receives in just one day, you can easily see the influence mass marketing has over men; and that is just one example. If you also take in the amount of late night infomercials and in the same respect that the media is always targeting women to look better and be skinnier, they are also targeting men to perform better making the generalization that.

Viagra, penis pumps, cock rings, penis weights, homemade penis enlargement devices, medications and so on. These are the options available to men who wish they had a little more in their pants and while some methods may work, you have to ask yourself–Are all of these devices really necessary?

Statistically, most men wish that they were carrying a little more and the only conclusion I can come up with is that the media really has a hold on them to the point where they feel inadequate and if they don’t feel confident in what they’re packing, there’s no way for them to feel fully confident in the bedroom.

There comes a time in every relationship when you have to sit down and have the sex talk–Just be sure that you’re not having it while having sex. For me, I go through a rundown of what I liked, what I wanted, what I didn’t want and etcetera right after I had sex; I figure it’s at a time when obviously both of our minds our on sex and of course as most women know, we get very chatty after an orgasm. One of the topics that may come up, if you have a particularly open and chatty guy, is his size.

You can tell immediately how a particular guy feels about himself just how he words statements pertaining to his package. By using the term average, you can tell that he may not be particularly satisfied with himself. By using the term well endowed, you’re sleeping with an intelligent man who first of all, knows what well endowed means. He may feel great about himself, so if he isn’t living up to your standards, it’s important to keep all talk about his size light and maybe choose to have this conversation over dinner or a nice dessert so he doesn’t get defensive about himself.

But what happens if you’re having the opposite problem? It doesn’t happen too often and funnily enough, not as often as some men would like to think, but occasionally you run into that special guy that just has too much to offer you. If you run into a case when you’re in bed and are suddenly greeted with the Bionic Man, what’s a woman to do?

Scream, run for your life! On a more realistic note, it is definitely something that needs to be talked about, especially since in some cases, a woman can feel intense pain while having sex.

The average woman’s vaginal canal is only 4 to 5 inches in length, maybe 6 inches, so when you’re going through your junk mail and see that advertisements for penis enlargement devices and medications targeted towards men are telling men that they could and should be 8, 9 or even 10 inches long, you know right away that a man that size not only couldn’t work, but if he tried to really go at it, it would be excruciating for the woman to go through.

While some men may feel empowered to be wielding around a penis the size of a sword, us women know that that simply is not what we go after and more importantly, it is important for men to know this because they are still being told that they aren’t big enough by every product and medication out there who are looking to lure men in to buying something from them.

– – – – – – – – – –

This is a new category, so if you would like us to talk about a particular subject regarding sex or if you are looking for some tell-it-like-it-is sex advice, leave it in the comments or use the contact form to email me.

Vote For Your Favorite Undies and Help Cervical Cancer Research

The Undie Awards I love underwear. Seriously, I cannot be within five feet of Victoria’s Secret or any store selling cute and sexy undies or I would go broke in minutes. I’ve owned pretty much all styles and types of bras and panties and if you’re like me, once you find that bra or panty that fits you the best and is the most comfortable, you love it to death–Literally, you will wear it until it develops holes and still consider keeping it. You may even go as far as to want to tell every other woman you come into contact with all about the bra that makes you feel incredible or the panties that you can wear with a tight skirt without any discomfort.

So I want to hear about your favorite undies. What are your favorite bras, panties, G strings, thongs, body shapers and so on? Not only do I want to wear about them, but I want you to vote in The Undie Awards.

The Undie Awards are where men and women can vote for their favorite undies by type, brand and style and once your vote is in, 25 cents is donated to cervical cancer research. The voting is completely anonymous, all you have to do is provide your email address after you cast your votes and the only information The Undie Awards have about you is that and your body type.

This is a fun and easy way to donate money to the National Cervical Cancer Public Education Campaign, so go on over and cast your vote for your favorite undies!

Colorado and Missouri Wage War on Women’s Rights

someecards_idiots Television, radio, and newspapers; wherever you get your news information from, all people seem to be able to talk about are the 2008 election. This upcoming election is very important, especially considering the war on women’s rights that is only getting more heated and more severe as the election looms closer; especially with the panel of Republicans that have been assembled.

According to US News and World Report, 11 different abortion bans have been introduced to states legislatures just in the past year. With that and with the upcoming election, anti-abortion activists are introducing a variety of ballot initiatives in hopes of abolishing a woman’s right to have control over her own body and reproductive rights.

In the state of Missouri, The Elliot Group, an anti-abortion group which is based out of Illinois, is attempting to introduce a ballot entitled Prevention of Coerced and Unsafe Abortion Act; nice name, huh? Because women are not able to make informed decisions about their bodies and uterus without being coerced.

If The Elliot Group is successful in receiving their mandatory 90,000 signatures on a petition to instate this initiative, it will appear on the 2008 voter’s ballot and the state of Missouri will face an initiative which would require doctors to review abortion-related “medical literature” which will undoubtedly consist of myths made up and enforced by anti-choice activists and literature that is commonly used in crisis pregnancy centers to scare or enforce the so-called immorality of the act of abortion. The doctor will also be required to investigate the background and lifestyle of women seeking abortions as well as prove that it was medically necessary to perform the abortion to save the woman from death or disability that would have occurred if the abortion had not been performed. Furthermore, they take the extra step to insult women across the country by saying that abortion causes long-term physical, psychological and emotional problems; none of which can be scientifically proven. This legislature would also provide absolutely no exception whatsoever for rape and incest victims.

Colorado for Equal Rights, whose name itself is laughable, is working towards adding a ballot initiative to the November 2008 ballot that will amend the state constitution to define a fertilized egg as a person.

Ah yes, fertilized egg–person; omelet–living, breathing, talking, functioning, college-bound human being! Yes, I can definitely see how they go hand-in-hand.

If this initiative is passed, it will then threaten the use of emergency contraceptives used by literally millions of women across the country. Voters in Colorado will have that to think about if Colorado for Equal Rights gains their needed 76,000 signatures in order to place this initiative on the 2008 ballot.

So think hard women voters of Missouri and Colorado. Even if you do not live in those two states, there are a number of different bans on abortion in a total of 15 different states.

Photo by someecards