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Been Thinking About Trying Conscious Box? Now is Your Chance — Just Pay Shipping

Conscious Box

I have heard quite a bit about Conscious Box, the monthly subscription service dedicated to introducing subscribers to greener, more sustainable, better for you, and better for the earth products, throughout the past several months. I have seen numerous reviews posted on blogs I read regularly, giveaways, and some really valuable promotions. While I haven’t tried Conscious Box for myself (yet!), I think they just gave me a reason to quit thinking about it and finally give them a chance already.

Conscious Box wants more people to discover the most ethical and sustainable products on the market through their monthly subscription service. To get you started, they have a promotion going on where you can get your first Conscious Box free — you are just asked to pay shipping.

To receive a box full of unique pure and natural products, from organic food to vegan beauty products, as well as daily living tips, exciting monthly themes, and creative tips on how to use your monthly box, visit the Conscious Box website and use the coupon code SECRETCODE during checkout on any monthly subscription.

After trying out your Conscious Box goodies, you can also write reviews of products on the Conscious Box website to earn points that you can use towards future purchases. How great is that?

Have you tried Conscious Box yet? If so, what do you think of it?

This post contains affiliate links. No compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

So You Want to Raise Money for a Cause — Popular Fundraising Tips and Ideas

This is a guest post by Gabrielle Green of TipsOnHowToSaveMoney.

bake sale fundraiser
image via demosphere/Flickr

With busy schedules between work and home life, the very idea of organizing a fundraiser makes most people come down with an instant headache, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether your child’s elementary school needs a new playground or you want to support the March of Dimes, fundraising for a good cause doesn’t have to be complicated.

Below are some popular fundraising ideas and suggestions to get you started.

Popular Fundraising Ideas

  • Fundraising wristbands are by far one of the easiest and most popular fundraisers. The silicone bracelets can be customized for any charity or fundraiser by stamping them with a tagline, school motto, or company slogan. They are available in nearly any color you can imagine to match your cause, school colors, and everything in between.
  • Smoothie stands are a healthy new twist on the tried and true lemonade stand. While you can go the lemonade stand route and serve the smoothies yourself, you can also partner with a smoothie shop and arrange for a percentage of sales to be donated by hosting a Spirit Night or something similar.
  • Car washes can be fun and are fairly easy to organize. The most difficult part might be finding a high traffic location and getting permission to be there–but it’s for a good cause.
  • Advertise as you walk. This will only work in some instances, but if you are doing the Autism Awareness Walk for instance, ask a local company to sponsor you, and in return, you can put their logo or name on the t-shirt you will be wearing to the event.
  • Bake sales never get old. Everyone loves goodies! Cupcakes, brownies, cookies–all of it and more! Offer some low carb items as well so that you can expand your potential customer base who are willing to buy and eat goodies for a greater good.

Fundraising Letters

Here’s the truth: donors are commonly put off by being asked for a donation without offering anything in return. It’s the ugly truth of charity, even though it’s not always said. The Humane Society is a great example. While it may seem like much, they always send out a small token of appreciation when they ask for donations that you can keep whether you make a donation or not. I can honestly say I’ve always kept and enjoyed the cute little address stickers they send and I have made a donation more than not.

The only way to attract the attention of your potential donors is by tapping into their emotions so that you can stand out above the rest. Whether you tap into fear, love, guilt, gratitude — whatever the case may be in your particular situation, you need to grab their attention, which will in turn hopefully make them make a donation.

When approaching businesses, tax breaks are a benefit, but this will depend on the type of fundraiser. It’s worth mentioning.

Lastly, and most importantly, you need to make your objective crystal clear. What is the donation for? Why are you fundraising? The donor needs to understand how important that new playground is or that Alzheimer’s robbed you of more time with your grandfather. Pull on their heartstrings a little, but not too much. And, take that extra minute afterward to send a thank you. A personal touch goes a long way and chances are you will be fundraising again in the future, so make it a remarkable memory for them and for you.

Happy International Women’s Day! Spotlighting Phenomenal Women Who Have Inspired Our Readers

LELO International Womens Day

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

This day is very much my sorta kinda Mother’s Day; or, as I have seen it referred to on Twitter, “the feminist equivalent of Christmas.”

A very good friend of mine called me this morning to wish me a Happy International Women’s Day. She reminded me that today is my day; and it is. And it is her day, too. And yours, too. And every other woman’s day. Today is all about women everywhere; celebrating ourselves, each other, and all of the difficult, courageous, and revolutionary work that has been accomplished throughout history and is still being done today in order to better the lives of women, and to ensure their rights and freedoms, regardless of where their lives take them.

I wanted to thank everyone who entered our International Women’s Day giveaway. We partnered with LELO to give away the absolutely beautiful LELO Soraya luxury vibrator. The winner of the giveaway has been chosen and announced on the Rafflecopter form in the giveaway post.

The one mandatory entry of the giveaway was to share a story in the comments about a woman who has inspired you in some way throughout your life. You all shared some truly touching stories about the women in your lives with us. Thank you.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I decided to spotlight a handful of the stories that were shared with us during our LELO Soraya giveaway. Sharing stories about phenomenal women in the world who have directly impacted the little community we have gathered here is a fitting celebration of the importance of today, I think.


My sister has always been the strongest female figure in my life. She’s my sister, my mom, and my best friend. I have more memories of my sister and I than I do of my mom and I. My sister picked me up from day care, changed my diapers, taught me how to crack my knuckles and cross my eyes, teased me like a typical big sister would, and shared with me in secret her first tattoo. I was the first person she told when she eloped with her first husband at age 21, and she is the one I always go to for support and encouragement. She bought me my first teddy bear, Patches, who I still have to this day, from the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. We share a love of books, second hand stores, and hilarious movies. I don’t know what I would do without my sister. I still want to be just like her, and I even try to walk, talk, laugh, and act like my sister. Even though there is more than a ten year age difference between us, we share the same regrets and sorrows about our mother, and we have connected through that pain above all else.


When I was growing up, my grandmother was just my grandmother. She taught me basic things like phrases in Japanese, how to use chopsticks, how to eat everything that was put in front of me. Because she wanted me to, I had to attend language school on the weekend. As a child I didn’t understand that my grandmother had a past. When I was about 13 my family visited the internment camp she’d lived in during World War II. But even that wasn’t the whole story. It wasn’t until I was in college that my aunt revealed that my grandmother had never, ever spoken about the war to her children. You couldn’t expect my grandmother to just talk about her life; you had to ask her specific questions to elicit responses. I’ve been learning about my grandmother’s life my whole life – just random pieces at a time, like the fact that thanks to the war, she can’t stand applesauce. She’s outlived her older brother, her sister-in-law, her husband, her brother-in-law, and most of her friends. Despite all of that, she is incredibly resilient – despite being in her late 80s, she’s still travelling to Japan, gardening, taking care of a little dog, and making trips to Vegas. Even with looming health problems slowing her down, she’s just made necessary adjustments in her life. Even though I don’t always feel like I share common ground with her, I am incredibly proud to be her granddaughter.

Amanda R

I would have to say my friend Nicole. She lost both parents when she was 17 and had to leave her school and friends and move across state to live with grandparents. Today she is the most level headed sweetest person i have ever met. She had a rough go at things and she never let it get her down. She is an amazing person and inspiration to me always!

Colleen C

My grandmother inspires me. She had seven children. Lost two children as toddlers. Lived in six different countries. Was chased out of most of those countries by war. And still kept her dignity and pride. She was a strong woman. A survivor. She is my idol.


My mom inspires me. After being a stay-at-home mom for 16 years her husband walked out on her. She didn’t have a high-school diploma, had no work experience and had four kids to care for. She started taking classes to learn basic computer skills, got her high school equivalent and started working at the bottom of the ladder at an insurance office sorting files. She worked her ass off, was a fabulous parent to me and my siblings, and now, 15 years later she is in a great position at the same company and owns her own home. She is a wonderful grandmother to my 8 month-old son. She didn’t give up, she faced her fears and she did it all by herself. For these reasons she is an inspiration.

Thank you to everyone who shared their intimate and personal stories of the inspiring women in their lives with us, and a huge thanks to LELO for allowing us to give away one of their most-coveted vibrators in celebration of this day.

I hope you all have a fantastic International Women’s Day. Enjoy your day!

Celebrate International Women’s Day with LELO — Enter to Win a LELO Soraya [Closed]

LELO International Womens Day

International Women’s Day is this Friday, March 8th; a day of celebration of women and the diligent, courageous work countless women have done throughout history, and are still doing today, throughout the world to ensure basic rights and equality in all aspects of life. But this day is not merely a day of recognition and celebration; it is a movement. It is a call-to-action for all women, everywhere, to recognize what has been accomplished throughout history and the real choices they have today because of the work of our foremothers, and to also see what is left to do, and to have the vigilance to take action going forward in history.

A Little History on International Women’s Day

As of today, International Women’s Day is an official holiday in many countries, including Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Russia, and Vietnam, just to name a few. Although this day is not officially recognized or celebrated here in the US (although March is designated as Women’s History Month), I do personally celebrate it. I have come to think of International Women’s Day as my sort of Mother’s Day. I do not celebrate Mother’s Day, not having biological children and having grown up without a mother; in fact, for most of my life, I had a very hard time getting through Mother’s Day. But International Women’s Day is different.

International Women’s Day is a celebration of women, of equality, and of moving forward; past patriarchy and into greater equality in global legislation and more visibility of women as role models in every aspect of our lives. Because I am invested in the admirable work being done by women everywhere to achieve true equality, and because I am dedicated in helping to work towards that goal, I celebrate International Women’s Day. I celebrate by calling my grandmother and my aunt, to wish them a happy International Women’s Day, and to thank them for being unwavering pillars of knowledge, strength, and support for me in my life. It is because of them that I am who I am today; that I know so well the trials that women have faced and overcome throughout history that have resulted in me having the rights I enjoy today.

To learn more about International Women’s Day, visit the official website.

LELO Soraya Luxury Vibrator Giveaway

LELO, the world’s leading designer brand for intimate lifestyle products, and one of my personal favorite brands ever (seriously, I have loved every single LELO product I have ever met), is helping us celebrate International Women’s Day all week long!

A brand committed to empowering women around the world to celebrate all of the wonderful achievements in women’s rights and equality, have so generously offered up one of their most popular products for us to give away to one lucky Woman Tribune reader–the LELO Soraya.

LELO Soraya

The LELO Soraya is an absolutely beautiful dual-action vibrator that delivers multiple pleasures in a sleek and seductive package. With an ABS core and wrapped in body-safe silicone, it is fully waterproof, rechargeable, and allows full control of vibration intensity and features 8 unique vibration modes with two pleasure points for combined internal and external stimulation.

This giveaway will end on International Women’s Day, March 8th and is open worldwide, ages 18+. To enter use the Rafflecopter form below.

For a second chance to win a LELO Soraya vibe, head over to the LELO Facebook page and enter their International Women’s Day giveaway as well!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

No compensation was received for this publication, though a thank you gift was provided for hosting this giveaway. All opinions are my own.

Amazing Teen Girl Builds Big Engineering Dreams While Rebuilding a Pontiac Fiero from Scratch

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of, a resource for easily locating cheap auto insurance. Incentive was provided to me, and opinions are my own.

Kathryn DiMaria

A teenager’s 16th birthday is special; sweet even. A big reason why this particular birthday is so important to a young person is because it is at 16 years old when most teens will (legally) sit behind the wheel of a car. Some will even have a vehicle to call their own. Kathryn DiMaria will be one of those teens, but not because her parents decided to purchase her a car for her 16th birthday. They have no such plans. Instead, she not only purchased a car using her own money, but has been rebuilding it from the ground up since she was 12.

Now 14 years old, Kathryn DiMaria has been hard at work completely rebuilding the 1986 Pontiac Fiero she bought two years ago for $450 that she saved up from babysitting after propositioning her parents with the idea, along with a list of arguments as to why they should agree to let her embark on this journey. Her arguments included the choice of the Pontiac Fiero, a car that she first saw at a show and instantly knew was the car for her, and it doesn’t hurt that it gets good gas mileage or that it only has two seats so she couldn’t get in much trouble or have too much of a distraction with just one friend along for the ride with her.

In a time when most parents find themselves scouring car insurance quotes in the months leading up to their child’s 16th birthday hoping to find cheap car insurance that will accept their newly-licensed teen, Kathryn’s parents have had a bit more time to plan–4 years in total, as Kathryn has learned advanced mechanical skills like welding, grinding, sandblasting, and upholstering. She has also learned how to rebuild engines and tend to everything else involved in taking a car clearly on its last legs and transforming it into a cool historic sports car.

In two years, Kathryn estimates that she has put about $2,000 into the car of her dreams — money that she has earned herself by babysitting and selling her welding art on Etsy — and she has some really great pieces she created over there, like a spider made from a spark plug. Seriously awesome!

Working on the epic project of rebuilding a Pontiac Fiero from scratch has only intensified Kathryn DiMaria’s passion for engineering. She was invited to the Detroit Auto Show by General Motors where she was able to meet two female engineers who helped design the original Fiero. She also has plans to attend Women in Engineering, a week-long summer cap, and investigation of engineering careers at Michigan Technological University.

While women continue to make huge strides in the engineering world, the number of women who hold prominent positions in the field are still few and far between. This is most often because of the hostile and misogynist work environment that many female engineers are faced with that cause them to walk away from the career structure they had worked so hard to get into. I, for one, truly hope that Kathryn DiMaria continues to learn, grow, and shatter gender stereotypes as she continues into whichever branch of the engineering field that calls out to her. She already has a great deal of support all around the world as news of her Pontiac Fiero rebuilding project continues to spread, and she undoubtedly has already inspired countless people to shake off the self-doubt that so often comes with the idea of following your dreams and just go for it.

The Highest Paid CEOs in Charity #infographic

When you think of charity, the words giving, compassion, and selflessness are just a few that may come to mind. But what about millionaire? Well, probably not.

It is a fact that there are a number of CEOs of charitable and humanitarian organizations that earned over $1 million in 2012, including Peter C. Marzio of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Ralph W. Muller of the University of Pennsylvania Health System/Penn Medicine, and Jonathan W. Simons of the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

If you’ve ever wondered just how much someone could earn as head of a successful charity, check out the infographic below that outlines the top charities in several categories, how influential they are, and yes, how much their CEOs earned in the last year.

The Highest Paid CEOs in Charity
Source: The Hightest Paid CEOs in Charity |

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Help Fund Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures with cureLauncher


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 12.7 million people worldwide learn that they have cancer each and every year; of those 12.7 million, 7.6 million people lose their battle with the disease. In the United States, cancer is the second leading cause of death, coming in just under heart disease, and claiming more than half a million lives annually.

Cancer doesn’t just affect those who are battling the disease, it affects everyone who is in that patient’s corner–their family, their friends, even the medical staff who treat them. With these numbers, it is unfortunately safe to say that one way or another, most everyone has been affected by cancer.

Naturally, we want to know if there is anything that we, singular concerned humans of the world, can do to help; to help lower the number of lives being claimed by cancer every year, to help get the best medicine and support to the patients whose lives depend on it, to get the funds needed for research and treatment into the hands of scientists committed to finding cures.

Countless people take part in fundraising efforts for specific types of cancer; merchandise is sold, walks are held, and donations are received. While these are all fantastic efforts in working towards cancer research, screenings, and treatment, most often the organizations that raise the most money are using it as only they see fit, regardless of why you may have donated to their cause or what you thought your money was going towards.

We have tremendous power in fighting disease, and one organization that is working to put that power in the hands of people who are wondering how they can make a difference is cureLauncher, which can easily be described as a Kickstarter for cancer treatments.

cureLauncher is an online community that helps to raise money for cancer treatments and medical research. Unlike any other organization I have heard of, out of every donation received, a whopping 91% goes directly to advancing new cancer treatments.

Right now, Dr. Lee Roy Morgan is working on a chemotherapy drug for breast cancer that has spread to the brain that you can help fund by donating as little as $5 or as much as $100. If you’re a medical researcher who is working on a cure for cancer of your own, by uploading a 90-second video describing your work and why you need additional funds, your treatment can also be featured on cureLauncher.

In addition to helping fund new cancer treatments, cureLauncher also works to connect cancer patients to free lifesaving clinical trials that are taking place all over the country.

cureLauncher gives you, singular concerned humans of the world, the power to help advance new medical treatments by bringing leading medical researchers and private donors together. Simply put, cureLauncher helps you to find, fund, and cure.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of cureLauncher. Incentive was provided to me, and opinions are my own.

Walmart is Giving $1.5 Million in Grants to Your Favorite Local Nonprofits During Walmart’s 12 Days of Giving

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

Walmart12days2-1 Each and every holiday season, we are reminded of the extraordinary power of giving. Whether it be by giving money, making time in our own hectic schedules to volunteer, or by purging our closets of clothes we haven't worn in years to give to a local shelter, giving is always beautiful.

One act of selflessness can have more of a positive effect on someone, or even countless people, than we could have ever thought possible in our one simple act. Walmart recognizes the importance of giving to those in need, as well as to nonprofit organizations dedicated to having a positive impact in people's lives.

During Walmart's 12 Days of Giving, the company will award many nonprofit organizations with grants totalling $1.5 million. This money will help those organizations continue to be able to help provide basic need items like food, diapers, coats, baby formula, and other cold-weather clothing to those in need.

From now until November 18th, you have the power to nominate your favorite local nonprofit that is doing amazing things within your community. To nominate a nonprofit, just visit the 12 Days of Giving Live Better Facebook app. When you click on Nominate Now, you can fill in the information about the nonprofit you are nominating, including:

  • Nonprofit name
  • Nonprofit address
  • Nonprofit phone number
  • Nonprofit website (if applicable)
  • A photo of the nonprofit (optional)
  • In 200 words or less, detail the nonprofit's impact on your community

I nominated the Women's Resource Center of NEPA, a nonprofit organization founded in 1976 to serve survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in northeastern Pennsylvania while working to end domestic and sexual violence through advocacy, education, and social change.

Working to end domestic violence and sexual assault is a worthy cause in itself, but I have a very close connection to the Women's Resource Center of NEPA because they helped save my life, and then worked to help me make that life easier to live.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual assault, child abuse, and rape that has left me battling with depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as an adult; I was also a self-mutilator for 12 years as a teen and young adult.

When I was 18 years old, deep within the throws of my depression, I became extremely triggered and my mental state went from simply being severely depressed to having suicidal thoughts. I was living in my very first apartment, I was alone, and I had barricaded myself in a closet where I proceeded to scream at the top of my lungs for I don't even know how long. I called the RAINN hotline, which I had known about for years but never actually called. They automatically put my call through to my local rape crisis center–the Women's Resource Center of NEPA. Not only did the woman I spoke to help me through waves of panic attacks, she also asked if I was able and willing to go to their physical location in order to speak to someone one-on-one in person.

That same day, I sat down with a woman who had over 25 years of experience working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. For a little over a year, this woman became my lifeline. She was my reason for willing myself to leave the house twice a week, even though I had become so comfortable in my hermit shell of self-loathing; she was the person I called whenever anything in my life was less-than-ideal, whenever I was triggered by something, or whenever anything in my life changed, as I could not handle change in any form. She motivated me and assured me and ultimately, she gave me the tools I needed to effectively cope with my childhood and get on with living my adult life, not free of the mental effects my set of circumstances have had on me, but learning to work within them.

The Women's Resource Center of NEPA invested in me and my well-being. They showed me that people care if I was around, and they taught me how to see my worth, how to have dignity, and how to be enough for myself. They taught me how to live my life, and I cannot ever even begin to repay them for that. I can, however, nominate them for a portion of $1.5 million so that they can continue to do amazing work and help many more women just like me for years to come.

Help Walmart help a local nonprofit doing amazing things in your community. Who will you nominate?

Visit Sponsor's Site

Lifetime Encourages Women to Make their Voices Heard with the Your Life. Your Time. Your Vote. Initiative

Your Life Your Time Your Vote

Women throughout history have worked tirelessly, sometimes dedicating their entire lives to fighting for inclusion, diversity, equality opportunities, and the right to even walk into a polling place and cast a vote.

While we have come incredibly far from the days where women were expected to do no more than get married, bear children, and keep their husbands happy, there is so much more work to do. For instance, when was the last time a man was asked if he could handle a promotion at work if he had children at home? The number of women currently holding office in the US is depressing, ranking 79th in the world and behind 95 other countries, and even in the year 2012, our rights as a gender are frequently questioned and challenged.

Lifetime has partnered with nonprofit organizations The White House Project, She Should Run, Women’s Campaign Fund, Running Start, and The 2012 Project to spread the word about the Your life. Your Time. Your Vote. initiative for 2012.

An initiative that was first launched in 1992 (formerly titled Every Woman Counts), Your Life. Your Time. Your Vote. is a nonpartisan effort dedicated to amplifying the voices of women in the political process, encouraging women to register to vote, speak out on the issues they care about, and run for office.

Watch Lifetime’s special public service announcement featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eva Longoria, Loretta Devine, Susan Lucci, Cybill Shepherd, Meghan McCain, and Condoleezza Rice, encouraging women to become involved in the political process–whether by running for office, speaking their minds, or casting a ballot.

This is our country too, and there is no reason why our voices should matter less or go unheard.

LifeSoap Company Brings You a Box of Bliss and Clean Water to Children Around the World — Review

LifeSoap Company soaps

I have sensitive and very fickle skin. It hasn’t always been this way; in fact, during my adolescence and teen years, I could pretty much just wash with plain drug store brand bar soap and my skin was clear, smooth, and had very few issues. As I have gotten older, I have developed skin that dries out, sometimes to the point of becoming red and raw at the change of every season, that breaks out after using a product it previously had no reaction to, and I also have psoriasis (which runs in my family) that rears its ugly head during times of stress. Due to these increasing skin issues, I have tried quite a few moisturizers, medicated cleansers, body butters, the works. I have had a lot of success through my years-long process of trial and error. I have a small collection of go-to skincare products that I like, even while my skin will embrace a product for a little while only to turn around one day and break out in a brand new set of blemishes because it decided that it no longer enjoys a particular chemical makeup. What I never did change, however, was the base of what I was using on my skin–soap.

I have used a lot of different soaps and body washes; generally whatever was on sale or what I enjoyed the smell of. I didn’t pay much attention to what it was made from or what chemicals were in it. Instead, I stocked up on moisturizers and lotions made to soothe and heal because that was obviously where the problem was, right?

I was recently introduced to LifeSoap Company, a truly inspiring company created by two really awesome guys with big hearts and sensitive skin.

Aaron Madonna and Juwon Melvin had both spent some time away in 2010 when they met up in their hometown to discuss where they had been and what they had been up to. Aaron, who lives with eczema, had used a cheap bar of soap while abroad that made his skin break out. His skin had such a terrible reaction that he was prescribed special medication to clear it up, but was too embarrassed to even leave the house until his skin had returned to normal. Juwon had traveled to Morocco and Nicaragua where he got a first-hand look at the water crisis affecting developing countries today. He learned that a lot of children living in these countries are not able to attend school because they must walk several miles to get water for their families. Combining both of their experiences, they created the LifeSoap Company–a simple and easy monthly soap service that delivers three bars of soap made with only the best natural ingredients to your door, while contributing a portion of every sale to improving the health, safety, and quality of life of children in Central America and Africa by bringing them clean water.

I was given the opportunity to try out LifeSoap Company’s USDA Certified Organic line of soaps and was really impressed with them.

Sol: To Rejuvenate

LifeSoap Company Sol

Created with a combination of citrus, including orange, tangerine, and lemon essential oils and lavender, the Sol soap smells incredible. In the very early mornings when my body just didn’t feel like it wanted to wake up, just taking in the scent of the Sol soap woke me up and left me ready to start the day by the end of my shower. When there was just a small amount of the Sol soap left in the shower, my fiance came out of the bathroom one night and asked where the tangerine soap went and if we had more, so he is also quite a fan of it.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of safflower and/or sunflower, palm, and coconut (with retained glycerin); essential oils; annatto seed; orange peel; rose hips; rosemary extract

Peace: To Exfoliate

LifeSoap Company Peace

Created as a way to relieve stress, the Peace bar contains shea butter, honey, and finely ground oatmeal that exfoliates your skin and leaves it feeling smooth and very soft. Some exfoliating soaps I have used in the past has contained oatmeal that has been harsh on my skin; not only feeling like it was peeling back layers of my skin, but causing pain because of how much oatmeal was packed into the bar and how it coarse it was. I was really happy to see (and feel) that the Peace bar has just the right amount of oatmeal that exfoliates gently rather than with a harsh and somewhat painful hand.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of safflower and/or sunflower, palm, and coconut (with retained glycerin); oats; shea butter; honey; rosemary extract

Love: To Refresh

LifeSoap Company Love

The Love bar was actually my favorite of all three soaps I received from the LifeSoap Company. Its combination of sage, lemongrass, and spearmint essential oils left me with that good, clean feeling. You know the feeling I’m talking about–the feeling of freshness that makes you feel just a little more human after you use it. With the addition of calendula petals, each Love bar is distinctive and looks like art, which isn’t exactly something I look for, but is nice to see just the same.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of safflower and/or sunflower, palm, and coconut (with retained glycerin); essential oils; calendula petals; rosemary extract

I realized after taking photos of each bar of soap that you can’t really see how large they are. These are not your average-sized bars of soap. Take a look at just how thick each bar is:

LifeSoap Company soap

LifeSoap Company’s soaps exfoliate, refresh, and leave your skin feeling healthy and clean, and that’s reason enough to give them a try with your skin. But that’s just the beginning of what LifeSoap Company is all about. When you subscribe to LifeSoap Company, you receive a Box of Bliss including a selection of their three soaps for $20; for every Box of Bliss that is sold, $2 are contributed towards the efforts of providing clean water to children and communities in Central America and Africa who need it. Last year, LifeSoap Company was able to contribute funds to go towards well rehabilitation and latrines at two schools in Nicaragua. How amazing is that?

You can Shop LifeSoap on their website. Their options include monthly and bi-monthly subscriptions, as well as the ability to gift a subscription to a close friend or family member who has sensitive skin and loves to give back! They also have custom orders available for events and parties. At this time, they only ship within the United States.

To keep up with everything LifeSoap Company is up to, you can “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

I received a Box of Bliss for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.