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Kat Von D Creates Tattoo Concealer for Sephora

Kat Von D, famed lady tattooer and artist, has released a tattoo concealer exclusively through Sephora. To show how well her product works, she used herself as a canvas — this time, wiping it clean — and the side-by-side view of the results are pretty impressive.

Aiming to perfect a concept already attempted by some cosmetics companies, Kat Von D and her team are confident that they have created something that can be worn on a regular basis and applied easily.

On the formula, she says, “we pretty much almost killed ourselves over creating the perfect formula. I really wanted it to be something that was waterproof, that wasn’t going to get on my clothes, and still provide coverage and dry easily without being super cakey and flaky.”

Watch Kat Von D talk about her tattoo concealer for Sephora in the video below: