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Use Athena’s Olive Tree for Beautiful Skin–Naturally

The beauty products that we see lining the aisles of every store we shop in share one, big common factor–They all contain dozens of chemicals that we cannot pronounce and if we have no idea what these chemicals are or what they do, why are we so comfortable putting them on our skin? That is exactly why I often opt to use bath and beauty products such as facial soaps, body washes and scrubs, and body lotions that are made with all natural and free of harsh chemicals.

Having temperamental skin to begin with, I am incredibly weary of products I pick up off shelves and am immediately greeted with a lengthy list of chemicals. I have no idea what they are going to do to my skin and in most cases, when I have taken a chance on very few of these products, I had received devastating results including oily skin and extreme amounts of acne and I know of many other women who have been in the same situation, several times.

natural facial soap Products from Athena’s Olive Tree do not contain chemicals you can’t pronounce, they do not contain lab-created ingredients that end up being more harmful than actually beneficial to your skin. Athena’s Olive Tree offers up extraordinary beauty products that will give you beautiful skin–naturally.

I recently had the opportunity to use their natural, vegan Australian Green Clay soap bar and not only did I love it, but it was stolen from me by the boyfriend who used it daily and could not get over how soft his skin was after using it.

Australian Green Clay is said to rebalance oil flow, strengthens the skin, and aid the repair of scars. It is also said to be the strongest of all the clays for detoxification!

Athena’s Olive Tree’s Australian Green Clay soap bar is the best facial soap bar I have had the pleasure of using. I loved the layer of pumice on the soap bar that offered just the right amount of power for a soft scrub that exfoliates your skin beautifully. After using this soap bar for just a few days in a row had a great effect on my skin. It’s a lot less oily than it has been in quite some time and it is a lot softer! The Australian Green Clay soap bar is made with only high quality, all natural ingredients, one of the ingredients that I absolutely love in any product I use on my body is shea butter. Shea butter is pretty much the best ingredient for any soap, body wash, and body lotion you put on your body; you won’t be able to stop touching your skin and marveling at how soft it is.

If you’re looking for a high quality facial cleanser, you should definitely check out Athena’s Olive Tree’s collection of soap bars, masks, and even facial cleanser sets and moisturizing creams for your face, hands, body, and lips!

It’s Time to Update Your Wardrobe

I am working in front of the computer, in front of two open windows, and it’s so hot in here that you would swear that I had spent the entire day baking and put the thermostat on about 130 degrees. When looking in my closet for something cool and stylish to wear, I found close to nothing due to the fact that it has been quite some time since my wardrobe has been overhauled.

I have been wearing the same clothes for about a handful of years, which has lead me to not be so fond of most of the clothes I own. A lot of them definitely look their age, or worse, and I have very few items of clothing fit for summer weather, living in the northeast and having harsh, long winters. I have certainly added a few pieces of stylish clothing to my wardrobe over the years, but the bulk of what I wear day to day are still the old, lived in jeans and t-shirts and I can probably guess that a lot of women out there can definitely relate! While the number of summer-appropriate items of clothing I own are slim, I had relied on this one summer skirt for so long that it looks like it’s ready to die. The colors are faded, it looks very sad, and after trying it on the other day, it doesn’t look as good as it did for the past few years on me… Which got me thinking about replacing my summer attire with new summer-appropriate items that look fresh and great on me.

summer dress Which is why it’s important that this summer, you wear what makes you feel fabulous and keeps you cool!

I recently found an awesome online shop with a huge selection of great summer-friendly clothes. I especially adore the summer dress to the right; it’s my exact style, it looks fun, and it’s something you can wear virtually anywhere, for any occasion. Best of all, the prices their clothing is listed at is remarkable!

After looking through their entire website, I was thoroughly impressed by their style, their selection, and also their grasp on connecting with their customers. They have a MySpace page, a Twitter account, and they also post videos on YouTube giving you tips and tricks for how to curl your own hair and apply makeup. I love how the brand has truly reached out to their client base and they are providing people with so many perks; follow them on Twitter to hear about contests, giveaways, new items that are being added, and much more!


Piggy Paint Finally Makes Non-Toxic, Kid-Friendly Nail Polish a Reality

Piggy Paint Any parent knows that young children mimic the adults in their lives and that goes double for daughters. If you’re getting a manicure or just lounging around in front of the television painting your nails in the mere vicinity of your daughter, you know it’s a matter of mere moments before they are asking for their nails to be done too.

Understandably, a lot of parents are weary about applying nail polish to the fingernails of their children. Children have a tendency to bite their fingernails and standard nail polishes are loaded with all sorts of chemicals. Definitely not something you want on your children’s fingers!

Piggy Paint has made a safe, water-based, non-toxic, odorless nail polish completely safe for children. I was absolutely thrilled to discover Piggy Paint because we all know what an inconvenience it is to have to put up with the odor of standard nail polishes and when there’s a foul odor, chances are whatever is giving off that odor isn’t the safest of products. Because Piggy Paint is water-based, you can officially say goodbye to foul nail polish odors and toss your worries about inhaling toxic fumes or ingesting toxic chemicals if you or your daughter bite your nails or scrape the nail polish off with your teeth (I know, I’ve been there.)

Piggy Paint Coming in a variety of colors and also adorable gift packs with equally as adorable names like Girls Rule! and Toe-Tally Fancy, Piggy Paint is everything I was expecting and more. The only minor problem I have had with their nail polishes is that the color chipped very easily, but it is explained on the website that because Piggy Paint nail polishes are water-based, it does take longer for it to dry and harden on your fingernails and if you run into the problem of the color chipping too easily for your liking, it is recommended that you use a blow dryer on warm/low heat on your finger nails for a full 60 seconds after applying. Piggy Paint also has non-toxic, odorless, and hypoallergenic nail polish remover, so they really do attend to all of your nail polish needs!

Piggy Paint gift packs make excellent gifts or even a small, sweet surprise the next time you’re painting your nails and your daughter demands that she must have pretty nails too. I put a Piggy Paint nail polish in each of my stepdaughter’s Easter baskets this year, so you really can purchase these for just about anything and they will be an absolute treasure to both you and your children. Even better, no one can complain that the stench from your nail polish is making them nauseous.

Receive 20% off your Piggy Paint purchase by using promo code ‘WomanTribune’ up until May 31, 2009. Click here to start shopping!

Receive 75-80% Off at Sears in Time for Spring

Click Here Sears If you’re looking to save money, especially on clothes for everyone in the family, the best advice I can give you is to shop at the beginning of a season. As spring begins to roll in, many stores are putting their winter and fall clothing and accessories on clearance to clear out their current stock and make room for the new season’s arrivals. They need to get rid of what wasn’t sold throughout the season because by next year, who knows what may be fashionable?

As soon as a new season begins to make its appearance, many stores have amazing sales and in this season, Sears is one of them.

Sears Sears is currently running a huge clearance sale, offering 75-85% OFF on their fall and winter apparel from now until April 18th. I went shopping just yesterday to steak out a few good sales and Sears has the very best sales I have seen this season, hands down. One of the biggest trends we have been seeing is business suits women’s apparel, which Sears offers a variety of styles, colors, and sizes of this trend definitely worth a look or two.

A sale offering 75-80% off of anything is unheard of and something to definitely check out, especially considering their sale items extend to not only women’s apparel, but also apparel for men and children. In this economy, this sale is absolutely astonishing!


Hip Maternity Fashion for Every Taste

maternity clothes When it comes to maternity fashion, most women will tell you that for the entire nine months, they wore very little besides over-sized pajama pants and t-shirts. The reason for that is because there are very few resources out there for fashion-forward, hip maternity fashion.

Women feel their best when they’re wearing clothes that they feel comfortable in and know that if they were famous and walked out of the house, they would feel good about seeing fans and signing autographs in whatever they were wearing. These feelings do not simply diminish as soon as a woman becomes pregnant; in fact, as time goes by and their outside gets bigger and bigger, women would absolutely love to have a few blouses or dresses that make them feel their best. While there are few maternity lines currently on the market, not many even come close to offering the amount of styles or even the amount of different products that Belly Dance Maternity offers.

maternity clothes Belly Dance Maternity stocks clothing and accessories for stylish moms-to-be. They opened their first store in 2002 in Chicago’s fashion forward Bucktown neighborhood and another in 2003 in Highland Park, Illinois. Belly Dance Maternity has received a great deal of press due to their unique and undeniably in-demand fashion. They stock everything a hip mama will need in terms of fashion from several different designers and outlets including Bravado Nursing, Maternal America and Ripe Maternity. They understand that all women deserve to feel sexy and fashionable in the clothing they wear, especially pregnant women. Their fashions have been seen on several different celebrity mamas and not only do they cater to mothers, but they also carry fashion and accessories for baby.

Carrying fashion and accessory lines for both mother and child in two stores as well as an online boutique working with several different retailers and fashion designers, Belly Dance Maternity is the go-to resource for everything you crave in maternity fashion.

Shop It To Me!

Shop It To Me What if you could find out when your favorite brands of clothing went on sale in exactly your size? Let’s face it, as women, a lot of us have a “thing” for labels, but when scouring the websites of the labels we love, we find apparel we cannot live without… until we see the price tag. When it comes to labels such as Marc Jacobs and Prada, we are likely to find a handful or more of “can’t live without” items, but as soon as we glance down at the price, it’s easy to feel like your finger just got pricked while reaching inside of a box, and you immediately close the website. What these fashion icons have yet to realize is that there are a lot of women who love their designs, but not all of us can stomach what our favorite pieces would do to our bank accounts and credit cards.

But now we have Shop It To Me, a website that lets you pick your favorite designers (listing over 500 in-demand designers and brands) and receive daily or weekly emails to let you know when your favorite designers put items on sale in exactly your size; best of all, the service is completely free.

Look at it like having a personal shopper, but with this, you don’t have to deal with conflicting attitudes and style; you just receive a daily or weekly summary that lets you know when your favorite items are on sale and it takes away the frustration I know I regularly deal with when trying to find my size in items I want.

But Shop It To Me goes a lot deeper than just that. Started by people with a keen sense of fashion who dealt with the same frustrations we all deal with like finding out about online sales too late to take advantage of them due to not having the time to scour the internet daily looking for sales on the items they wanted.

You can tell that the people behind Shop It To Me are a group who love fashion just by reading their blog. Paired with some wicked sense of humor and drool-worthy fashion items, their blog is a fast, fun and entertaining read. But there’s more! Yes, more! Shop It To Me also has an entire section featuring trendsetters from around the blogosphere.

The Trendsetters section shows an appreciation from Shop It To Me to many different bloggers running websites with a variety of themes, such as style, bags, shoes, celebrity fashion, deals and savings, men’s style, moms and kids, lifestyle, beauty and city fashions. Shop It To Me doesn’t simply show fashion love, they show blog love to others with the same interests and mission in mind.

Featured in publications like Daily Candy Deals and The Washington Post, Shop It To Me is gaining ground with fashionistas and enthusiasts everywhere; finally, there is a website that caters to the fashion forward and savvy savers in all of us. They bring frugal to fashion and with many, many women, that is an addictive and sometimes dangerous combination.

Make Informed Decisions While Shopping Online

With the world’s population now doing the bulk of their shopping online and the people of the US, specifically, going through the first hurdle of a recession, we are now beginning to see the impact money makes on our lives and more importantly, the real value of a dollar. As a freelancer, I, along with other freelancers have spoken about how we feel the decline in income first and we have collectively been seeing the first few waves of an impending recession for months now. As someone who also shops online quite frequently, I have become a bit pickier about how and where I spend the money I do manage to earn.

Many stores will do the first leg of a sale online only, before it hits stores and they have also released online only coupon codes. Internet sales are important to companies and the convenience of online shopping is important to us. That is why I was thrilled to have come across a website that I have come to refer to as the bible of cheap online shopping.

Free is a website that tells you what stores are currently having promotions and where you can get the convenience of free shipping. You may come across a sale item on a store’s website but once you get through the checkout and look at the shipping costs you soon realize that while you did get a product a lot cheaper online than you would have at the store, you end up paying what you supposedly saved and then some just in shipping costs. Free lists the stores you want to shop at, the free shipping promotion they are running at the time and the promotional codes letting you save as much money as possible.

Free Shipping

Their site is set up into several different categories containing over 800 stores so each and every single person who likes the convenience of online shopping should not miss out on any free shipping promotion. Free also gives you the added security of free shipping alerts, letting you know every time a store has a free shipping promotion.

Don’t spend more money than you have to when shopping online and visit Free for free shipping promotions at your favorite stores.

I’m in a Long Term Relationship with My Hair

I usually keep my hair long, but I’ve noticed that the longer my hair gets, the worse it looks. I frequently develop split ends that I have to trim every two months or so, my hair looks dull and flat a lot of the time because I don’t have very full hair and while it isn’t fine, it’s just thin enough to look flat and boring a lot of the time. I’ve tried a variety of different volumizing hair care products and while they worked for a little while, the effects were short-term and in even just a few hours, my hair returns to its original, lifeless state.

I’m a beauty product addict. Shampoos, conditioners, skin creams, moisturizers, bath products; you name it, I need to try several different variations of it. So when Herbal Essences came out with a line of shampoo, conditioner and split end protectors for a variety of different hair types, it was no surprise that I needed to try them.

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship I recently picked up Herbal Essences’ Long Term Relationship shampoo and conditioner, a line of hair care products just for women with longer hair and I could not be happier with the outcome. My hair looks so much healthier, feels so much softer and is giving off a beautiful shine, even when just waking up in the morning after washing it the night before. It’s laying a lot nicer now and while I usually keep my hair up a lot because I don’t like the way the ends look after a few months without getting it trimmed, I’ve been leaving it down a lot more lately because of how beautiful it’s laying. It has a very sophisticated scent; it’s a blend of red raspberry and satin but isn’t overly fruity-scented which is a huge plus because I’m not too big of a fan of hair care products that smell very fruity or very floral; Herbal Essences has found the perfect blend that attracts a fan base of not just teenage girls.

I love this stuff; it works a lot better than I thought it would and I cannot recommend it enough.

Emerita Knows Women’s Skin Care

I have spent the last few years of my life fighting with my fickle skin. The slightest things can make my skin turn from the pure complexion I had all through my adolescence into a horrifying Halloween mask-like state that leaves me adopting an “Oh well, I’m just not leaving the house–Ever, if need be!” philosophy. I have tried a downright impressive amount of over-the-counter skin care products and even some infomercial “miracle” collections that left my face incredibly dry and did not help clear acne, but aided in the process of making more! Sadly, me and my complexion had given up, especially since most of the skin care products I had tried made my complexion far worse than it was when I had started using them.

After giving up on skin care products that seemed to work for whoever this company was testing to prove their product worked, as well as for the models and actresses who already had perfect complexions to begin with, my skin was in an absolutely horrific state. My acne stayed, my skin was incredibly dry and it felt as if my face itself just was not fitting into my skin and I had also developed a problem with blackheads that never wanted to go away, no matter what face scrub I massaged into my face. Then it hit me; these companies were interested in one thing–Money. Most companies will say and do anything to pull one over on consumers and as long as they are making their millions, they really don’t care about women at all or if their product had even helped someone.

I recently had the opportunity to give skin care another go–With Emerita. Emerita is a woman-owned business, which of course gets a thumbs up in my book. I am all about supporting any business owned and run by women, especially since most products made for women are made by men, and obviously, men know very little about how women work. Emerita started as a family business and has been helping women over 40 with their extensive line of personal health and beauty products since the 1970s. While Emerita may target women over 40, they are not only for women of that age group since they helped the complexion of a 21 year old woman and most likely many other younger women who refused to accept that there were no skin care products that would work for them.

Emerita microdermabrasion face scrub The Emerita microdermabrasion face scrub is made with all organic and botanical ingredients. It exfoliates your skin, leaving it the smoothest my face has ever been. It is a smooth exfoliate unlike any other I had tried before; it doesn’t hurt when massaged into your skin and it leaves your skin feeling warm and refreshed. The scrub is unscented and contains no artificial colorings, which is great because what most companies don’t realize is that it doesn’t take a fruity smell and a pretty color to make women continue to buy their products, it takes the product to actually work–And Emerita does!

Emerita samples If you are interested in Emerita, but don’t want to spend your money on products that you don’t know for sure will work for you, they also offer two different sample packages of five different skin care products for just $2.00 and they also ship for free!

I have personally found that the balancing toner used after the microdermabrasion scrub and combined with the night cream works famously. It works so great, in fact, that I saw results with using their skin care products in just a 24-hour period, which if you’ve used most other products, you know is astounding!

I would most definitely tell any women looking to clear their complexion and be left with a warm, glowing and refreshed face to check out the products that Emerita offers; they are great quality and above all else, they work.

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale–ONLY ONLINE!

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale Victoria’s Secret has recently started their semi-annual sale, which always bring a big smile to my face! The sale kicks off in store locations on June 19th and until then, you can enjoy several amazing clearance items shopping online!

The sales are fabulous, with bras being as much as 50% off and panties being as much as 60% off! I have found several items that are a great deal cheaper than they would have normally been and had to scoop them up. I got these ultra cute Angels by Victoria’s Secret ruffle-trim bloomers on sale for ($7.99, regularly $12) and because the “We also suggest…” feature is my downfall, I also had to get the sleep cami (2 for $30, on sale!)

This sale is amazing, so check it out!