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How Lifeline Phone Programs in Oklahoma Help Underserved Communities

Unfortunately, many communities in the United States and around the world are struggling with poverty, a lack of access to resources, and various other issues. Often, people living in such communities struggle to access basic phone and Internet services. Fortunately, through the lifeline phone program Oklahoma, folks can often access free or steeply discounted mobile phone services.

Underserved communities can be found across the United States. Even wealthier rural areas long lacked equitable access to the internet and mobile services. Poor rural communities often still struggle to get online, which can make it harder to find jobs or take advantage of online educational opportunities. Urban and tribal communities too may be disadvantaged.

By providing access to phone and Internet services, it may be possible to alleviate poverty and to help people enjoy a more prosperous life. Someone who can access mobile data may be able to more easily find a job. Likewise, a student can find education resources and help with studying.

Lifeline programs initially focused on giving people basic access to emergency services and the like. This is still an important component of lifeline programs. However, some lifeline phone service programs in Oklahoma and elsewhere also provide access to general voice phone calls and mobile data.

Accessing emergency services is often a matter of life and death. In the long run, access to employment and educational opportunities are also important. Fortunately, with free or subsidized phone plans and even free or discounted smartphones, it’s possible to expand access.

Some programs exist for particular communities such as tribal areas. Eligibility may vary but if you’re receiving government assistance in the form of SNAP/foodstamps, Medicaid, tribal TANF, Federal Public Housing Assistance, or a similar program, you may be eligible.

If you’re struggling to afford mobile service, you should check out lifeline programs in your state and location. Assistance may be available.

Three Ways to Save Money on Your Internet Service

Internet service is a necessity these days, whether you’re a business or an individual. Therefore, you’ll need to grab hold of an excellent affordable internet plan for your home or office. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, however. These are three ways you can save money on the new internet plan you need:

Look for Provider Promotions

The first way to save money is to search for a provider that offers promotions to new customers. You might be fortunate enough to grab hold of a contract deal that will give you a low monthly price for 12-24 months.

Only Purchase the Required Speed

Another way to save money on your internet service is to ensure that you only purchase the required speed. The faster your internet service is, the more costly it will be, as well. Therefore, you need to ensure that you choose a speed that works for you but isn’t too costly. Talk to an agent about the different speed options. The speed you choose will depend on how you intend to use your internet services. You’ll need faster service if you’re running a business and have to perform numerous business-related tasks. You won’t need such speed if you’re only going to be checking emails and browsing the internet from time to time.

Buy a Bundle

You can also cut the cost of your internet bill by purchasing a bundle. Internet bundles Lehigh Valley Options are available in plenitudes. These bundles often include television service and some kind of telephone service, as well. You’ll get all three services for one low price, which will reduce the overall cost of your internet service. It’s a great option if you need all of those services.

Now you know how to cut the cost of internet service and save money for yourself. You can now start searching for the best service for your home or office.

The Biggest Benefits of Managed IT Services for Your Business

You invest in your business all the time. You invest in the right employees, the right equipment and supplies, and ensuring you have the right space. However, did you know that your technology and managing this technology is also an investment that you need to think about?

The fact is, there are more than a few benefits offered by managed IT services in Montreal. Keep reading to learn what these benefits are.

Increased User Productivity

If you own a business, you understand that technology is a must-have if you want to improve productivity and improve the way you are doing business. If your technology isn’t providing you with these benefits, then there is a problem you need to handle. If you are ever in a situation where you are unable to work, you are going to lose money.

According to recent data, unplanned downtime can cost you tens of thousands of dollars each year. When you implement managed IT services, you can reduce both network and server downtime by up to 85 percent.

Infrastructure Expenses

When you switch to a managed IT provider, you can reduce infrastructure costs in several ways. When the service provider takes over infrastructure management, you can downsize the total infrastructure that you have on-site by taking advantage of the service providers’ data centers. This means you can not only save on hardware costs, but also the energy that it uses and the space that is required to hold it.

Also, you are going to see savings that are related to consulting, training, and licensing. Each of these needs is going to be covered by a single payment each month.

A Minimal Initial Investment

When you use managed IT services, you can offset the initial investment related to technology costs. Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars on software and hardware upfront. Instead, you will pay for the service by making a very low and affordable investment each month. Since the service is considered an operational expense, rather than a capital expenditure, you don’t have so many resources hung up in working to manage your business technology.

Are Managed IT Services Right for You?

If you are thinking about managed IT services for your business, there are more than a few reasons to invest in this. Make sure you find the right service provider to get the desired results. This will pay off in the long run.

How to Communicate Your Needs With Your Influencers

Social media influencers are people with lots of followers or subscribers on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They often help businesses promote their brands by recommending them to their followers. For example, beauty influencers often mention products while giving tips about contouring, choosing the right foundation, or other topics. According to TapInfluence [PDF] and Nielsen, 7 in 10 people trust recommendations posted by peers and influencers on social media. Influencer marketing can help your company improve sales. It’s much more cost-effective than traditional ads like pop-ups or commercials, so even small businesses can take advantage of it.

However, you’ll need to communicate well to encourage better content from influencers. Here are some tips for communicating with your influencers.

Let Them Be Creative

Influencers value their authenticity, and they need to stay honest and have a sense of humor to attract followers who trust them. If an influencer says that they don’t agree with a statement you want them to make, let them say something else.

Overly restrictive content guidelines can make content feel like it’s an ad from your company, not great advice from an expert. They can also keep influencers from wanting to work with you in the future. Also, creative content from an influencer is a lot more interesting than a standard ad. You’ll get more new customers from a video of someone using a product, enjoying it, and having fun than you would from a similar video with an actor or actress just talking about the benefits.

Build Long-Term Relationships

You can get excellent returns from one-time social media posts or campaigns, but you’ll be missing out on even more customers and sales if you don’t maintain those relationships. You should communicate often with influencers before, during, and after social media campaigns. Ask questions and make reaching you when they have concerns easy. Answer their questions honestly and keep them updated about new developments in your business.

To maintain great relationships, you can ask the most successful influencers to become regular contributors to your website. You can also give them exclusive news about new products and early access. Share their content on your social media pages and invite them to speak at events or be part of a podcast or webinar series. If possible, build a personal relationship and become friends.

Stay Organized

Influencers can’t do their jobs well if communications from companies are inconsistent or disorganized. Give clear instructions and consistent deadlines, and make sure that each influencer works with a particular person, not just a department in your business. They should know exactly what you’re looking for. Avoid last-minute requests or changes and make payments or give other rewards promptly. Influencers won’t want to work with you if you change policies or requirements often or take a long time to compensate them.

Communication is essential for all relationships. You can increase the effectiveness of your social media influencers by building relationships and making sure that these people have all the information they need to promote your business successfully.

How to Make Your Digital Journey Savvy and Successful

.There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when they realize that traditional advertising just isn’t enough to get noticed. Not if it’s industry domination they’re after, anyway. If you want to expand your influence and leave your competitors in the dust, you need to bring your brand into the online world. By accessing simple, savvy strategies, you can make sure that your internet marketing process is a successful one. Below you’ll find just a few tips and tricks that can get your company’s digital journey going and growing.

Know Your Target Market Well

Your first step to success in the internet marketing sector is knowing your audience. When you know who your target market is, you will know which tools you can use to connect with and then convert them. There are several key questions you can ask to gain a clearer understanding of your specific market. Here are some of them:

  • What is the gender of your target audience?
  • Where do your current clients and prospects live?
  • What is the education level of your audience, and what types of occupations do they have?
  • What types of goods and services are your potential customers most excited to buy?
  • Do the majority of your customers buy online or do they prefer shopping in-person?

Build Your Website

Your website is much more than just your online store. Your website is your introduction to the world. It is where potential customers will learn about your brand and what you stand for. It is important for your website to inform your audience about who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

But just because your website is more than merely an online store, you still must make sure that the e-commerce portion of your website is as streamlined as possible. A simple and easy to navigate website will help convert your traffic into sales. Making use of minimalist graphic design elements will make your product pages more visually appealing and engaging, without overwhelming your visitors.

Spread the Word

Now that you have your online home all set up and ready for business, it’s time to get the word out. While industry domination may be your ultimate goal, your hometown can help jump start your online presence.

A tried and true web optimization strategy is to have your web address printed on advertising materials. If you hand out business cards, appointment cards, invitations, or newsletters, having your URL printed on them can help convert real-life prospects into online customers. Be sure to also include any social media accounts that you use for your business.

Niche marketing services can help those just starting out or taking their humble online business to the next level. Specifically, it can be a good idea to work with a team of professional digital advertising experts who are skilled in helping individuals within your field. For example, say you work in real estate and sell property regularly. A high end marketing company such as LuxMark would provide you with customized web design and development services. For more information about these type of services, and how they can ensure your business is advertised effectively, visit

Begin Your Digital Journey Today

While you may think there is a right time to bring your business online, truth be told, no company, business, or product can gain traction without an online presence today. Instead of delaying your company’s progress, begin your digital journey with the help of the tips in this article today.

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Secure From Hackers

(BPT) – Times have changed. It’s no longer enough to protect your physical home, it’s also vital that you stay safe from cybercrimes. It has become increasingly easier for criminals to gain access to financial accounts, email, and even hack internet-connected devices in the home.

The good news is that there are a handful of steps you can take to help defend your home from cyberattacks and lock down access to your personal information.

1. Know Your Status

Before you can take steps to keep yourself safe from external threats, it’s important to understand your level of vulnerability. The website have i been pwned? is a useful tool that searches more than 190 data breaches to see if your personal information has ever been leaked.

If you’ve been the victim of a data breach, immediately change the password of the vulnerable account along with the passwords of any websites or accounts that use the same credentials. For instance, if the email and password you use for Facebook was breached, and that’s the same login combination you use for your bank, your bank account could be vulnerable to hackers.

2. Invest in a Protective Router

Much like the front door is the entryway into a home, the Wi-Fi router is the entry point into a home’s digital information. It’s also the first line of defense against external threats. Do your research and invest in a router that prioritizes network security. You should always password protect your Wi-Fi and be sure to change the default username and password that comes pre-configured on the router (often this is listed on the bottom of the box or router).

If you can’t remember the last time you manually updated your router, it may be running outdated software, leaving your home vulnerable. Because the update process can be laborious, consider swapping out your old router for a newer technology like eero. eero’s mesh Wi-Fi system takes home security to the next level by automatically installing regular software updates and security patches, so customers can avoid the hassle of manually updating their router. eero is equipped with the latest in Wi-Fi security, allowing you to kick unknown devices off the network via a smartphone app or share the Wi-Fi password with others via text message or email, so you don’t have to leave it posted on the fridge.

3. Secure Your Devices

You don’t need to live in a “smart home” to be vulnerable to external security threats. These days, more and more products connect to the internet, and while that can be useful, it also leaves your home vulnerable to hackers. The first thing you should do when you get an internet-connected device up and running is check for new firmware updates. Most products sitting on shelves of retailers don’t have the latest software loaded, so applying updates is a critical step to ensuring those devices remain safe. Also be sure you’re not ignoring prompts for software updates and patches in the future. It’s crucial to keep your connected devices up-to-date.

4. Choose Strong Passwords

You’ve heard it before — make sure you’re using strong passwords. They need to be at least 12 characters in length, and include numbers, symbols, and lowercase and uppercase letters. They shouldn’t include personal information or common words (e.g., “password”). You’ll want to create a unique password for every account, so if a hacker gets one of your passwords in a data breach, they can’t immediately log into your other accounts.

Strong passwords can be hard to remember, but you shouldn’t keep a written record of them. Instead, consider registering for a password manager like LastPass. Password managers are applications or browser extensions that store login credentials for the websites, then log in to those sites automatically for you, so you don’t have to remember every password for each account.

5. Lock Down Your Social Media Channels

Be careful about what you’re sharing on social media. Besides not posting sensitive information like your address, phone number, and when you’re headed out of town, be aware of other personally identifiable information that’s out there. When trying to reset passwords and usernames, hackers often go through the process of guessing your security questions. If you’re not careful, the information to help them answer those questions might be living on your social media page.

To keep yourself safe, ensure you’re properly securing your social media sites from the public and limit the amount of information you’re posting on those channels. Also, when you’re selecting your security questions, certain answers might be easy for intruders to locate online. Common security questions ask for your mother’s maiden name, your high school mascot, and the name of your family pet. Consider choosing more obscure questions to answer.

While following these steps won’t ensure you’re completely safe, they will help put you and your family ahead of the game when it comes to online and digital security.

Certified Coders in High Demand Following ICD-10 Implementation

(BPT) – Nine years ago, Peter Esswein, a resident of Sandy Springs, Georgia, enrolled in a health information technology degree program at DeVry University to capitalize on the growing prominence of electronic medical records.

“I always wanted to work in the medical industry, and the time was right for a personal career change,” Esswein says. “Completing my associate degree in health information technology gave me the confidence and skills I needed to progress on my new career path.”

Now, as Esswein continues his career as a coding quality assistant, health care is changing again. Following the release of a medical coding system overhaul in October 2015, expected updates in the near future are underscoring the demand for coders. International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision, or ICD-10, increased the number of medical codes by more than 50,000 — and in fiscal year 2017, about 5,500 more diagnostic and inpatient procedure codes will roll out.

“The new codes are designed to enable more informative, accurate recording of the medical information required to bill correctly for reimbursement,” Esswein says. “In my role, it’s essential that I not only understand ICD-10, but that I’m staying ahead of what’s coming next to help alleviate any confusion in my workplace and mitigate mistakes in advance.”

Prepping for Industry Change

Many health care organizations say transitioning to the new system was their biggest challenge last year. While Esswein graduated years ago and is getting on-the-job training with the new system, many employers struggled to find qualified new technicians, since recent graduates had studied the previous classification system, ICD-9.

To get these new grads up to speed, DeVry University offered an ICD-10 course at no cost for medical billing and coding graduates who had registered by November 2015 and students in their last semester of the program. All future courses will be taught using ICD-10 as the standard.

“DeVry University programs will continue to evolve as healthcare advances and becomes more accessible in the United States,” says Kristyn Murphy-Rodvill, assistant national dean in the College of Health Sciences at DeVry University. “We know finishing a degree program during an industry transition can create obstacles for recent grads. Our ICD-10 course is designed to eliminate those barriers and prepare students with the skills and knowledge they need to be competitive in their field.”

Propelling the Future of Health Care

Knowledgeable health information technology experts — from coders to technicians and managers — are projected to remain in high demand through 2022. Medical billing is projected to grow by 22% in this time period.

“With the right education, the future is bright for healthcare professionals,” says Murphy-Rodvill. “DeVry’s programs are designed to help students grow their professional expertise, and remain at the forefront of their industry.”

3 Ways You Can Start Earning Cash Online

Are you completely unhappy with where you are in your career? Don’t worry, there are many people who find themselves in the same situation, and it’s easier now to make a change you’ll love than it has ever been before. The incredible power of the internet has opened up new avenues for money-making and career-building so that you can start earning cash online without all of the pressure and anxiety that go along with a formal job interview. The internet offers a vast amount of opportunities for employment; it all depends on your specific skill set.

Here are some worthwhile ideas to consider, whether you simply want to earn some extra cash or start an online career.

1. Become a Blogger

Blogging has been a fast-growing field over the last several years, first with writers and other creative types looking to build an online form of expression with added perks, and then those in other fields began to see how they could make blogging work for them. Today, there are countless blogs out there on more topics than anyone can imagine. While blogging can be a great way to earn an income online, it does take some time to keep it updated with fresh content and promote your work, at least at first. But if you build a blog that develops a following and garners impressive numbers, those numbers can turn into advertisement inquiries, brand partnerships and sponsorships, and even some exciting life opportunities.

2. Become a Survey Taker

You may have never heard of this before, but becoming a survey taker is a very real way to make money online. There are various websites out there, like Crowdology that are actually willing to pay people to take online surveys. Some tips to keep in mind when looking at this option, however, is that because not all surveys pay out the same, it would be in your best interest to investigate which survey sites are willing to shell out the most cash. Otherwise, survey taking is a very easy way to make some cash in your spare time.

3. Buy and Sell Things

The proliferation of online classifieds and auction sites has made it possible for many people to make a living by buying and selling things. Anything, really. These people scour various sites where items are being sold and purchase them at or below market value. They then resell those items for a profit. It can be quite a lucrative business if you know what you’re doing, and it’s best to only buy and sell items that you have knowledge about so that you can get the most bang for your buck.

Working for yourself and on your own terms doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. You just have to know how to make it your reality, and the internet is loaded with opportunities to start earning cash online.

How the Internet of Things Will Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

The “Internet of Things” is heralded as bringing about a new, connected era in which all of our devices will be able to communicate with one another. Imagine smarter appliances, self-regulating energy systems, and more efficient public transportation, just for a start. But one area where we will really see the benefits of this new form of technology is in personal health and fitness. If you use an activity tracker like a FitBit, you’re already tapping into these benefits.

Here’s a rundown of how the Internet of Things could potentially transform the fitness industry.

What is the Internet of Things?

So what is the Internet of Things, anyway? This blanket term refers to the simple prospect of connecting everyday objects in our lives to the Internet. Connected, smart devices are able to both send and receive data. They are typically equipped with sensors allowing them to pick up this data, and then must be able to send the data over a central connection for analysis. In the case of the health and fitness industry, this involves fitness trackers.

Existing Fitness Devices

Although it’s often talked about as a future technology, the Internet of Things is already here, and can be utilized with the wealth of fitness trackers on the market today. These use sensors to track your exercise activity, sleep patterns, and caloric intake to generate data each day. For example, the Nike Fuel band tracks your hikes, runs, or daily walks and uploads this data to the Internet where you can see how many calories you’ve burned. You can download apps like RunKeeper, which works with your mobile phone’s GPS to collect data based on your actions. You can choose to share this information with your social networks and keep tabs on activity with an online dashboard.

Do you want to track your activity and sleep patterns? Devices like FitBit, Basis, and Jawbone UP wristband are all capable of not only tracking your heartbeats, steps, and caloric intake, but also your sleeping patterns. This lets you adjust your activity for a more efficient, restful result. Some also send you notifications if you’ve been slacking on your usual fitness routine, serving as a motivational tool.

The Future of Wearable Fitness Tech

The wearable tech that we already have only scratches the surface of what the Internet of Things will ultimately be capable of. Major businesses like Nokia Networks are working on devising new ways to stay connected via the IoT, and as a result, in the future we’ll see even more functions from our connected, smart devices. Wearable devices are just one piece of the puzzle, because the IoT involves far more than the devices themselves. It will also impact the supporting infrastructure for these devices, which is an area we’re only seeing the beginning changes of.

Future devices will be able to take health monitoring to the next level. Imagine smart devices that can constantly monitor your health and fitness, sending automatic alerts to your doctor if any irregularities arise. Early disease detection, weight management, and blood sugar monitoring could lead to increased longevity and a reduced strain on our healthcare systems. The basic fitness trackers we’re already using will be amped up and connected to a holistic healthcare network, keeping you fitter than ever.

Powering Industrial Engines Without Relocating Them

It took a lot of effort and time to place your company’s powerful industrial engines in the field. It would take just as much time and effort, not to mention cost, to haul them back to your base location in order to power them up after they have stopped working. When you want to save your company a lot of money, and your workers the physical exertion, powering industrial engines in the field is possible with field gear like a Start Pac or other mobile power equipment.

In order to get the best deal on the exact piece of field gear you’re looking for, like turbine starting machines, you should take a look online. When you land on the equipment’s website, it is advisable that you first check out the specifications of the gear. As you will see, it can be charged and ready to go within a 10-second time frame, rather than having to sit on a charger for hours or even overnight before being used. You can charge it once you arrive on the location of your turbine engine and still have the power you need to get the turbine going again.

To get your turbine starting machine to your engine’s location, it can be carried by one or more workers by its mobile cart. The cart’s handle can also be pulled out so that the entire compartment can be pulled behind someone like a wagon. This mobility allows the charger to be taken into any kind of environment, even locations that may be rocky, steep, or less hospitable for carrying heavy gear.

If a piece of field gear like a turbine starting machine is available, you may be wondering what other types of field gear can be purchased online in order to ease the cost and manpower of your operation. When you check out the above website, you can find a full listing of charging gear on the right side of the site. Utilize the highlighted links in order to read more about each piece of equipment in detail. You can also sign up for a newsletter to stay up to date on everything they have to offer, and request brochures so that you have information on-hand to share with coworkers or supervisors. Finally, customer service is available to answer your questions, should you have any, with the phone number listed on the website.