Free Betty Crocker Cookies, Bars & Cakes Magazine!

Betty Crocker Cookies Bars and Cakes So within the past few months, I have become a complete and utter Betty Crocker fanatic. You may have noticed this if you’ve been checking out our Recipes section, as I have shared the Betty Crocker email newsletter love with all of you a few times! Betty Crocker has some of the most innovative, out of the box, and just plain fun (not to mention easy!) recipes ever! Which is why I was so ecstatic when I received an email a few days ago with a link to the new Betty Crocker Cookies, Bars and Cakes Nxtbook!

What’s a Nxtbook? Super awesome technological magic that allows magazines to be seen as they were intended to be seen in print, just on your computer screen! Cool, right?

Betty Crocker’s entire Cookies, Bars and Cakes issue is out in Nxtbook. It is full of the most requested recipes (over 70 in all,) and within just a few minutes of browsing this issue of Betty Crocker, your mouth will be watering for these desserts! I already have over 10 picked out that I need to pick up the ingredients for so I can (attempt to) bake.

Check out Betty Crocker’s Cookies, Bars and Cakes issue!

3 thoughts on “Free Betty Crocker Cookies, Bars & Cakes Magazine!”

  1. Holly,

    “Super awesome technological magic” – I think you just wrote a new slogan for us! Thank you!

    We love working with Betty Crocker. They’re a great client to have and the recipes are awesome!


    Marcus Grimm
    Nxtbook Media

  2. When I was younger, (Im now 56) my mother would make these
    bar cookies every Christmas that had a crust and I remember
    they had lots of coconut and cherries—whole red cherries–
    The filling had nuts—Do you have this recipe?—Lynn

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