The Soothing Company Gardenia Bonsai tree

Gardenia Bonsai Tree Review and Giveaway from the Soothing Company [Closed]

I received a Gardenia Bonsai tree for review and the opportunity to host this giveaway from the Soothing Company. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

The Soothing Company Gardenia Bonsai tree

You can never have enough or too many trees. Never. Trees provide us with oxygen, sometimes food, and shade from the harsh and sometimes damaging rays of the sun. Plus, trees are beautiful; whether they are lush and green during summer or sporting the multi-colored shades of fall.

While there are six fully-grown trees in my backyard (there used to be seven, but the truck that crashed into my house a few weeks ago completely uprooted one of them and it sacrificed its life to spare my house a lot of additional damage), I have long been planning to add more–apple trees and pine trees, and lots of them. In my world, if you have the space for trees, there’s no reason not to add more. But what if you don’t have the space; or much outdoor space at all, for that matter? You don’t have to let your space situation dictate the plant life you can have around or inside your home.

Whether your house sits on a wide open field or you live in a third-floor walk-up apartment, we can all add a little more green to our surroundings with small plants and even trees. If you merely have a windowsill’s worth of free space, or a tiny balcony or outdoor deck, a Bonsai tree will fit there perfectly.

The Soothing Company Gardenia Bonsai tree closeup

My first introduction to Bonsai trees was during an episode of “Saved by the Bell” (no judging!) when Mr. Belding is trimming a Bonsai tree and lets Screech help him do it “the right way.” Silly shenanigans ensue and ultimately, the tree is ruined. I scoured YouTube for a clip of this scene from the show, but it turns out that I have a knack for remembering episodes of shows that apparently no one else does.

My most recent relationship with the Bonsai, however, has nothing to do with “Saved by the Bell” — or with any other show that I now find mildly embarrassing to admit to liking.

Officially recognized as an International art form, Bonsai means “little trees in pots.” While these trees originated in China and were later refined in Japan, one particular Gardenia Bonsai tree found its way to my house just a few weeks ago, generously sent to me by The Soothing Company.

Before my very own Bonsai tree was making its way to my doorstep, I had no idea that my fiance had long had an interest in Bonsai. I guess it was just one of those things that never came up in any of our conversations over the years, but at my first mention of us receiving one, he was thrilled. He went on to tell me that Bonsai trees are particularly cool because they are shaped and flourish just like larger trees, but are miniaturized; and who doesn’t love miniatures? Well, unless we’re talking about coffee. Coffee should always come in servings of 16oz and larger, but that could just be me.

Our Gardenia Bonsai tree arrived in a plain brown cardboard box with a live plant notice printed on its side. It was held securely in place so as to avoid becoming damaged during transit. It arrived in perfect condition with a tag letting me know it is an outdoor Bonsai tree along with brief care information. Also included was a small booklet that went into more detail about care instructions and everything I needed to know about keeping it healthy and growing strong.

The Soothing Company Gardenia Bonsai tree soil

According to my Bonsai tree’s tag and booklet, the Gardenia Bonsai tree is an outdoor Bonsai that I acclimated to our unique outdoor conditions by first placing it in a shady area of our back porch. After the first week of it being here, I moved it to the other side of the porch so it could get more sun in the early mornings and the shade it needs in the mid- to late-afternoons. Because we didn’t have the most ideal temperatures as we headed into spring, with frequent dips into the 30s and even 20s, our Bonsai tree did spend a few nights inside to avoid freezing, which I learned was acceptable in order to keep it protected during its growing season, as long as it didn’t spend more than five days inside.

I have been told by numerous friends of mine that Bonsai trees are difficult to care for. I haven’t run into many issues, however; probably because I was sure to read the small care instruction booklet a few times from front-to-back just to make sure I wouldn’t mess anything up and accidentally kill it. The only difficult area of care that I am dreading when it comes to caring for a Bonsai tree is that it must be repotted every three-to-four years. Having no experience with this and lacking a step-by-step manual on the process, I am weary but seeking comfort in the fact that I have a few years to go before that becomes a necessity.

While I have had my Gardenia Bonsai tree for a little over a month now, it has not yet produced flowers. I’m hopeful that it will in time; and when that happens, I will be sure to get some pictures of that for you all.

The Soothing Company offers thousands of soothing products for your home and garden. They even have a website, Soothing Walls, that sells water fountains.

The Soothing Company Gardenia Bonsai Tree Giveaway

The Soothing Company Gardenia Bonsai tree top

I have learned a lot about the art of Bonsai since adding a little more green to our lives by placing our new Bonsai tree on our back porch. I also have the opportunity to spread the word about these little trees in pots and make one reader’s life a little more green as well.

One reader will win their very own Gardenia Bonsai tree from The Soothing Company.

This giveaway is open to US entrants ages 18+ and will end June 27.

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88 thoughts on “Gardenia Bonsai Tree Review and Giveaway from the Soothing Company [Closed]”

  1. I have plants indoor & out, but I also clean, medicate, & beautify myself & my home using plants…

  2. These are such beautiful trees. I probably don’t deserve to win it since the chances of me keeping it alive are pretty slim, but I’m going to enter anyway. 🙂

  3. I think those trees are beautiful. I have heard they are difficult to care for as well. I think it depends on your location. I don’t think it would live in my dry climate.

  4. I’ve never seen a bonsai tree like this. It’s always the ones with the tiny leaves I’ve seen. I believe they’re good luck too, right? Sorry about the other tree that was sacrificed during the crash.

  5. I love bonsai! My husband has made some beautiful ones but he never tried Gardenia
    and that would be a great gift for him!

  6. I don’t have any plants inside right now, but I’ve really been meaning to. I have quite a few bushes in my yeard.

  7. I’ve got a garden outdoors and bring fresh flowers indoors when I’ve got them. But I love the idea of bonsai tree as well. I could always use a little more green in the house.

  8. I love plants so much. I have both indoor and outdoor plants, and right now I am trying my hand at orchids.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  9. I plant tomatoes and cumcumbers every spring in the backyard. And plant colorful annuals in the yard and in pots.

  10. We have lots of plants indoors and out, we grow everything in containers since I live in the desert and have rock landscaping. I’ve been wanting a bonsai for years

  11. Plants inside and out! 🙂 Our Lowes has clearanced plants that they have almost killed, so I get plants really cheap!

  12. I love indoor plants and outside I always plant and end my flower bed,tomatoes and peas!!!! and I have been trying to grow a bonsai and not been successful yet!!!

  13. to add more green to our home, i always have a ton of houseplants. everyone who knows me understands that i would love to receive a plant/flowers over any other gift (except chocolate). outdoors, i have extensive flower gardens, grow 3 types of grapes and also have a nice size raspberry patch. thanks for such a nice prize and giveaway-i have always wanted a bonsai and love the smell of gardenias!

  14. love the smell of gardenias ……. and love house plants ….. need some color and sent in my house ….

  15. We have a flower and a vegetable garden outside, and I have cactus and aloe plants on the windowsill in the kitchen

  16. I Have houseplants in the house and out in the yard. I just planted two more trees in the yard. I’m in the process of replanting trees to replace the ones that were felled during the tornadoes of April 27 2011.

  17. I plant lots and lots of herbs!! They are easy to grow and add lots of beauty to my yard plus amazing fresh flavor to my meals when cooking!

  18. We’ve recently gotten some new plants and even started naming them!! lol

    One is in our room, and we even put her on a shelf to let the vine-like pieces of the plant grow longer until they touch the floor.

  19. My husband and I actually made a 3 tiered garden along our back fence using old pallets they were throwing away at his work. It turned out amazing. And not only did it add green to our backyard but we were able to create it from things that were going to be thrown away which in a way is going green too

  20. I would love to add more green outdoors by planting new plants in the front yard around the house as well as some more plants/flowers under the trees! Lots of landscaping to do 🙂

  21. I just bought a peony plant and can’t wait to add it to the backyard to add more green into the mix!

  22. We just moved into a 2 story attached townhouse, in late April. We have a tiny patio off the back that’s level with the parking spaces, and an even tinier front stoop we share with the neighbor. I love having my own green space, so this has been an adjustment for me. I just purchased an English Ivy vine for my dining space, and a purple Celusia for my front porch (still need to pot it). I’m hoping to add a trellis to the back patio space, and hang graduated sizes of potted flowers and herbs from it. I’d also love to add a few more indoor plants to my home. Because of the limitations on space in my outdoor space, if I win this giveaway, I will give the little tree to my sister-in-law, who just purchased her first home.

  23. I have a lot of inside plants that are both real and in my study room I have some fake plants that I have panted to match the decor.

  24. We grow things: indoors, outdoors, hydrophonically, in terrariums and even in a “greenhouse” my Honey/Hubby built/created in the basement. Living in the greater Chicagoland territory – we would go crazy if we didn’t have GREEN around us – indoors and out – all year round!

  25. What a great way to enjoy gardenias! I used to have a gardenia tree (full size) in my front yard and loved it… sadly, we had to move and someone else is enjoying it now…

  26. we are attempting to start a garden and for the inside there isnt much since we have cats and they will knock over the plants

  27. I live in an apartment but I have made my balcony my little garden. I have several herbs such as sage, parsley, rosemary, and purple basil. I also have a strawberry plant, two raspberries plants, two blueberry plants, and three tomato plants. It’s my little sanctuary.

  28. I Love Gardening! I always have herbs growing in My window all year round and it is a Must to have plants in the house,..they are beautiful and good for the air

  29. We have planted bellpepper, jalapeno peppers and tomatoes. We also have three fruit treees, a bonsai tree, and six different herbs planted along with four house plants and hanging planters outside.

  30. We have a lot of plants, bushes planted by my home that come back every year. This year I planted a Lilac tree and it is doing great…

  31. I rent a home with mature landscaping so it has many trees and shrubs planted around in outside. Inside, I keep houseplants.

  32. I try to keep plants alive! I don’t have much of a green thumb for indoor plants, but I can grow outside plants.

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