The Holy Grail of Coffee Machines: Senseo Single-Cup Coffee Maker Review

Senseo If there is one thing that I am absolutely crazy about, it’s coffee. This love of mine started at a very young age and has fueled two prior full-time jobs of mine in cafes as a barista and the greatest caffeine tolerance I’ve come to know. I love coffee in all of it’s precious forms, flavors, consistencies and blends and am always interested in new flavors and concoctions that can be made from the comfort of my own kitchen. When a friend of mine hooked me up with Senseo, I was ecstatic, to say the very least.

Senseo is a sub-company of Sara Lee and makes an excellent coffee pod system that literally transformed the way I have my coffee every day.

The Senseo system makes absolutely delicious (and delightfully strong) single serving amounts of coffee with their innovative system that is so easy to use that once I took it out of its box, I was using it within minutes. While brewing my first cup of coffee, I realized that the Senseo actually made foam each and every single time automatically, which makes the coffee that you are brewing at home stand out even more so than a regular cup of coffee you would purchase at any coffee shop.

The coffee that the Senseo produces is also quite different than your average cup of regular coffee. The Senseo cup seemed to go down a lot of smoother than normal coffee does, even my boyfriend, who usually can’t stand coffee and its gritty behavior going down, will drink it if it is made with this machine!

One of the best things about the Senseo that I was also surprised to find is that the entire thing is set up so that it is an absolute dream to clean. There are no small crevices that you simply can’t get your hands into to clean, the back of the system comes right off so you can fill it up with water and sits right back onto the machine with ease. Best of all, the system uses individual coffee pods that the water goes through so they have completely eliminated the horror of coffee grounds winding up in your mug and also the grounds that tend to go everywhere during the cleaning process. Within just a short amount of time using the Senseo, I gave my fully-functional, almost brand new typical coffee pot to a friend of mine because I hadn’t used it once since using this this machine.

There are a variety of different coffees and even teas that are made specifically for the Senseo coffee pod system, so each and every coffee and/or tea drinker out there will benefit from this machine. You can order the Senseo coffee pod system as well as coffee and tea pods at their official online store, Target, Walmart, or even Amazon.

Special Promotional Offer

There is a special promotional offer going on with the Senseo machine right now. At Share Senseo, they are giving people the chance to receive a free Senseo single serve coffee pod system just by filling out a questionnaire; the only sum of money you will be responsible for, for this machine that is regularly over $70, is the shipping and handling of just $15.

What are you waiting for? Share a Senseo today.

*This is a limited time offer and is open to US residents only. Promotion ends June 30, 2008 or while supplies last.

22 thoughts on “The Holy Grail of Coffee Machines: Senseo Single-Cup Coffee Maker Review”

  1. If you put one more L in this post’s title, that’d be the best word game, ever!:)

    Unfortunately, my high caffeine tolerance works only with Pepsi Max. Coffee gives me a weird trippy feeling, I shiver too much and my hear beats fast, so I have to stay away from it:(

  2. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I absolutely the smell of coffee, and I love nothing more than being in coffee shops, even though I only drink hot chocolates, or maybe a mocha if I’m feeling adventurous. The Senseo sounds brilliant though; a friend of mine drinks coffee all the time, she would love this machine.

  3. I can’t remember when I started to drink coffee, but I’ve never stopped since. I actually prefer instant coffee to filtered ones, though; and lately gradually moving on to Coke Zero for my dose of caffeine. 😛

  4. Oh wow…. this looks way awesome!! Though I’m trying to go one week on Coffee, next week on Tea, so that way I don’t deprive myself of my beloved coffee, but I understand what coffee can do to your body over time… *sigh* why can’t it just be a healthy thing!!!

  5. I’m definitely not a coffee person, but I own a Senseo for two reasons – (1)The scent and (2) The hot cocoa. It’s great for both, and I don’t have to worry about cleanup or waste when the SO doesn’t want any.

  6. Interesting that you would write on this now. I was such a strong coffee lover and yet I got sick over February and totally turned off coffee. I have not had a cup for the last three weeks.

  7. I’m a bit of a coffee snop myself, and I’m not sure I’m convinced. I’d rather deal with fresh grounds then a pre-packaged pod. I would like to try it though, before I jump to these conclusions.

  8. I started off with a setup like you described, but now I want to upgrade to a super automatic machine.

    Still trying to justify the cost to the wife, who is not a bigger coffee addict as myself!

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