Kitty Tested: Greenies Dental Treats

I received Greenies dental treats for cats as a free sample from their website. I have been interested in introducing natural and organic products to me and the boyfriend’s life and after seeing their website, I realized that people aren’t the only ones who can get a little greener.

Devin Greenies treats Greenies, like most companies, started off as most other great ideas do–Trying to find a solution to a problem–The problem being animals with bad breath. Greenies make their dog and cat treats with nothing but their health in mind and when they were put to the ultimate test by participating in a third party dental test, it showed that using Greenies dental treats and chews once a day resulted in a 69% reduction in tartar and a 10.5% reduction in plaque versus pets who ate the same food as they did all the time, but did not have the Greenies dental chews.

Greenies are also the makers of the Pill Pockets we posted about last month.

Devin Greenies treats I received the feline dental treats in the ocean fish flavor and at first glance, I was a little put off by their color. I’m traditionally used to the Pounce cat treats with cute colors and even multi-colored snacks, but Greenies doesn’t use any artificial coloring or flavors and the color didn’t put my cat Devin off one bit, she loved them and even eats them up faster than she does the Pounce treats I’ve been giving her since I got her. In fact, Greenies are kitty tested and approved!

To get your own free sample of Greenies dental treats, head on over to their website and request yours!

10 thoughts on “Kitty Tested: Greenies Dental Treats”

  1. I think also I will get some. I know at times my cat..Snowball has bad breath. He drools a lot and well it would be nice to have a better smelling breath!

    Thanks for the share!

  2. Thanks! I know dogs love them and I don’t know why I haven’t tried them for my cats. If only they could talk and ask for them. It is on my next pet shopping list.

  3. My cat is so fussy he won’t eat any treats except catnip. All the pets here are fussy. Would you believe the rabbit won’t eat carrots! Seriously he hates them but he loves peanuts and brussel sprout stalks

  4. I have always been taught that meat eaters like cats is not capable of digesting greenies properly and that their diet should not be based upon it – but I guess some small pieces wouldn’t disturb the cat, dog or whatever animal we are talking about 🙂

  5. Growing your own organic catnip is easy. And you can make catnip tea for your and your boyfriend, too. It will relax you! Or, you can just buy it…I just love the gardening part. Be careful, once your cat tries organic…they get picky!

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