Marc Jacobs Knocks Off Department Store Nightgown?

Marc Jacobs mini dress I will never, for the life of me, even begin to wrap my mind around how Marc Jacobs became such a big name in fashion. Most of what I see from him, or most big names in fashion for that matter, just blow my mind–And not in that “Wow, that’s absolutely stunning!” way.

This dress is a new piece from Marc Jacobs, it is the Number 9 mini dress. It is said to be a take on the sports-couture look and consumers are told to wear it with heels for the “most balanced” look. Personally, I would say that for the most balanced look, this should be worn with a pair of pink fuzzy bunny slippers, since the dress looks more like what I’ve seen in department stores being sold as a nightgown. In fact, it looks as if this piece of clothing was taken from Target or Walmart, had one of its sleeves cut down the middle and someone threw a clutch purse and a pair of heels on the mannequin and said “There! That should give the customers a few laughs today.” The shoes, however, are great and I want them.

This dress was seen on the runway and can be yours for a mere $1,565.00.

5 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Knocks Off Department Store Nightgown?”

  1. You know, that probably cost them $3 to make. It’d cost about $29 or so if sold by any reasonable brand. That’s just insane. However if I could make some ugly crap and convince people to spend thousands of dollars on it that doesn’t sound too bad. 🙂

  2. You are so absolutely right! Just because something has a designer label on it does not mean that it deserves a home in anyone’s closet. And that dress was a prime example. Horrible!

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